Obama criticizes generation iPad

US president Barack Obama has criticized the iPad and Xbox 360 for transforming relevant information into a "diversion" and putting "new pressures" on democracy.

"With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations, - none of which I know how to work - information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation," Obama claimed in a speech at Hampton University quoted by AFP.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3113d ago

This guy should shut up and do his job.

GodsHand3112d ago

The same goes for news stations, talk about a topic for 10 seconds, then on to the next topic. Rinse repeat for the next hour, and the next few days. Also was this not the same guy who would not give up his blackberry phone, once sworn in.