Why were US sales of Alan Wake, Blur and Prince of Persia so disappointing?

Guarduan: They were among the most anticipated titles of the year, yet according to new US sales data, all sold less than 200,000 copies in their month of release.

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GWAVE3390d ago

Because none of those games were all that great?

Just sayin', because a lot of gamers seem to think that sales are a sign of quality...

Blaze9293390d ago

you played Alan Wake GWAVE? I'm having a hard time believing you did....just me though. Alan Wake was an amazing game with no advertising what so ever.

As for Prince of Persia - that game sucked ass and that's the end of that story. Was a rush $60 job to cash in with the release of the movie. Any Prince of Persia fan knows that game is an embarrassment to the series.

Blur I'm actually shocked about. The game is damn addicting online and great fun.

ClownBelt3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

"amazing game with no advertising what so ever."

Really blaze? Really? Saying there were "no advertising whatsoever" is a pure lie and ignorance in your side brah.

Here's another one for you guys crying there were NO advertising made for this game.


3390d ago
kissmeimgreek3390d ago

the problem wasnt the exclusivity of the title (its a shooter thwith a great story which is exactly what yall say 360 users play). The problem is that there really was ZERO advertising for this gme. Never did i see a commercial on tv and only a few online ads (and the prequel series that was pretty much hidden on the dashboard).

@clownbelt: I like how you just showed a couple of posters.What Blaze said is true. MS could of had a big hitter if they just advertised the game with just 10% of what they do with halo.

Danja3390d ago

PoP wasnt good

Alan Wake's main audience probably owns a PS3..

Blur I dont know came out at the wrong time with other big games

jetlian3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

the prince was a good game. fighting was decent and platforming was tight. that 08 version had you fight 1 person tops

edit i own all these games in fact RDR too. And to me RDR is the weakest

edit Alan wakes biggest fault is the lack of multyplayer.

Arnon3390d ago

Implying Canada is relevant. There were no advertisements for Alan Wake in North America aside from it being in a GameStop.

The Lazy One3390d ago

there was crap for advertising on all these games in NA.

I think I saw an alan wake tv spot maybe 3 times EVER. With a better media push it probably would have sold a lot better.

Prince of Persia I didn't even know what coming out this soon. I think I found out about the release date after reviews were already out for it.

Blaze9293390d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but we only know the sales of Alan Wake in the United States right? You gave me two advertisements in Canada. Freakin' Canada. So what point are you trying to make? There was no advertising in regards to Alan Wake's known sales amount which is KNOWN for the UNITED STATES.

Anon19743390d ago

That's what stopped me from picking it up. Here in Canada they still want $70 for this game. I fully plan on picking this title up as I've been anticipating this game for the past 5 years but I'm not spending $70 on a game that's going to entertain me for a weekend when I can pick up a game like Red Dead Redemption for $59, or an excellent game like Demon's Souls for $40 new (which is what I came home with after going out to buy Alan Wake. Great game, btw.)

I'll either pick this game up when the price comes down or rent it, but when the average game is $20 less than your title, expect to be overlooked to some extent.

TotalPS3Fanboy3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

You know, with all those 360 gamers hyping up Alan Wake on N4G, I was expecting that they would actually went out and buy it come release time, but nope, apparently, no one wants to buy it, they just like to hype it up.

Maybe this converstation between a 360 gamer and a PS3 gamer can help explain it better...

360 Gamer: Yeah, Alan Wake is the best game this generation!

PS3 Gamer: You gonna buy it?

360 Gamer: No. I rather buy Red Dead Redemption. But still, Alan Wake IS THE BEST game this generation though, just that I am gonna buy Red Dead Redemption instead.

PS3 Gamer: I buy both Heavy Rain and Red Dead Redemption.

As for Prince of Persia, everyone knows it's a movie-tie-in game, meaing it's gonna suck.

And as for Blur, honestly, most people can not even tell the difference between Blur, Dirt, Grid, Fuel, Shift, Pure, and Split/Second. They have the impression that all those games are just typical generic racers. Unless they read a preview, they would have never been able to tell the difference between them. For all they know, all those games could have been just made into one game.

beardpapa3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

funny heavy rain didn't have much advertising yet it did well. And I have seen alan wake ads on tv, not as much as I saw me2 ads, but to say there were no ads at all is ignorance. AW was featured in magazines. And not just in game magazines.

Unicron3390d ago

I didn't see a single commercial for Heavy Rain. Why didn't it sell so low?

There's more to it than just advertising.

Blitzed3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Canada happens to be a part of North America you ignorant fool!

Lol It just happens to be the largest country in NA!

You think Canada is irrelevant? Don't let me catch you touting UK sales on here then since there are well over 2 million 360s sold here compared to the 3.9 million in the UK (from the info I can find)

Arnon3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

The 360 has over 12 million sold in the UK and Europe, jackass. Why do you think everything other than Europe, America and Japan are considered "other"?

Also, if you add up the sales...

# Canada - 870,000 - August 1, 2008
# USA - 18.6 mi - December 31, 2009
# EMEA - 10 mi - November 13, 2009
# UK - 3.9 mi - January 13, 2009
# Japan - 1,235,975 - March 2, 2010
# Australia & New Zealand - 1 million - April 19, 2009
# Worldwide - 40 million - April 23, 2010

So yes... Canada is pretty irrelevant.

Blitzed3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Dude, are you 'special'? Honestly, because if you are I apologize but if not, you a moron.

First of, I said UK, not europe plus the UK! The UK does not equal europe, there are many other countries which reside within the continent of Europe. Guess what, those countries actually have millions of people living in them! I'm not surprised you were not aware of this, considering you were not even aware that Canada (that massive country above the US on a map) is part of NA!

You do realize that number you listed for Canada is 2 years old don't you?! So it shouldn't surprise you to learn that the number has now tripled. Lol I know geography isn't your strong suit, apparently math isn't ethier. Did you think we all stopped buying shit after August 2008?!

Just so you know, your list adds up to 35.5 milllion, not 40. Finally, do you know based on population,(US 309 million to Can 35 million), we buy more consoles per capita than you guys.

Boody-Bandit3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Compared to what? I am being serious. What was "amazing" about Alan Wake? It was repetitive, game play never really evolved, didn't care for the story, characters looks stiff and the voice acting was meh, graphics were meh, I hated the ending, have no interest in playing it again and most of the people that I know that have completed or are still playing the game all pretty much feel the same way.

I would go into details about what I mean by the game play not evolving but I don't want to ruin it for those that have yet to play it. It is a really good game. I'm not sorry I bought it but I would not call it amazing. It has some really great part but some very mediocre ones as well.

That is just my opinion though.
Please explain to me what you found amazing about Alan Wake.

Blitzed3390d ago

'Arnon 19min ago Block
It's called statistical data. You were not able to provide me with any, so I pulled up the recorded numbers for each country. It has nothing to do with math. The numbers pulled are official recorded numbers that were recorded at the time of date listed. Whether they add up or not doesn't entirely matter. You were not able to provide factual statistics aside from "Well, I think it's around this number".

By the way, you've been reported for excessive personal attacks which had no relevance to the data provided. Enjoy.'

Well, if there was an option to report you for being an ignorant moron that doesn't even know the 3 countries within the continent you live, I would have.

scofios3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

There's always an excuse if a xbox game didn't sell well .
A: there was no advertising .
B: wrong time to release it .
C: coming soon when A and B are overused .
But the reality is turning out to be different , when its not a shooter , halo , gears , call of duty , ......... , it won't sell , whether you like it or not.

badz1493390d ago

just saying. but honestly, why should gamers discuss THIS deep into this matter anyway? some games are selling and some games are not whether they are good or bad games! it happens, ok? and these games fell under those not really selling. not every game can be a million seller, you know.

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Elven63390d ago

ClownBelt: A better way to put it is that the advertising was limited, you could have ads like that in downtown Toronto but what about the folks outside of the city, in Edmonton, Vancouver, etc? They wouldn't see them and I'm sure Microsoft didn't have the billboard campaign in all major Canadian cities either.

Online advertising is ok but a lot of the marketing was directed to gaming sites which in my opinion is a waste since most of the people who visit gaming sites already know about big titles like Alan Wake. TV ads are still the best route to explore, games like Red Dead Redemption did really well and I'm sure the TV campaigns played a role.

Heck, Microsoft to look no farther than Halo to see the power of TV advertising.

As an aside, has anyone seen any TV ads for Crackdown 2? I've only seen online ones, what the heck is Microsoft doing?

kneon3390d ago

I agree Microsoft have been getting their advertising all wrong lately, Kin RIP :)

As you said advertising on game related sites is a waste of time. People who frequent such sites are not normal (that would be us). Most "gamers" don't go scouring the net every hour looking for the latest gaming news. In fact I find most "gamers" I know are relatively clueless about what is coming in games apart from their few favorites.

I was at a party at a friends on the weekend and we had Halo 3 going and most people there were XBox owners. No one bought Alan Wake, most didn't know what it was. They knew RDR and they knew Halo Reach was coming. Kinect awareness was about %50. They were even more clueless about the PS3, many didn't know a slim existed or the price had dropped and most only had a vague awareness of what Uncharted, Killzone or LBP were.

Heavy Rain is a good example of some good use of advertising. The only ads I saw were in magazines at the movie theater, this is targeting the masses that may not be aware of this game. And it seems to have worked.

Motion3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I browse gaming sites frequently, so I see ads/news for pretty much all games that are coming out. But as far as for on the street or on television, the only game I've seen an ad for that I can remember is Halo. Maybe I've seen one for blur? I know sony shows clips of multiple games in their Ads, but doesn't really have game specific commercials that I've noticed. I guess what I'm saying boils down to, I don't think that lack of advertising will kill a game, because for most games in general ads aren't all that prevalent.

lelo2play3390d ago

The title should be...

Why were US sales of Alan Wake, Blur, Prince of Persia, Split Second, 3d dot game and Modnation Racers so disappointing?

TotalPS3Fanboy3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

No one expected it to sell as well as FPS games.

As for ModNation Racers, I do not about other peoples, but for me, I am still on the fence about it because I do not like the drifting control. I want the drifting control to be like Crash Team Racing.

Natsu X FairyTail3390d ago

Alan wake is currently 69.99 @ my local EBGame.

I wouldnt buy a 6hour game for that price. I bought SSFIV instead.

and by the way I dint see 1 TV spot for AW. oh and it went against RDR which was Multiplat

oh and dont mind Gwave.


Why does it matter if he played it or not. GWAVE never even mentioned Alan Wake specifically, only you did. And hes right. Go play your spectacular xbox please, i heard crackdown 2 is awesome with all ther improvments and such. lol

Bzone243390d ago

Umm... he said NONE of those games were all that great. He didn't have to mention it specifically, he grouped it with the others. If he didn't play all of them, then he doesn't know how good they are.

ABizzel13390d ago

To be honest Prince of Persia deserves the sale, the movie was bad, and the game's demo was bad as well.

Alan Wake was good, but not great which was the problem. It deserved more sales than this, but you have to think about the audience on the 360. They want online, and 9 times out of ten they want online shooters. Alan Wake was set up to fail by putting it exclusively on the 360. Also how the game plays out is kind of off putting. It's more like a TV series which takes away from the suspense and the flow of the game IMO. Alan Wake should have been multiplat, and Remedy is probably thinking WTF are we going to do, after putting all that time and money into it.

Blur, I have yet to play still, but everyone I know who has played say it's good. The problem with Blur is the same thing with shooters, there are too many racing games. Burnout, Need for Speed, Split Second, Dirt, Midnight Club, Grid, Pure, and that's not counting the exclusive racing games. It's racing overload and if your game doesn't offer somthing vastly different or superior to the competition then your sales are going to suffer.

AAACE53390d ago

Alan Wake was a victim of circumstance (came out with RDR)! BLUR just happened to come out at a time when people weren't too excited about racing games anymore! And I think people are just tired of the Prince of Persia games!

outrageous3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Alan Wake is an amazing game in many ways. Don't waste your time explaining to kids that never played the game. They are clueless as usual.

The game has sold 520,000 copies in 6 weeks. While not Halo numbers, that's not a flop and the DLC may get the sales rolling again. First DLC drops July 27.

Please stop saying that the game did not receive any promotion. They released a mini-series ( $$$ ) to co-inside with the release with the game. Released many AW in game videos and promo's.

The big issues are piracy, RDR releasing on the same day and a lack of any kind of multi-player. The game is an artsy game that will cater to smaller group than the MW2 FPS shooter genre which sells extremely well on 360.

Doesn't matter to me. I really enjoyed the game and bought the collectors edition and was worth every penny. For those reading this and are on the fence, rent it first. If it's something you would like for your collection, buy it. I saw a used copy at a local blockbuster for $49.99. Otherwise wait for the eventual price drop to $20-30. Remember, The first DLC is free to first time buyers only.

Some of the best graphics, story and game play this gen on ANY platform. It still may release on PC.

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dizzleK3390d ago

no advertising outside of "preaching to the choir" on game sites.

jack_burt0n3390d ago

John Marston was his name.

Obama3390d ago

They should have make Alan a bald space marine with steroid pumping muscles, and change the game play to a fps where all you do is shoot and kill, shoot and kill...

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

I believe Alan Wake would sell a lot better on PS3.

Why?, because it is only Single Player, and is not an Action Shooter.

Jay5203390d ago

Look at some popular ps3 exclusives: god of war, heavy rain, uncharted, Infamous, MGS4, ratchet and clank, etc. All famous for their single player as opposed to 360 exclusives which are mainly popular for their online content. I'm not saying the 360 is lacking in single player, I'm just saying it's more multiplayer than single player.

wiggles3390d ago

I loved Heavy Rain...and i'll basically eat up anything that seems to be about story rather then about juiced up space's really a shame...

JumpNPlayBon3390d ago

Now this is the truth. why more people don't realize it is beyond me. I have my 360 for my shooters, and my PS3 for games like this. I didn't buy Heavy rain because I'm not interested in what I think is a movie game, and I can't see myself BUYING AW because I'd only play it once. A suspense thriller loses it's edge when you know what's about to happen, no?

Going back to collect things is NOT what I consider replayability. I hardly ever try and find all the crap that's in these games. But I do want to play AW so it's on my gamefly que

PSfan093390d ago

i do notice all fps sell better on xbox but everything else, not so much

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