Battlefield 3 wants and needs

Our team here at Rated Gamer has searched the net and we have compiled a list of things we want in Battlefield 3.

Vehicle chat enabled
128 slot servers

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Serjikal_Strike3023d ago

■Vehicle chat enabled
■Re-introduction of more than two sides.
■128 slot servers
■Re-introduction of the original six classes rather than the amalgamated 4
■Game play that rewards teamwork
■Day and night cycles and dynamic weather effect
■3D support
■Character creation
■No Console Ports
■Basic implementation of destructible environments – some buildings, not all.
■Random re-spawn points for ground based AA/Tows
■Inclusion of Mobile AA
■Giving Sniper class the Special Forces ability to not appear on sat scan when immobile (promoting use of the class as recon…rather than insta-headshot assault variant).
■Dynamic destruction
■1 Hand Grenade and 2 40mm GLs as standard.
■Removing the BC2 UAV option
■Keeping the old Commander Position

Pandamobile3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I don't care if there's a console version just as long as it's developed separately from the PC version as a different game like BF2:MC so they won't have to make compromises like smaller maps, smaller player count, etc.

deadpoole3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Batllefield 2 on pc is still such awesome game till date ...

Bodster3023d ago

I was a big fan of BF2 on PC, but iv now only just moved on to ArmaII today.

Honestly, i wouldnt like a console version of Battlefield 3 unless as you have said, it is a completely seperate game like how they did Battlefield 2.

frostypants3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Significantly different PC versions won't happen ever again. There's no financial justification to do so, especially with rampant piracy on PCs. Like it or not, money is all that matters. It's not good, it's just reality.

Besides, the margin between consoles and PCs is no where near what it was a few years ago.

As for improvements:
-bring back prone
-add a ton more recoil to LMGs and make it so that their sights can only be used while prone (they should be near-useless at range while standing). BF2 did LMGs much better, if I recall correctly...aside from the "dolphin" junk people pulled.
-bring fixed wing aircraft back
-for f***'s sake, improve the wonky hit detection which has been screwed up in every BF game on every platform since...well, forever. I think it's just due to how it manages latency, but hell if it's not infuriating at times.

Conloles3023d ago

God if this touches consoles it will be ruined and tainted for the dumbass console players.

evrfighter3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

there's plenty of incentive to do BF3 pc only. It won't sell well on pc if it's a gimped console port. That's the reality.

BF2 sold 1.5 million in its first month. They will go with what they know they can get. pc gaming has grown since then. those are numbers that most console devs wish they can get.

battlefield IS 64+ player servers. Something that won't be possible on consoles. Not with destruction, and their netcode isn't exactly the greatest.

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Yi-Long3023d ago

... and maybe even add an option to be able to play as a female soldier. There are lots of women who play these games online, so in this day and age, why not at least give players the option to create your own character and thus also sex!?

I don't care much for 128 players online. That might just be too many players and make it all a mess, although obviously that depends on the scale of the maps. I'm sure they will make sure it will work if they do decide to implement it.

I just fear it will lead to making you feel less 'special' about your role in the battle, cause most of the time you will just make a very small impact on the outcome of it all.

Dynamic weather and day and night cycles would be GREAT, especially with Dice's talent. They always make those levels look, feel and play pretty special and beautiful.

I'd like them to just go back to the pick-up and play quality that Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 1943 have.

Zachmo1823023d ago

Well i thinks someones asking for a little to much.

specialguest3023d ago

Develop the definitive and "full" version for the PC. If there will be console versions of this game, let it be ports.

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sak5003023d ago

Sigh how time changes. I was the hardcore 1942/DC, Vietnam, BF2, 2142 player addict and now i can't even thing of going back to PC, despite 23"LCD, 5870 1GB card in the system. I dont feel comfortable with kb/m gameplay anymore after getting into HD console gaming from Jan 06. I barely tried teh BC2 version on pc and removed it and still playing 3~4 hours almost every evening after coming back from work.

I hope they make it for consoles and i would gladly buy it for 360.

tdrules3023d ago

this isn't the blog section.

frostypants3023d ago

It's also not the snarky comments section.

Besides, the article specifically mentioned PCs vs. console ports. His post was on topic.

sak5003022d ago

Hahaha + bubbs frosty

slimy the g8ter3023d ago

i hope it is.bad company does enough for the consoles

BeaArthur3023d ago

I think it's pretty good the way it is. I would like to see more maps per mode at release and definitely some weather effects. Snow maps are cool but they would be even better if it was actually snowing.

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