Blizzard Going Too Far With Real ID?

Earlier this week Blizzard announced they would be implementing a mandatory Real ID system onto their forums.

IncGamers' Paul Younger asks if Blizzard is going too far with Real ID and more importantly what does the community think about it?

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Dorjan3119d ago

I'm really unsure what to make of this... on one hand I'm not particularly bothered but on the other hand I know plenty of psychos are out there!

Djorgo3119d ago

All well and good that you are not, but the many people who do want to separate their gaming identity from their social one as basically not welcome any longer on!

TotalPS3Fanboy3119d ago

Now, when you beat someone in Starcraft, they can look up your name and your info and come after you for revenge in real life.

Conloles3119d ago

Yeah only that won't happen for you TotalPS3Fanboy seeing as you don't have a gaming PC and only have a PS3.

DirtyLary3119d ago

People need to be accountable for all their bigotry and shit talking online. This is a step in the right direction

TotalPS3Fanboy3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

"Yeah only that won't happen for you TotalPS3Fanboy seeing as you don't have a gaming PC and only have a PS3."

Huh? What do you want me to say? Thank god that it won't happen for me because I only got a PS3 and that it'll only happen for you because you got a PC? That's pretty fuck up how you're asking me to say something like that to you.

Anyway, I can already see the headline:

"Gamer Lost in Game, Finds and Murder Korean Guy from Starcraft 2 in Real Life"

evrfighter3119d ago

um Isn't Real ID only in effect in forums? I personally think it's a great idea. WoW players are the biggest douchebags in gaming. You pretty much end trolling with this.

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JsonHenry3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

I don't care. Come and get me. I have no trespassing signs up and a house alarm. If you wanna be shot dead because you are a sore loser bring it on.

Besides, you CAN fake your "real" identity all the same. How many use facebook and use their real names anyway if they are worried about privacy?

Colonel-Killzone3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

LMFAO That post made me LOL HARD LMFAO.

But there are some serious stalkers these days its not even funny.

One of the reasons why I do not even get on Facebook, Myspace , etc these days. Only Social website I use is mainly twitter and thats it lol. Its better to never use your real name on sites honestly.

The day when someone sent me a friend request on the PSN and also the sametime said oh I sent you a friend request on Myspace I knew that was a sign from nature to get rid of my name etc.

People I advise you do not put any type of personal information out there especially with these social websites giving various websites our personal information. They also even give out our email accounts how do you think we get those junk mails etc ????

Anyway for future reference keep your personal life away from your gaming life. There are those set of people you meet online who you are comfortable talking to but regardless just be careful on the internet etc.

Christopher3119d ago

I like to keep my gaming life and my professional life separate. With this, it won't be possible since their forums are made public to search engines. Not that I post on their forums, but I don't want it to become a common thing for MMO companies to do since I do play other MMOs.

Red-Dead-Roar3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

create a fake facebook account instead...

JumpNPlayBon3118d ago

The only people that are worried about this are those that run their mouth, troll, and are just down right rude online. This will get rid of all these internet tough guys and people will watch what they say.

I hardly doubt someone is going to come after you because you just pwned them in a game. They might however come after you if you are talking shit to them and being a complete asshole, like a lot of posters here do.

I hope all forums/PSN/LIVE start this approach. Trolls wouldn't dare show their face or open their mouth. I'm Brendan Wright and I look forward to showing up to your doorstep.

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Djorgo3119d ago

So true,. Good article.

May not be for the best of fans.

Leord3119d ago

Good article. It's not too ranting either.

kerriganss3119d ago

I don't see the fuss really... (seriously i don't)

If u're a good person and got nothing in "particular" to hide, then what's the fuss of having your real name out there?

Personally, i don't mind at all, to me it's just a name... And if this is the step to eliminate trolls and spams, well then go ahead and give it a try.

If over time they realise this wasn't the step that was needed, then i'm 124% out of 125% sure that they'll take it down again, and try something else..

UIOP3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Well, at first I liked the idea of this real id thing, but I have found that there are many drawbacks. People can know if you are a celebrity, your gender, racial ethnicity, etc.
Like 'that girl seams hot', I'll better look her up IRL (It's already like this for your friends WoW if I understand it correctly?). If you have a uncommon name, people can look you up even more easily.

There is also the aspect that people that plays games WANT's to be anonymous. It's an integrated part in the 'role playing' aspect of games like WoW.

Risk all this, for slightly less trolls and for Facebook..?

kerriganss3119d ago

I'll not draw a long reply, simply state to the bottom of the first post i made. :)

>If over time they realise this wasn't the step that was needed, then i'm 124% out of 125% sure that they'll take it down again, and try something else..<

moe843119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Is your real name Kerriganss? My guess is no. You maybe fine with your name being out there. But others aren't. Others that are good people, just choose to not be messed with. Not going to lie, a few years back when I was a teen if I saw someone with a name of Akhjere Jabungi(completely stereotypical character I made in the original Fight Night).... It would have been open season.
Do you know how many people have the name Megan Fox? Two very, very common names. Probably thousands. Do you think every woman with that actresses name wants to be harassed? I mean hell, she's hot... has not one bit of acting talent and has deformed thumbs.
Personally, I don't want any more info than there already is on me so easily available. If my character name is Gandolf and my Rp is I'm the baddest, Zhevra humping Dwarf in all the land... then damnit, that's all people need to know.

kerriganss3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Christian Sørensen - go ahead.

The point is, if said people start to harrass said "megan fox" there's gonna be a swift and just course towards it, those people aren't coming onto again.. problem solved.

And if people hold such a big grudge against you, if they wanna track you down, then it's not blizzard's fault, but the mental stability in said persons mind, and then you go to the authorities...

If it's so bad for common folk to give their name up, then facebook in the first place shouldn't have been so popular should it? We live now in a world where even hacking is possible (that sounds really wrong i know) But, given the fact that you SEVERAL times have given your full name, your streed adress, your age, your email and in some cases, your CC info, just to make an account on some fanpage or even this site, if people REALLY wanted, they could track you down without problems...

Seriously, this is no big deal. move on already. Please.

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