PSP2 Phone Running Windows 7 Mobile Spells End of the iPhone

J Lynch: "Everyone knows that the Sony VAIO computers have done very well running on the Windows platform (like 99% of non-Mac PCs). Most still remember that Microsoft had approached Sony with a partnership back in 1997 to use Windows CE on the PS2, but when Sony felt MS wanted too big a stake, MS was sent on their way with Sega and the Dreamcast and inevitably the Xbox brand."

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ginsunuva3029d ago

The problem with having a powerful gaming phone is the battery life.
You'll play, and then you have to call 911 because you got an epilepsy from Super Stardust Portable, but your phone is now out of battery.

D4RkNIKON3029d ago

There is no way first off that the PSP would run windows 7 mobile. Second off I have never come across a windows mobile device that doesn't fail to appeal to the masses. Or just FAIL like the KIN

sinclaircrown3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )


@below: That's exactly what he's thinking. Fanboys would be so butthurt if they knew just how much Sony and MS actually collaborate on things outside of gaming consoles.

darthv723029d ago

WM7 is pretty slick. Or are you thinking fanboyish the whole MS vs sony thing?

RememberThe3573029d ago

It would probably run either a proprietary OS or Android. I wouldn't invest in anything Microsoft has for the modile market at this point.

Baka-akaB3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

"just how much Sony and MS actually collaborate on things outside of gaming consoles. "

True , except that the psp2 would still be at least half a console ... and there are other alternatives like inhouse interfaces and , well simply android .

Before calling other fanboys , just think about it for a sec ... win mobile 7 will be heavily integrated to the live experience . Do you see a direct concurrent , trying to impose his own psn network or pactising with a few others like steam , settling down for microsoft's ? Simply put no

Ju3029d ago

Currently WinPhone7 has 0 market. When it will release it faces the iphone4 and an armada of Android phones. And the remaining market is pretty much stuffed with the remaining vendors.

If anything I give Android a better chance. The X10 was one of the first running Android. Win7Phone is what Zune is to the ipod. A niche market.

Dramscus3029d ago

My vote would be android. It's versatile enough to run the whole show properly. Open enough for sony to modify it how they want, and it's already got an app market which is something any iphone competitor needs out of the box.

rbanke3029d ago

I have a VAIO right next to me running windows 7, You can buy/rent Sony movies on a Xbox360, Sony makes iphone/ipod compatible products...

As much as some people would love for these to be sports teams that they need to cheer for, they arent. These are businesses, and when there is money to be made, they will make deals with other businesses regardless of competition in other markets. In short, who gives a fuck what company makes x product as long as its good and WM7 is looking pretty good from what I've seen.

Baka-akaB3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

it only works when they arent competitor on a same segment and market . The MS/sony cooperation worked with the sole idea of well , Sony not giving a damn about pc , aside from the selling hardware aspect .

In the case at hand however , it is obvious some companies like ms , sony , google , and some others , try positioning themselves as content gateways and "all in one" solutions , via push of their hardwares combiened with their own network and softwares . It becomes then tricky for them to further support a concurrent .

Sony wont push win mobile 7 and its xbl integration , when they themselves try pushing xmb and psn integration with their products

kneon3029d ago

There are some quite good windows mobile phones, they just get crappy marketing and don't have the plethora of crappy apps that the iphone has. HTC has made a few really good ones as have others.

But I doubt windows 7 mobile would be on the PSP2, and it has nothing to do with it being a Microsoft product. SEMC have been moving more towards android. But then Android is just mobile linux with a Java ripoff running on it. It would be better to just go with mobile linux or some proprietary OS for a gaming device, that way they can better tailor the OS to fit the needs of a gaming device.

RememberThe3573029d ago

It's business. Exactly. This is not about being a fanboy or rooting for an other team. Baka made a great argument about Windows Mobile 7 being integrated with Live. Sony wont want to give it's users direct access it's competitor. If this was a regular SE phone then I could see it happening, but we are assuming that this is a PSP Phone and Sony wont want Live and the PSN on the same device.

Knowing how Sony does things they will either go their old school rout and develop their own OS or they will go the new school rout and pick up Android or some other operating system. But don't expect it to have Microsoft's name on it.

thewrathman3029d ago

this should appeal fanboys on both sides of the fanboy happily purchase a psp2 phone.wether it runs on windows or not.and id love it to outsell the iphone.just too say fvck you to steve jobs and the apple fanboys.every versiopn of the iphone comes out with something thats old and touted as the new thing.and dumb people lap it up.

a psp2 phone could have serious applications for linking to my xbl and psn accounts.throw in both xbl games and sony games coupled with achievements and trophies that sync with my consoles would be a massive win.

a phone like this can only be win win.if gamers lap a phone like thats up..well..its game over apple.every knows gamers can pioneer new tech like HDTV,blu-ray download only games..and probably 3dtv.

qface643029d ago

lol who actually believes this would be the end for the iphone anyone who even believes that is either blind or delusional

rbanke3029d ago

I'm not saying I think Sony would use WM7 more than Android or any other mobile OS, I was just pointing out that to rule out another company simply because they are 'the enemy' is ridiculous.

thewrathman3029d ago

rbank..these guys actually think that sony and MS act like the fanboys on this site.

money is money.if sony can make money from MS or vice versa.then its a deal.

N4BmpS3029d ago

Sony and Microsoft on a console isn't a shocking thing, I welcome it, I hope I see it.

morganfell3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

This article is pure unadulterated tripe. Sony is already using Android and knows this is the far better choice for a mobile device.

Considering Sony's current very secretive agreement recently signed with Google, it should be an indicator to anyone capable of deducing 1 + 1 = 2.

Conloles3029d ago

Yeah there will be no PSP2 phone, however WinPho7 will dominate!

blackbeld3029d ago


Agree. PSP2 better run on Android. Cause with WM7 you have to reset you're mobile every day :(

Android suits PSP2 more.

sikbeta3029d ago

There is a Lot of things going on Between Sony and Google, IF the PSP2-Phone ever exist, it'd have Android on it, but I'm sure the guys at Sony already thought about that and sure they can do it, the only problem is ERICSSON....

exnihilonihilfit3029d ago

Would be a much better OS. The battery problem could be solved if there were in fact two separate batteries or at least programming that treats one battery like two different power supplies, one for phone operation and one for PSP operation, so the phone basically lets you know you can no longer use it as a PSP if you really want to keep using it as a phone for any reasonable period of time.

TEFL0N_D0N_813029d ago

Wow, break out of the fanboy mentality dude. You ever heard of the blackberry?

ThanatosDMC3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

That's a misconception about win mobile. You dont have to reset it every day. The only thing that people should understand is to treat the phone like a normal pc/laptop. Programs do not close automatically but are minimized when you do something else. Just go to the Taskbar and close them properly or switch to them to continue what you're doing since you could end up runninh 20+ apps withou realizing it till it slows down.

I'm using my HTC HD2 for the past week or so to frequent N4G. It's running win mobile 6, i think.

Also, this powerful phone is doing great with battery life so a powerful PSP2 would be awesome. I hope it supports 3G at the minimum with N wifi. I also, retrack my statement about not wanting touch screen on it. I feel like a dumbass. My renewed experience with the HD2 is amazing. Let it be the handheld that can only do everything. In Sony, i trust. Amen??? lol!

Note: Windows mobile market sucks ass. Dont buy anything from it. Most apps are free online just google it and learn about "cab" files.

Dee_913029d ago

than a jack rabbit on skiis

bakasora3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

And there are 50 million iPhone users out there.
The title just doesn't make sense.

Hideo_Kojima3028d ago


I doubt they would want that on the PSP2

ABizzel13028d ago

@ D4rknikon

Well Sony Xperia X1 rund windows mobile, as do some of their other phones.

But I doubt the PSP will use Windows mobile. If it does use a OS it will be Android. Sony and Google have been doing A LOT of business together over the past year, so may bet is on PSP droid before any other OS. And frankly I would rather have Android anyway.

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blumatt3029d ago

This would never happen. Period. lol I'd rather Sony team up with Apple for the OS than Microsoft. I'd love to be able to sync my PSPhone to my iTunes like I do my iPod Video.

Ju3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Sony has Media Go! for that purpose. It does what iTunes does and integrates the PSN. Sooner or later they'll add a music store and there you have it.

Shouldn't be a big problem to add an Android marketplace either.

zaphod7773028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I think they would either run Android or most likely their own OS with a phone app tagged on.

Why does the author thinks Win7 would work better than Android?!? This author is on crack if you ask me.

Christopher3029d ago

Extremely unlikely.

W7M is Microsoft's attempt to get into the mobile gaming market and compete with iPhone with Silverlight integrated features and API tools.

Sony's software would have to be ported to the new system rather than just utilizing the same chip technology they've already used for PS2 game emulation. Going with software emulation for old games only leads to an exponential increase in piracy potential, which they've already mentioned is why they haven't implemented such emulation on all PS3s so far.

These guys are direct competitors when it comes to the gaming market, which this device would include. Making such a deal would be affected by their ongoing competition in the gaming market and would be a huge strain on their relationship. This isn't the same as a phone running Windows OS using Sony hardware, since this is done by third-parties who are using bits and pieces from others. We're talking about a Sony phone running Microsoft software. I mean, the most likely next question would be... why not XBL OS on the PS3?

sinclaircrown3029d ago

Microsoft currently has no big investment in mobile gaming. As much as this is only a rumor, and probably not true, I just want to point out that they're not competing in this market.

Christopher3029d ago

***Microsoft currently has no big investment in mobile gaming.***

Might want to read up a bit on W7M, then. It's very heavy on the portability of practically any web-based gaming elements, porting from iPhone and XBLA, and utilizing Silverlight to improve gaming capabilities (API integration and online interactivity).

randomwiz3029d ago

Microsoft is serious about the wp7 platform. Wasn't there something a few weeks ago where microsoft was paying top iphone devs to port their games or apps to WP7?

Ju3028d ago

W7M clearly targets the iphone.

What better opportunity for Sony to team up with Google even more to be the third player in that market. If anything, I am sure, both, Sony and Google can see it from this perspective. Let M$ and Apple fight and walk away with the price.

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Kain813029d ago

Android would be the best choice atm. for Sony, i think

N4Flamers3029d ago

What i personally like about the psp is the size of the screen. turning this into a phone would mean that you either reduce the size of the screen or you're left with this giant device you have to hold to your ear. Im sure you can use a hands free kit or blue tooth but I have a droid that can use both and I rarely do.

I primarily use my phone to text and the droid excels in this category with its touchscreen and a keyboard in case I need it. I dont know if the psp2 will have either but that just further complicates this.

I hated my windows mobile omnia and would never use it over the android format. Its just more intuitive for me.

Ju3028d ago

Size is not a problem. My PSP Go! is just a little bit bigger than my iphone. It has the superior Skype quality and works perfectly as a phone (size wise, etc). Smart phones even have bigger screen sizes now 4" and possibly bigger ones.

Spenok3029d ago

Oh noes, 911 cant help me because ive been playin to many games. I can just see it in the news now. "Mobile Gameing has Claimed another life"

Fray323029d ago

I believe you mean a seizure, you can't get an epilepsy because it's a disease (or condition idk) however seizures are the result of having epilepsy which is what you mean

NewNameNow3029d ago

First off, Sony would never use Windows to run their PSP2. Second it'd most likely be running an hd mobile version of the XMB. Third off, there is no way in hell it would EVER beat the iPhone no matter how dirt cheap they price it (highly unlikely) or features it has.

I don't say this because the iPhone is better but no matter what there will always be people who like simplicity over functionality or straight up apple fanboys.

TROLL EATER3028d ago

so i can login to my xbox live gamertag on the psp 2 LOOOL

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Fishy Fingers3029d ago

Stick "rumour" in there somewhere and you basically have free reign to write any old s*** you like.

vgchica3029d ago

I don't think the author was saying this is happening. After reading the article, I was able to see it was an "article", not news or rumor.

4pocalyps33029d ago

windows mobile is the worst POS that has graced a phone. from experience it is super slow and laggy as hell. worst experience they should just put android on it or something. anything besides windows mobile.

Random4043029d ago

Windows phone 7 is a complete restart of their phone os. The minimum specs will be very high and it will have a heavy focus on the user experience. It will also have xbox live integration. Having xbox live and psn and games for each on one device would be compelling.

ThanatosDMC3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Windows mobile is actually pretty good in my experience and highly customizeable. I have an HD2 and battery life is not a problem even after heavy use of being online and serving as a wifi router for my gf's ipod touch.

I doubt that they will have windows mobile on it though since it is very easy to customize and probably easier to hack. I can run PS1 games on my HD2.

In my HD2:
PS1 games - 3
GBA - 576 games. yeah, a lot i'll never play like Barbie
Snes - 17

gamingisnotacrime3029d ago

makes sense, specially after the iPhone expantion in games and multiple uses with apps and now the HTC and etc are paving the way for the PSP2 to be a real competitor to this very powerful portable devices phenomenom

8thnightvolley3029d ago

i this that would surely give a sweet dent on iphones progress