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"There's nothing wrong with tightly-scripted video games, but sometimes, you just want to mess around without stressing so much about reaching the next level. If you're looking for that kind of wide-open adventure -- where gamers can explore and progress without restrictions -- try roaming about in these terrific titles."

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seij5553025d ago

Okay list. For Yahoo...

Sunny_D3025d ago

Too bad they don't have Spider Man 2. That game had the best swinging mechanics of any Spider man game. I don't know why Treyarch changed it.

HolyOrangeCows3024d ago

Ha ha, yeah! I was just playing that yesterday!
I love delivering pizzas.

George Sears3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

GTAIV was just sheer awesomness the first time I laid my eyes on it. The first thing that I wanted to do was use a chopper and check the scenery out. The recreation of NYC was way better in this one than in GTA3. (for obvious reasons.)

NecrumSlavery3024d ago

GTA VI was a barren wasteland. You watch a video, drive to a yellow circle watch a video, drive to another yellow circle, another video, shoot, end mission repeat. All that detail in a world not at all interactive. You can enter a small handful of small buildings. It's boring. A game like GTA needs interiors. Personal opinion. But GTA VI needs a more interactive world like GTA Vice, and San Andraes had.

mrv3213024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

GTA IV was over hyped but it was still a good game.

What's with the disagrees?

DasTier3024d ago

I don't remember VC being all to interactive? However, it was still a lot more fun than GTA4.

Cajun Chicken3024d ago

Are you sure you're not describing Red Dead Redemption? GTAIV wasn't THAT barren and boring.

T9X693024d ago

Red Dead Redemption had far more things to do, and was overall more exciting and fun than GTA IV will ever be.

karan86243024d ago

Red Dead was circle, rocks, cactus, dirt, rock, rock, cactus, circle, cutscene

Then go back again to get your next mission

NecrumSlavery3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

GTA IV isnt barren in scene, but in substance. The city was pretty but it lacked a variety of things to do. Driving was mostly point A to point B. The shoot outs were to linear. In a big city, I couldn't even go inside a restaurant like San Andreas. The characters weren't that exciting. There could of been so much more. Red Dead may be a giant open nothing, but you can still go into nearly every room. And it has tons of variety in every mission. Also it is bringing back the fun of open world games. GTA 4 was way to serious. It almost lost the charm completely.

The Episodes are great though, more classic and less dramatic.

bunfighterii3024d ago

Im with you George, GTAIV was the first HD console game I ever got and it was amazing for me. I never really got into the hype because I just didn't go on the net and read about it. I really loved GTAIV.

EliteAssassin813024d ago

I love how he put that flying a helicopter in gta 4 was something new. In san andreas you could fly jets, airplanes, and even jet packs. You could even steal a train

NecrumSlavery3024d ago

Helicopters are the only aerial things they could have, outside maybe a hit air balloon, do to respect to New York from Sept 11. I respect R* for not adding planes. It was fun flying the huge 747 in GTA SA, that thing was really big, I use to jump out behind it with a parachute and watch it crash in.

mrv3213024d ago

Plus if you drive too fast the engine can't catch up, a plane would destroy the engine.

DasTier3024d ago

Good God I never thought of that, but honestly behind closed doors your idea could be the one of the most fun recreational experiences ever!

Ri0tSquad3024d ago

Not a huge fan of the series but it was the first HD next-gen open world game I had played; however, that was in 2006.

Kick The Ass3024d ago

2006, who really cares.
I mean, it's just so damn fun! :)
And the sequel, while not improving drastically on either the graphics or physics (GTA IV sets a preeeetty high benchmark tbh), added even more things to do and enjoy.

So damn fun I tell ye!

3024d ago
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