goHastings Game Clearance: New Games From $4.96

"goHastings is clearing out a decent selection of new PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PSP, and PS2 video games.

Games start as low as $4.96, but get browsing now before the selection thins out..."

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branchedout3027d ago

Eh. Nothin' I'm interested in. Except Timeshift, but they only have that on 360! Blast!

militant073027d ago

dam, i wish i could find games at these price here :s

Gothdom3027d ago

I'm still searching for NGS2 below 40$ in Canada. They still sell it 69$ everywhere (new) so imagine how much used...

And has anybody noticed how the prices on ebay went from awesome to "WTF" in the last 6 months. I mean, half the people selling Yakuza 3 are selling it for more than a new game at retail. No, it's not a rare game.

Gago3027d ago

yakuza 3 is pretty rare, since most retailers ran out of copies within weeks of release, the western versions only did a few 100K

Gothdom3026d ago

order from they have like 20 in Vaudreuil. The Walmart next to it still has 10 copies.

Granted, that's local, not the rest of the world, but I won't pay 59.99 for a game like that. Although, I saw it for 39$ at ebgames, it's very tempting.


forgot about Thanks for the link.

Although I just feel like last year, I got alot of good deals on ebay. This year not so much. Must be due to the new stupid fees from ebay. Have you seen how much it costs to just put an auction listing? It looks like ebay only wants ebay store owners from here on....

skyblue142133027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Give it a few months it will come down in price. I know what you mean though, and If you shop a lot like I do mainly on sites like,, and, you know that games(rare and non-rare) that sell for ridiculous prices on ebay is expected at least 75% of the time. Though if you look hard enough for a while you can find good deals on ebay. I just bought god of war 3 for ps3 brand new with shipping included for a total of $38.99. Finding items at good prices on sites like ebay is like a treasure hunt you just have to look, and look, and look, and eventually you will find a good to decent price, though the guarenteed way to find it cheap is to play the waiting game until it drops in price, as a matter of fact not to long ago I saw Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 $49.99 new at gamestop when I was just looking around, although if you do not mind it used I found a copy in mint and complete condition for $28.99(usd) at this address: . Apparantly for a while now that canadians can order from u.s residents via, though you might have to pay a little extra than normal for shipping at least it is better than paying $69 for a copy of ninja gaiden sigma 2, here is the article stating what I am trying to explain: .

skyblue142133027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Why do they decide to do maintenance during a sale? unless the site crashed due to some technical difficulty or this was a ploy to attract shoppers to their site. It does not matter though the 1 game that I would mostly be interested in on the whole list was ninja gaiden sigma for ps3 but I already own that game, the rest of the selection except for maybe a few I could do without.

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