Square Enix Bringing Valkyrie Profile Sequel to Xbox 360 and More

Craig Hasselback writes: "Looks like Microsoft can't keep the wraps on anything as we're getting word that Square/Enix is set to announce two new releases for the Xbox 360 at June's E3. One of the releases is a much anticipated RPG sequel from the experienced developers at tri-Ace. The other is a compilation disc of two hits."

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ClownBelt3143d ago

Either a time exclusive or will come out the same time as the PS3. Well, nothing's set on stone yet, so gotta wait for E3. I'm just happy that Valkyrie Profile 3 exist.

GunShotEddy3143d ago

It has to hit PS3. That would have been like GTA 4 not coming to PS3. It will probably the same time, not even timed exclusive.

Cold 20003143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Sequel to Valkyrie Profile...OMG!!!!!

This is FREAKING DAY ONE for me!

BattersUp3143d ago

About time. tri-Ace is so awesome. It should be multi-platform, because I think lost odyssey is the only 360 exclusive they've done. Did they do that one? AHHH, I can't think. too excited!

Lucreto3143d ago

@BattersUp Lost Odyssey was Mistwalker. You are thinking of infinite Undiscovery.

Redrum0593143d ago

i read the title and thaught tales of vysparia, one title on the 360 that i so desperatly wanted on my ps3(not importing it from japan). after playing tales of symphonia on my gamecube i realy wanted a next gen tales game.

hamoor3143d ago matter what you do you will not win the japanese market

van-essa3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

OH BABY JESUS! Vakyria Profile 3!? *Faints*

EDIT : @above
it doesn't matter if they lose or whatever, as far as X360 owners get to play the games it's all they care about. That's what I call fanservice..

vhero3143d ago

Hmmm as long as they not as bad as DS games.. Doubt after poor sales of FFXIII compared to ps3 version they would do the exclusive thing again especially with poor 360 sales in Japan. I also think MS themselves have given up throwing money at Japan as its a dead horse for them and theres not much profit especially not in this series compared to the big boys like FF. I can see MS rather throwing money at FF14 than this.. So multi plat all the way but hey I could be wrong. Please don't use SO4 as an example of an arguement though as PS3 version came out nearly 2 years later and timed exclusives have proven that they sell a lot better on initial consoles as dual console owners wont buy twice.

van-essa3143d ago

"after poor sales of FFXIII compared to ps3 version "

Any numbers you'd like to share with us?

callahan093143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I don't understand why Square-Enix would release a Breath of Fire compilation? Breath of Fire is a Capcom series. Squaresoft published the first one in the West, but not the second (or any of the others), and Capcom owns the property. Doesn't seem right.

Also, this statement "Showing at one companies press conference likely means timed-exclusive only in this day and age." isn't really true, either. I mean, Metal Gear Rising was announced at MS's conference last year with no mention of PS3, but we all know that it's coming to PS3 as well.

van-essa3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but can you provide a link to where you got to numbers from?

If you added the Japanese numbers then it should be more than that since the game is exclusive over there and had already sold 2mil before it released on the X360.

Anyway, you can't use the Japanese numbers to justify "how poorly the X360 version sold comparatively to the PS3 version". It's a bit unfair don't you think?

PirateThom3143d ago

VgChartz, sadly. So not fact, but the PS3 definitely has a HUGE number lead over the 360 version, which is the point being made.

hamoor3143d ago

yep one million is very poor /s

-MD-3143d ago

The 360 version wasn't available in Japan.

A fair comparison would be US/Europe comparison which would be 360 (1 million) and PS3 (1.5 million). Nobody can say that the 360 version wasn't successful because it was.

Ravage273143d ago

i don't buy too many multiplats,so this game will have to impress me before i start getting hyped

PirateThom3143d ago

OK guys, let's not use US numbers for games when a PS3 game sells "badly", let's just use Japan and Europe.

Is that the argument here?

hay3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

@Murderdolls: How fair is comparing worldwide sales excluding one region for one console? It's as fair as comparing console sales while one of them has one year headstart. Oooh, wait...

And about 1m sales. Fanboys downplay PS3 exclusives when they hit 1m describing them as flops yet you defend 1m game on Box. Double standards? Hypocrisy? Both!

van-essa3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Wow that's real dedication. Why would you dismiss a game because it's not a PS3 exclusive?
Being exclusive wouldn't make the game better or worse all of a sudden.

If you really want to talk about the year head start, then we should also talk about the whole generation headstart as well (in fact two gens). This will get us nowhere and we'll keep arguing back and forth so please just drop it.

Christopher3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Thanks for the correction below! I obviously was the confused one misreading Valkyria Chronicles where it was Valkyrie Profile.

Still... only good news. How you can't be happy about this being available in more locations is beyond my reasoning. I do hope it's not a timed exclusive.

leila013143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

"OK guys, let's not use US numbers for games when a PS3 game sells "badly", let's just use Japan and Europe"

But FFXIII X360 didn't sell badly in Japan, it was never released! Your "logic" fails

PirateThom3143d ago

Look, I'll try to break this down into its base elements here.

Do you think publishers only look at one region for sales or projected sales?

You can break it down by region all you want, but publishers don't, there's no point. Fact is, Final Fantasy XIII has sold over 3 times more copies than the 360 version. Even if it was released in Japan for 360, do you really think its sales would have been note worthy?

Just because certain people seem to think US = World doesn't mean it really works that way. Japan doesn't matter, except it has, as predicted by myself and others a LONG time ago, over 50% of the worldwide sales of the game.

van-essa3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

You can't sell a game if you don't release it. By your logic, Halo will never come to the PS3 because it has sold 0 copies so far.

cellypower3143d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is a Sega IP. Valkyrie Profile and Valkyria Chronicles are two different games.

sack_boi3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Gear 1&2 sold 15 times more on the X360 than on the PS3. am rite Thom?

raztad3143d ago

Sorry van-essa you are wrong Pirate is totally right.First it was SE that decided no to release the xbox version in Japan, and second even if it was released considering the xbox userbase it wouldnt change the fact there is a huge gap between both figures.

NatureOfLogic3143d ago

360 fanboys using Japan as an excuse to why FF13(360) didn't sale as much as the PS3 version. *scratches head*

AAACE53143d ago

Some might hate me for this... but I hope that compilation disc has FFX on it somewhere!

fox023143d ago

PS3fanboyz using "diversity", "installbase", "US not teh world", "Yourope's" imaginary numbers, "new IPz" as an excuse to why PS3 games don't sell. *head spins*

sikbeta3143d ago

Ah...Wada, when you're going to Learn the Lesson...

fox023143d ago

Name one JRPG (exclusive to the PS3) that has sold better than Lost Odyssey.

Noctis Aftermath3143d ago

I seriously doubt square would make this exclusive, chances are microsoft will make it look like it's exclusive but it turns out to be multiplat(example:Metal gear rising).

Although i don't doubt their stupidity, it could very well be exclusive because as one famous person said "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." and the way square have been since the merge with Enix indicates to me that they are by no means geniuses.

Stealth20k3143d ago

I agree its another metal gear solid rising. Its not going to be exclusive if square wants to make any money on the game.

The next day its going to be revealed as multiplatorm

Gue13143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Valkyrie Profile sequel and Breath of Fire compilation with slightly upgraded graphics all exclusively for the X360? Are you fukin kidding me!? No fukin way! Fuk! This seriously piss me off...

I still remember when Square said: "our only focus are the Wii and PS3" but beside FFXIII all their games have been either timed exclusives like Star Ocean IV or exclusives like Infinite Undiscovery for the X360. I mean, what's worse, SquareEnix selling out or M$ throwing money at dev and ruining gaming for everybody else? And apparently their strategy is working because they are still in second place.

Seriously, I would liked M$ if the company weren't like this but they been always like this. Just look at the monopoly they have on the PC market... Offering sub-par OS like Vista but stil number 1? Everybody's in M$ pocket it seems...

Anyway back to FFVII because after FFXIII I didn't have anything else to play beside sh1tty Jrpgs's like Star Ocean IV and Ressonace of Fate which is pretty crappy and dull too. I don't play Jrpgs's just because they have a good battle system, they need to be more than that.

JoelR3143d ago


lost odyssey ~.9 million sold x360
demon souls ~1.3 million sold ps3
yakuza 3 will probably beat it (currently around .7 million) ps3

rockleex3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

FFXIII sold 3 times more on the PS3 than 360.

This can only lead me to believe that its best to release Valkyrie Profile EXCLUSIVELY on the 360!"

Wada's Assistant: "But sir, that doesn't even make sense!"

Wada: "It may not make any cents, but it will make us MILLIONS! MUUUHAHAHAHAHA >:D"

*signs contract with MS*

Guitardr853143d ago

The point piratetom is trying to make is that while it wasn't released in Japan, FF13 sales are still close to where they would be if it had as the proportion of the incredibly small 360 user base in japan that would have bought this would be almost negligible!!!

So the point is that if it released on the 360 in japan or not it would NOT have made a difference thus sales numbers currently are still a close representation of a true worldwide preference!

gaffyh3143d ago

@fox02 - Valkyria Chronicles has actually sold more than Lost Odyssey too, and FF13 PS3 exclusive in Japan has sold more than LO worldwide, which is sad really because LO is a better game (imo).

Saigon3143d ago

is that SE made this decision with FF13 because they expected the NA market to make up the difference in sales...they were entirely wrong...this was the reason for the for them to make this new announcements doesn't make cents but I do hear a couple of dollars ruffling...

bakasora3142d ago

I was a loyal fan of Squaresoft and then Square Enix, now im slowing not.

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MajestieBeast3143d ago

If its true epic fail i mean how many copies do they wanna sell 2?

jphelps803143d ago

Bitter much? There is no way VP fails. Square could release a Valkyrie Profile on the Dreamcast and suddenly the sucker would become relevant again. You underestimate Valkyrie Profile.

Lucreto3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Valkyrie Profile is as popular in Japan at Star Ocean and look how that did.

It could be an MS conference but still be multiplatform look at MGS rising and MW2.

@Cold 2000- That is Final Fantasy though, it is the only JRPG to get huge sales no matter what bad press is thrown at it.

Cold 20003143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I think FF13 is already pass a million on the 360 since it sold around 500 000 in its first week worldwide on 360.

Dont think SE are worried about sales.

@lucreto: True true. But just shows there is a growing market out there on the 360 for jrpg's.

vgn243143d ago

It'll be multi-plat. They even say "the word exclusive" wasn't used. But it will sell on every platform it hits.

Redempteur3143d ago

if this true i'm disapointed ...not at another VP .. but the fact that it's on 360 ...this better be on ps3 too or i'll wait for the ps3 release ( it will come ..just look at the so4 international edition sales ).

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jonlynch3143d ago

I don't care which system. I'll buy it. See me in line.

-MD-3143d ago

Never played the first one but I'm very interested in another Tri-Ace game.

Homicide3143d ago

The first two were very good, imo. So glad I own an Xbox 360. This will be a first day buy if true.

The Rock Bottom3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

@ Murdersdolls
"Never played the first one but I'm very interested in another Tri-Ace game. "

Judging by your post history,we know.../s

Meryl3143d ago

way to go SE, and I thought you had learned JRPG's do not sell well on x360, just look at the sales for FF XIII, this had better come to PS3, or SE is digging it's own grave

vgn243143d ago

Think positively. They said the word exclusive was never mentioned.