Kinect is an experiment

Mark Rein, vice-president of Epic Games believes that Microsoft is using Kinect as a test run for the future of their motion control plans.

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hakis863028d ago

If this is true, then they are kind of lagging behind Sony, IMO - who had the Eye Toy for the PS2 as sort of a test.

The_Zeitgeist3028d ago

@ hakis86

Please tell us what rational you use when saying

"Sony, IMO - who had the Eye Toy for the PS2 as sort of a test."

Triella3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

He means that Sony used the Eyetoy technology as a basis to develop it's own motion control scheme : a camera tracking an object's position (the controler) in 3d space based on it's shape and colour.

MysticStrummer3028d ago

It's rationale... and it's obvious.

Quagmire3029d ago

So was the nuclear bomb once

StoneySweatLeafs3029d ago

Yeah but the difference is that nothing Microsoft builds ever works right.

SOAD3029d ago

Windows XP and 7 work pretty well.

120FPS3029d ago

Neither did my first 3 PS2'S or my lithium battery for my Sony laptop

MaximusPrime3028d ago

@ SOAD : yea just 2 of them.. the rest is a failure

SOAD3028d ago

@Maximus Prime

According to you, the success of two Operating systems over the span of 35 years as a company is what made Microsoft one of the most profitable companies in the world even despite the major economic downturn the world is suffering?

MisterNiwa3028d ago

Well, I guess I'm not alone when I say, I wish that Microsoft (didn't even exist back then, I know. >:[) built the Nuclear Bomb so it wouldnt have destroyed whole Hiroshima.

Poor Japan back then, no country deserves this.

StoneySweatLeafs3028d ago

@ MisterNiwa

Yet like the atomic bomb Mircosoft should have never been created.

I kid....I think

PirosThe4th3028d ago

@Maximus Prime
They succeeded because of people are stupid enough to buy anything from them...
Also because is "USER Friendly"...
IMO they don't deserve shit from us... they screw everyone over with overprice software that doesn't work well... WIndows 7 did work and does work pretty well (I have it) but that thing should have been free... to make up for all the other shit...

kasasensei3028d ago

Windows Seven is working pretty good buddy. And the first xbox was really reliable, so..

MysticStrummer3028d ago

They succeeded because they made deals that insured their inferior operating system would be standard in most home computers. I'm a MS hater since well before they even announced the Xbox. My friends in the IT biz hate them also. One of them says Bill Gates is Satan.

Double Toasted3028d ago

SOAD...don't argue with fools!

ArmrdChaos3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Does that mean you hate Sony also...or did you enjoy those rootkits?

How about Apple? What signal strength you reading on your Iphone now?

There are usually plenty of reasons to hate most companies...if that is what you are into of course.

krisprolls3028d ago

@soad : are you seriously asking ?

If so, yes, basically MS succeeded in 2 things, Windows and Office.

But OF COURSE it's enough and you can fail everything else, when those 2 things bring you BILLIONS in profit every year.

Funny thing this myth people believe in that MS is somehow successful. Strange really. They just happen to have 2 cash cows keeping them alive.

Even as market cap they're now behind apple, and they failed basically EVERYTHING outside Windows and office :

Zune, Vista, Xbox 1, HDDVD, RROD, recently Kin... Everything failed. Everything.

Kinect is only the latest entry on that list.

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Red-Dead-Roar3028d ago

and we've used the nuclear bomb every day since.... ? was that your point !?

xYLeinen3029d ago

Microsoft have so much money on Kinect that they already have implemented support for it in the next Windows (possibly named 8, I dunno)

krisprolls3028d ago

Unfortunately their phone Kin is already an epic failure costing them billions, they stopped sales after one week (lol) with only a few thousands sold, epic !

Kinect is probably going the same way.

SOAD3029d ago

Does MS really have that much money to blow? If so, why won't they buy a few studios? Just a thought.

PirosThe4th3028d ago

They have money but they are waaaaaaaaaay too cheap...
See how they fixed the RROD and the disc damaging 360... it would cost them 2 or 3 more dollars to do so for each console... but no thats too much for them :D! XD

mastiffchild3028d ago

@SOAD-indeed. I don't go in for the amount of MS bashing that most do(seriously, they're all just after our money and none of them give a sh1t about us so why the rabid loyalty or rabid hatred?)but confess to being annoyed at a coupe of things they managed this generation.

First and foremost was the period where they were closing down studios that should have been making good exclusive 360 content because of the economy yet still kept on handing out massive cheques to the likes of R* for timed exclusivity and, seemingly, every jrpg maker out there for the same damn thing and even, allegedly, for a weeks exclusivity on the RE5 demo!

Secndly, I don't think it's fair to make us pay twice to take our games online but IF that's their model then don't justify it by little features which do little to set your system apart or improve core gaming. Had they helped, by using some of the cash wasted above, make devs use dedicated servers for games on Live I'd seriously think about resubscribing as it would be a REAL reason for them to say their service was best and , maybe, worth the outlay. As it is they hold a gun to your head and expect XGC to make up for it-and to me it really doesn't as I don't even like the bloody feature as it ruins certain games and I think it's only good manners to give people your FULL attention anyway so would rather always wait to talk to mates gaming elsewhere.

Naturally, there's also the reliability issue we had due to them rushing to be out first, not testing the 360 enough pre launch and people making out the three year warranty is somehow a good thing when, really, it was just to avoid court and a mass recall while they sorted it all out. I understand why MS rushed the 360 out and it did it's market share and exclusive nabbing job perfectly but it did feel a bit like they used gamers to get it done.

Thing is we could moan about Sony or Nintendo and things they've either stupidly, arrogantly or short sightedly done over the years and it just, imho, happens to be that MS have done a couple more crappy things THIS generation than the other two. However, when all sides have vociferous fanboys willing to excuse, loudly, anything they do even when it's plainly wrong and damaging to us all to do so how will things ever improve? Might be MS this gen but it could be anyone next behaving the worst of a bad bunch and the day we gamers stop be so in thrall to faceless corporations might be the day we earn a little more respect from them as the people who pay all their wages.

krisprolls3028d ago

@Soad : That, Soad, is an incredibly good question.

All MS had to do to compete on the long run was buying studios and making games like Sony does. Yet they wasted all that money in this stupid Kinect project with Failure written on it, or in timed exclusives and DLC nobody cares about.

I think overall MS management is one of the worst in the history of big corporations, especially since Gates retired...

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