Ninety Nine Nights 2 Is The 360's God of War (New Screenshots and Trailer!)

Videogameszone published new screenshots and a trailer of Ninety Nine Nights 2.

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Abash3175d ago

Does every 360 game have to be compared in some way or form to a PS3 game? Talk about insecurity.

MexicanAppleThief3175d ago

Alot of games do this though, as a easy way to get attention. eg. 360's answer for Gran Turismo is Forza Motorsport or PS3's answer to Halo is Killzone.

I agree though, I'd rather developers/publishers not do this, let the game prove itself rather than mindless hyping.

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xXRight3yeXx3175d ago

"We don't need God Of War, we have Dante's Inferno, a better, improved version of hack n slash games"

And look at what happened?

"Bayonetta is the nextz Godz Ofz Warz killerz. It scraped 10/10 from every site"

Yeah, early hype, and i havent heard of it ever since...December? November?

And the list goes on.

StanLee3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

What's with these stupid comparisons?!

Edit; Just realize we have the submitter to thank for the ridiculous headline and not a game journalist.

callahan093175d ago

This game is nothing like God of War. It's more like... I dunno, Dynasty Warriors. I get really sick of the silly comparisons. Forza to GTA? OK, sure, that I can understand, but Heavy Rain with Alan Wake? God of War with Ninety Nine Nights? No. Not even close. I'm not talking about quality, by the way, I'm talking about comparability, the games just aren't too similar at all.

Simon_Brezhnev3175d ago

i wouldnt mind it coming to PS3 it does look a lot better then Dynasty Warriors Strike Force and it has co-op

EVILDEAD3603175d ago

NOBODY on ANY console believes the sequel to Konami's take on the Dynasty Warriors actiaon genre is remotely even close to being compared to God of War 3.

So before the troll community starts lying to everyone...claiming that somehow 360 fans are pretending it does..just look at the facts.

Just like we see all of the lies that Ninja Blade was hyped as a God of War killer..complete lie..never was

Dante is the only game that got that distinction and it got bashed in the reviews because of it.

With that said..the trailer looks Dynasty Warriors..might check this out


ChozenWoan3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Now that's a stretch.

Sorry, only read the title before posting...
... Still standing behind my first reaction.

Gue13175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

You know what's really funny? He probably did it to catch your attention and he has succeed. Everybody knows that N4G is full of PS3 fanboys...

darthv723175d ago

I dont think the devs or publishers are the ones to point the finger at regarding comparatives. You have to look to the media hype and the gamers on both sides as they are the ones guilty of insecurity.

Comparatives are good provided they are on a level playing field (ie the same game on multiple platforms). When you do a comparative of two completely different games on different platforms the comparison just doesnt work.

The 360's god of war will never be much as the PS3's halo will never be. Heck...neither of those will ever have a "Mario". The games that are released for the respected platforms should be judged individually or if a comparison is needed, judged against a similar game ON THE SAME PLATFORM.

Examples of good comparisons: God of war to Dante inferno on PS3 (not 360). Bayonetta 360 & PS3, Infamous to Prototype on PS3 (not 360), Devil may cry 4 on 360 & PS3, Ghostbusters on 360 & PS3 & Wii, Force Unleashed on 360 & PS3 & Wii, GTA4 PS3 & 360...list goes on.

Examples of bad comparisons: GT5 on PS3 to Forza 3 on 360, Halo 3 360 to Killzone 2 PS3, or this game (N3-2)to god of war 3.

I can understand the nature of the media (and gamers) to try and justify the existence of one game that is exclusive to a platform with another from a different but that shows the insecurity of the "me too" attitude.

While it is difficult to find good unrelated reviews that only stay on the topic of the game being reviewed (no comparatives to other products). There are some out there that go under the radar because they dont adhere to the typical flame bait approach of outlandish titles and somewhat one sided comparative content.

Lets change the nature of THIS post to reflect what it REALLY is.

"Ninety Nine Nights 2 Is The 360's Sequel to Ninety Nine Nights"

All fixed.

Winter47th3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

The harder you hype that piece'a $hit, the harder we'll laugh in the end. Enjoy your mediocrity.

Christopher3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Sorry, but N3 and N3 2 are Dynasty Warrior-based games. Far from God of War, honestly. N3 is a good game, some great difficulty with some of the characters, but really nothing like God of War/Dante's Infero/Conan/etc.

@princejb134: Not really a failure, just a game that had some flaws it shouldn't have had. Didn't sell much, but sold enough to make a sequel since their production costs with the first weren't that high.

Rowsdower3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

said what is in the title, so before you bashing the 360 or 360 gamers, please throw all your anger at the mediocre website mining for hits by antagonizing you with flamebait.

If journalists are not gonna be responsible then the reader will have to be.

So the first comment by Abash:

Does every 360 game have to be compared in some way or form to a PS3 game? Talk about insecurity.

In the context of reality I dont know who your dig about insecurity is aimed at, if its aimed at the website it does not make much sense. So i can only assume that you are aiming it the 360 and its user base, and in that case then you are nothing but a non thinking PS3 fanboy troll who gets his kicks out of bashing all things 360. There is a zone for people like you, and the folks who agreed with you.

Also Sub85 the person who submitted this bears some responsibility for spreading flambait around N4G.

princejb1343175d ago

didnt the first Ninety Nine Nights fail

Bathyj3175d ago

PS3 owners are lucky.

God of War is their God of War.

BasilMarceaux3175d ago

...crappy sequel to the original crapanese mega fail Ninety Nine Nights?

BasilMarceaux3175d ago

I agree, its nobodies fault but the person who wrote the article. Unless the game developer was insane enough to say that their game is on par with GOW3, which I doubt they would be high enough to say with a straight face.

The two games have almost nothing in common.

Pure and simple flamebait. But it works every time on here though, doesnt it?

Brewski0073175d ago

Its clearly a dynasty warriors-esque game with the graphical layering of something like dragon age. But The 360's god of war, it is not.
Theres been numerous articles in the past few weeks talking about the 360 needing a god of war, it just doesnt have one yet.
Gears of war and halo are what the 360 shines for but sony have 1up when it comes to a gory hack and slash fest with an epic storyline that you just cant put down.
Title should be changed as its taking away from what might be a good game. ( I wont be buying it though)

silvacrest3175d ago

NN knights resembles dynasty warriors more then anything else and from the looks of that trailer, it still does

sikbeta3175d ago


It could be worst, like that article:

"Just Cause 2 Is Blatantly Better Than Heavy Rain" = Apple to oranges...

himdeel3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

...but I'm not too impressed.

SPACEBALL 13175d ago

xbox doesnt need any generic button mashers

ali3123175d ago

Honestly only those that have not experienced the epicness of God Of War 3 will compare games like bayonetta and this NNN2 to that.

Quite frankly it's insulting and I urge all neutral gamers to play the God of War 3 before playing some of the newer hack and slash games.

Dont get me wrong im not slating the game just saying GOW3 will not be touched for a while yet

beardpapa3175d ago

no it isn't. NNN has always been like those Dynasty Warrior type games.

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pixelsword3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

...And Dante's Inferno; get the hint: It probably isn't going to be as good as GoW III, so quit hyping it up like it would instantly be or already is as good as GoW III.

I would think that by now most of you would actually like to stop being burned like this, but here you go, hyping yet another unproven title.

1. Wait for it to come out and/or experience the demo

2. THEN say this or that about how good it is, because by then you may have ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME.

MorganX3175d ago

This entire series has always sucked. Xbox has no GOW, that's just all there is to it.

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Morgue3175d ago

Anyway this comparison thing is getting pretty old and I quit reading articles on here because in the end, it's all about COMPARING or one upping and shoulda, coulda, would've.

ABizzel13175d ago

LMAO. This site needs to be taken off the internet for comparing 99Nights to God of War. If it's anything like the first game, then this one will be garbage as well. 99Nights needs to surpass Dynasty Warriors before they even think about touching God War 1.

Morgue3175d ago

I keep thinking that 99 nights was that PS1 game with the joker looking guy that flew around on some colorful ramps. I guess I just learned a valuable lesson and something most people on here should follow. Don't comment on a game if you know nothing about it.

Dance3175d ago

Wasnt Uncharted suppose to be this Gears of War killer?
Wasnt Killzone 2 suppose to be this Halo killer?

DigitalAnalog3175d ago

Don't EVER, put Gears and Uncharted in the same sentence.


-End statement

sid4gamerfreak3174d ago

omg, stop with this bs right now. The 360 does not need to compete with a god of war game. Why does everything need to be compared with?

Chill, relax, stop being insecure and play a video game. Oh, and have FUN while youre doing so, whether ur a 360, pc or ps3 gamer.

fatstarr3174d ago

it looks like samurai warriors from what i can see.

and what a misleading headline didnt part 1 fail out.


here we go again...

heard it all before, you know what... in the same way that I believe all these devs trying to make a halo killer should just leave halo alone, I think the same applies here. Just make your game, put your best effort into making a great game.. and leave GOW alone !

vhero3174d ago

I agree with the first comment here plus after playing the first game I seriously doubt this could touch god of war. I bought the first one at the time after watching vids thinking it looked amazing (and ps3 wasn't out at the time) and was massively disappointed. Its like dynasty warriors on steroids but with a couple of characters.

Immortal3213174d ago

but more like, Ninety nine nights is the 360 exclusive dynasty warrior

BYE3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

Another GoW clone gets released.

Is this finally Microsoft's answer to God of War? Hell yes! Too bad somebody just launched a nuclear missile...

deafwing3174d ago

... I thought 99 Knights was an action rpg .. isn't the comparison a little off genre wise? :/

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-MD-3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

N3 2 is one of my most anticipated games this year. Really enjoyed the first one and I'm hoping they improve on it.

Edit: Great trailer! Looks good.

JoelR3175d ago

I agree it looks fun :) I need to try it out.

tda-danny3175d ago

I hope they improve N3 2, cause the first was mediocre at best unfortunately

kancerkid3175d ago

trailers looks great (weird pick for commentator though) cant wait for the game

vhero3174d ago (Edited 3174d ago )

@murderdolls you say that about every 360 exclusive no matter how bad it is how about you be honest for once?

@tda-danny I agree I had so much hope for it mate it looked amazing in early videos and I didn't own a PS3 back then as when it launched PS3 was still not released in the UK. Unfortunately it wasn't anywhere near as good as it looked.

Honestly surprised this wasn't multi platform since there was talks of porting the first game.

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X_GAMER_X3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Thats what every site is after. Both games are not comparable.
First God Of war which is about a greek mythology/ Story / Little QTE/ Combo action game/ incredible Deep story line / And A main Character

NN3 is all about slashing 5o enemies at once and fun to play.

Its just like comparing Ninja Gaiden to God of War, Which is Wrong.

God of War can be compared to Dante's Infero( sort of)

Ninja Gaiden Can be compared to Ninja Blade and shonobi.

NN3 Can be compared to( destiny warriors )

Gears OF war to Quantum theory

Resistance to Halo ( sci fi/ Future)
Killzone to Call of duty. ( More like Reality /now time)

EDIT: You are right NnT3291 ..Totally forgot about that game ;) Thnx

NnT32913175d ago

NN3 can be compared to Dynasty Warriors

Cueil3175d ago

I don't know why anyone would compare this to GoW

rexus123453175d ago

it does give you the feel of dynasty warriors, which is really getting old and over milked.

Gradient3175d ago

They have a word for this, "delusional".

BeaArthur3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

They have a word for you "troll".

callahan093175d ago

How is it trolling to point out (quite correctly and objectively) that N3 is not God of War? It's Dynasty Warriors. It's plain as day. This franchise isn't comparable to the God of War franchise at all.

BeaArthur3175d ago

callahan09...clearly you are unfamiliar with Gradient. All he does is post stealth anti 360 comments on every 360 article. There is nothing wrong with the comment, only the individual it is coming from.

GiantEnemyCrab3175d ago

Bea: %100 agree. He is troll fail.. Only 4 bubbles to go.

Parapraxis3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

You're one to talk GiantEnemyCrab's almost as though Gradient learned his troll-fu from you.

On topic, it's a terrible comparison, but if the site wants to discredit themselves, power to them.
It's almost of equal stupidity as the Heavy Rain vs Just Cause 2 comparison.

BeaArthur3175d ago

Parapraxis...yeah when I saw the Heavy Rain, Just Cause 2 comparison I just stopped at the title.

callahan093175d ago

Hmm, ok, well I'm not familiar with Gradient or his comment history, but I do agree that saying Ninety Nine Nights 2 is the 360's God of War is "delusional" because the two games aren't similar. The comparison simply doesn't fit. So that's how I see it.

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john master lee3175d ago

You clearly were not at the same Konami event I was at last night. NN3 is Dynasty Warriors with prettier clothes (and a more eccentric game producer.) Nothing about NN3 screams God of War. And you must have not stuck around til the last presentation for the new 3D Castlevania game, which was very much like GOW.

TheoreticalParticle3175d ago

Still as inexcusably broken as the first one? You know where the bosses would drop weapons and items, and the game would launch you into an unskippable cutscene, and then the items would have vanished?

Cuz that was my favorite part of the first game. That and how utterly stupid the plot and characters were.