GameTrailers: Ninety-Nine Nights II Review

GameTrailers: "The RPG sequel retains the same blend of action combat as the first, but has time made this blade dull?"

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Imperator3117d ago

But it's extreeeeemeeeee...

HolyOrangeCows3117d ago


captain-obvious3117d ago

what's going on with xbox360 titles first crackdowan2 and now this ??
heck even this one scored lower than the first one just like crackdown 2

gaffyh3117d ago

I'd probably give a game like this a pretty low score too, but that's because I don't like games where there are just hordes of enemies and you just keep killing them e.g. Dynasty Warriors, Gundam and to a lesser extent Dead Rising.

But, people who like those types of games will love it, and the reviewers should review the game in the perspective of those people. Therefore it deserves a higher score imo.

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Parapraxis3117d ago

"Ninety Nine Nights 2 Is The 360's God of War (New Screenshots and Trailer!)"


Blaze9293117d ago

4.8/10? That's a bit...extreeeeme don't you think? Maybe this is like Dynasty Warriors series where the reviews don't matter to the wun miyrun truuz, i mean fans that keep buying the game over and over.

Critically this will be sucked but to fans they'll love it and Konami loves you guys.

Dragun6193117d ago (Edited 3117d ago )

Yeah but the latest Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce was actually good.
IGN gave it an 8 while they gave NNN2 a 4.

Myst3117d ago

Looks like it'd be an okay rental and that's it, for one night. Other than that don't really see it's as being okay to warrant a 60.00 price tag, not sure how much has changed either. Didn't really like the demo of the first one that much anyway :/

UnSelf3117d ago

i just watched dat whole review and i seen games proclaimed as 8's look much worse den dat

NYC_Gamer3117d ago

this is why i stay clear of games made by konami

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The story is too old to be commented.