Resolution: Lego Harry Potter review

Resolution's Lewis Anderson writes: Lego. Harry Potter. Combining the two is what’s known in the business as a “sure thing”. Separately they’re both all-consuming global phenomena successful beyond the wildest dreams of any kinder-visionary. Together however, they could be a smash hit on a par with Daphne & Celeste. And, dare I say it, possibly even beyond D&C’s dizzy heights.

And, as the charts currently suggest, a “sure thing” it was. Sitting pretty at the top of the pile, Lego: Harry Potter demonstrates how Traveller’s Tales have managed to concoct a winning formula. In the last five years they’ve released no fewer than seven Lego tie-ins, each of which containing the signature simple gameplay that conceals the depth of the game.

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NecrumSlavery3118d ago (Edited 3118d ago )

Warning: I have commented on several posts about Lego HP saying I really enjoy the game. Well I did. But the game has a game breaking glitch that gets your trapped in a room. Well this causes the game to be unplayable. So anyone playing it, google: Stuck in Room with Dragon in Lego Harry Potter(a small room near beginning) to help try avoid. Only what to max points/platinum this game is to do everything other than this room. Cause once you go in for a red brick, you can't go anywhere else in hogwarts freeroam. Harry potter goes from a 8.5/10 to a failing 6! There's pages of people who are pissed cause of this glitch. And it looks like they don't care if the game is broken. That really saddens me.

kneon3118d ago

Yup, I'm stuck there as well. Luckily I was playing ahead of the kids and hit it before they did so I was able to warn them to stay away. But now I'm stuck at 81% completion and can't go any further.

And I agree that any game with such a game breaking glitch should never be scored an 8.5, a 6 is more like it.

RedPawn3118d ago

Lego Ninja Turtles NOW!


BYE3118d ago

Lego Dawn of the Dead! Ok that one might go a little bit too far ;)

RedPawn3118d ago

I don't own any of these games but it'd be pretty funny to say a Shredder in this style.

Kids love love these games and that's what counts.

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