Firefox 4 Beta Available for Download

With so many browsers on the market, Mozilla is making sure that Firefox 4 stands out from the rest. I saw a demo of what was to be expected from Firefox 4 a couple months back on the web, and I was pretty impressed. As of right now, the Firefox 4 beta is available to download.

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PirateThom3077d ago

Using it right now.

Due to my set up, it still looks like Firefox 2, which makes me happy.

Bit of a panic when the tabs were above the address bar, but they have an option to fix that.

Davoh3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I installed the beta to have a look realized none of my add-ons were compatible yet, so uninstalled. But it looks nice, I like the new look

PirateThom3077d ago

It's because it's beta, but if you install:

That should give you your add ons.

Davoh3077d ago

@PirateThom Thanks, that's worked a treat =)

Ocelot5253077d ago

just use chrome instead if you want this look + best speed + best safety + best javascript performance

go ahead: give me reasons why you should use FF instead of chrome

(I know only one: -no youtube-download plugins)

Noctis Aftermath3077d ago

I didn't like the tabs being on top, but i got over it because this way it wastes less space and i get to see more of each webpage.

Dramscus3076d ago

Chrome has crappy apps. Looks lame imo. And its stumbleupon is totally wankered.

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mrv3213077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

The one thing I find annoying is the File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools and help buttons. I barely use them and it'd be better if they'd go and give me an even larger viewing area.

Any idea on how to install this in Ubuntu. I've extracted the folder and I click run-mozilla I click run in terminal and the terminal opens and closes and if I click run NOTHING happens.

mrv3213077d ago

Some upgrades I'd make...

-Remove the home button, kinda pointless... I use the bookmark toolbar too much, -I have no real homepage I use and I'm sure others I like it.
-Removing the refresh and cancel button, just use the F5.
-Have the option of hiding the file toolbar it's a waste of space.
*You may notice space as something I talk about a lot the larger viewing area the better really.*
-Put the tabs in the very top bit where it says what ever page your on( the bit with the close expand and minimize ) since it only says what tab your on which is display in the tabs that entire section is a waste, still keep the close buttons etc.

NarooN3077d ago

What's up with you and viewing area? What resolution are you on, 640x480?

hassi943076d ago

Press Alt. on windows or whatever equivalent in Linux to get rid of the top file toolbar

You can remove the home, refresh and cancel button, click firefox, customise then toolbar layout then drag whatever buttons you don't want onto the buttons screen.

That's most of your problems solved.

Irnbruguy3077d ago

I like it overall.. but not having the close,minimize buttons is weird

JonnyBigBoss3077d ago

I highly recommend the beta. It's amazing!

Ocelot5253077d ago

I don't want to be a troll but I highly recommend chrome it's like FF 5

chrome: faster browsing, animated tabs, faster javascript, 100% w3c compatible <> firefox 4 97% w3c compatible, built-in html and script inspector(with debugger), a great tool for website developers(like me))

just give it a try, you won't regret it and will become a chrome fan just like me and everyone who tried chrome:

(and if everyone would use chrome website development would become much easier)

TABSF3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Chrome litters you system with temp files

Firfox and even Internet Explorer 8 auto clean themselves up after running, but there is no such option for chrome

When I run Ccleaner

I only get < 1MB from FF and IE8 temp files but with Chrome its a lot

Also cookie trackers and adware on chrome but my layers of anti Spyware, Virus and Adware plus firewall does the job

hassi943076d ago

I used chrome up until this Firefox released which is actually so much faster than the old one. The script inspector is something easily gotten by a simple addon.

Also, TABSF is correct. When I run CCleaner I get over 100mb from Chrome temp files while I never get more than 10mb on Firefox.

DeathMetal3076d ago

it is great FF is bloated and not as fast to me

xX TriiCKy Xx3077d ago

Hmm...Tested it, and I think I'll stay with Safari 5.

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