Xbox Live Gold vs Playstation Plus: How Do They Compare?

Tested: History is filled with battles of epic proportions, from Nintendo versus Sega to cake versus pie. But this generation, gamers are being confronted with another tough decision — Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus? While Xbox Live Gold has been a paid service since its inception, Sony has always maintained that its PlayStation Network would remain free. While that promise hasn't changed, the arrival of PlayStation Plus has surely shaken things up.

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deadreckoning6663028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

They don't. One is centered around features and the other revolves around content and discounts. Only a fool would try to compare the two.

@Action Bastard- Well put.

Imperator3028d ago

One forces you to pay for stuff that's FREE on every other console (at least, if you want to play the mulitplayer half of your game aka, 50% of the game.)

The other offers discounts on games and even some great Free GAMES. hmm, I wonder which one's better. lol.

darthv723027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

It may get put back on you that one service "forces" you to renew in order to keep that "free" content alive.

Let me give you a perspective. One service has been paid from the beginning and has improved since inception. The other service had been free until a recent option to join a discount club was made available.

Based on that information it is easy to formulate that the later of the two has more to take away from the free side it still currently offers. Thus creating a sort of incentive for those who are not members to become one.

PSN plus has potential to be great provided they do not take away from the side that got them started. However, this is business, the more sony sees members sign up the less they see the free side as a viable source of income.

I should point out that by "take away" I am referring to imposing restrictions to the free members with regards to content availability or worse...limiting of game sizes/types.

Something tells me there will soon be "members only" games and spaces in home that the free members will need to sign up for in order to play. Maybe not right away...but it could very well happen.

rkimoto3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

"Today at 8:00 PM in our riveting primetime Emmy Awards winning show, where we make useless comparisons, we will compare Live vs. PS+... Don't forget to also tune in tomorrow as as we'll compare a car vs. water, Who will win???? Who would reign supreme (a la Iron Chef)????"

ActionBastard3028d ago

They don't. One you need, one you don't.

ExplosionSauce3028d ago

These comparisons are stupid and nonstop!
They're completely different.

PSfan093028d ago

one service is to play online and other is a discount offering.

SpaceSquirrel3028d ago

Yeah, they aren't the same services.

thewrathman3028d ago


one is bargain bin hunting the other is buckingham palace.

its like comparing poundland to harrods

ill let you argue over which is which

klado3028d ago

Let me take another of your bubbles, thread was pretty well going until you poped to troll about ps+...this troll need to guy one bubble again.

D4RkNIKON3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

One has value that surpasses the subscription cost within the first month. The other charges for features that are free on virtually every other platform to date.

PaPa-Slam3028d ago

Playstation Plus All the Way.

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The story is too old to be commented.