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Submitted by VG_Releaser 2060d ago | rumor

Square Enix Bringing Valkyrie Profile Sequel to Xbox 360 and More

Craig Hasselback writes: "Looks like Microsoft can't keep the wraps on anything as we're getting word that Square/Enix is set to announce two new releases for the Xbox 360 at June's E3. One of the releases is a much anticipated RPG sequel from the experienced developers at tri-Ace. The other is a compilation disc of two hits." (Breath of Fire I and II, Breath of Fire II , PS3, Valkyrie Profile 3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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ClownBelt  +   2060d ago
Either a time exclusive or will come out the same time as the PS3. Well, nothing's set on stone yet, so gotta wait for E3. I'm just happy that Valkyrie Profile 3 exist.
GunShotEddy  +   2060d ago
It has to hit PS3. That would have been like GTA 4 not coming to PS3. It will probably the same time, not even timed exclusive.
Cold 2000  +   2060d ago
Sequel to Valkyrie Profile...OMG!!!!!

This is FREAKING DAY ONE for me!
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BattersUp  +   2060d ago
About time. tri-Ace is so awesome. It should be multi-platform, because I think lost odyssey is the only 360 exclusive they've done. Did they do that one? AHHH, I can't think. too excited!
Lucreto  +   2060d ago
@BattersUp Lost Odyssey was Mistwalker. You are thinking of infinite Undiscovery.
Redrum059  +   2060d ago
i read the title and thaught tales of vysparia, one title on the 360 that i so desperatly wanted on my ps3(not importing it from japan). after playing tales of symphonia on my gamecube i realy wanted a next gen tales game.
hamoor  +   2060d ago
sigh.... matter what you do you will not win the japanese market
van-essa  +   2060d ago
OH BABY JESUS! Vakyria Profile 3!? *Faints*

EDIT : @above
it doesn't matter if they lose or whatever, as far as X360 owners get to play the games it's all they care about. That's what I call fanservice..
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vhero  +   2060d ago
Hmmm as long as they not as bad as DS games.. Doubt after poor sales of FFXIII compared to ps3 version they would do the exclusive thing again especially with poor 360 sales in Japan. I also think MS themselves have given up throwing money at Japan as its a dead horse for them and theres not much profit especially not in this series compared to the big boys like FF. I can see MS rather throwing money at FF14 than this.. So multi plat all the way but hey I could be wrong. Please don't use SO4 as an example of an arguement though as PS3 version came out nearly 2 years later and timed exclusives have proven that they sell a lot better on initial consoles as dual console owners wont buy twice.
van-essa  +   2060d ago
"after poor sales of FFXIII compared to ps3 version "

Any numbers you'd like to share with us?
PirateThom  +   2060d ago
3.5m vs 1m
callahan09  +   2060d ago
I don't understand why Square-Enix would release a Breath of Fire compilation? Breath of Fire is a Capcom series. Squaresoft published the first one in the West, but not the second (or any of the others), and Capcom owns the property. Doesn't seem right.

Also, this statement "Showing at one companies press conference likely means timed-exclusive only in this day and age." isn't really true, either. I mean, Metal Gear Rising was announced at MS's conference last year with no mention of PS3, but we all know that it's coming to PS3 as well.
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van-essa  +   2060d ago
I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but can you provide a link to where you got to numbers from?

If you added the Japanese numbers then it should be more than that since the game is exclusive over there and had already sold 2mil before it released on the X360.

Anyway, you can't use the Japanese numbers to justify "how poorly the X360 version sold comparatively to the PS3 version". It's a bit unfair don't you think?
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PirateThom  +   2060d ago
VgChartz, sadly. So not fact, but the PS3 definitely has a HUGE number lead over the 360 version, which is the point being made.
hamoor  +   2060d ago
yep one million is very poor /s
-MD-  +   2060d ago
The 360 version wasn't available in Japan.

A fair comparison would be US/Europe comparison which would be 360 (1 million) and PS3 (1.5 million). Nobody can say that the 360 version wasn't successful because it was.
Ravage27  +   2060d ago
i would have preferred it to be PS3 exclusive
i don't buy too many multiplats,so this game will have to impress me before i start getting hyped
PirateThom  +   2060d ago
OK guys, let's not use US numbers for games when a PS3 game sells "badly", let's just use Japan and Europe.

Is that the argument here?
hay  +   2060d ago
@Murderdolls: How fair is comparing worldwide sales excluding one region for one console? It's as fair as comparing console sales while one of them has one year headstart. Oooh, wait...

And about 1m sales. Fanboys downplay PS3 exclusives when they hit 1m describing them as flops yet you defend 1m game on Box. Double standards? Hypocrisy? Both!
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van-essa  +   2060d ago
Wow that's real dedication. Why would you dismiss a game because it's not a PS3 exclusive?
Being exclusive wouldn't make the game better or worse all of a sudden.

If you really want to talk about the year head start, then we should also talk about the whole generation headstart as well (in fact two gens). This will get us nowhere and we'll keep arguing back and forth so please just drop it.
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Christopher  +   2060d ago
Thanks for the correction below! I obviously was the confused one misreading Valkyria Chronicles where it was Valkyrie Profile.

Still... only good news. How you can't be happy about this being available in more locations is beyond my reasoning. I do hope it's not a timed exclusive.
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leila01  +   2060d ago
"OK guys, let's not use US numbers for games when a PS3 game sells "badly", let's just use Japan and Europe"

But FFXIII X360 didn't sell badly in Japan, it was never released! Your "logic" fails
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PirateThom  +   2060d ago
Look, I'll try to break this down into its base elements here.

Do you think publishers only look at one region for sales or projected sales?

You can break it down by region all you want, but publishers don't, there's no point. Fact is, Final Fantasy XIII has sold over 3 times more copies than the 360 version. Even if it was released in Japan for 360, do you really think its sales would have been note worthy?

Just because certain people seem to think US = World doesn't mean it really works that way. Japan doesn't matter, except it has, as predicted by myself and others a LONG time ago, over 50% of the worldwide sales of the game.
van-essa  +   2060d ago
publishers aren't completely stupid either.
You can't sell a game if you don't release it. By your logic, Halo will never come to the PS3 because it has sold 0 copies so far.
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cellypower  +   2060d ago
Valkyria Chronicles is a Sega IP. Valkyrie Profile and Valkyria Chronicles are two different games.
sack_boi  +   2060d ago
Gear 1&2 sold 15 times more on the X360 than on the PS3. am rite Thom?
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raztad  +   2060d ago
Sorry van-essa you are wrong Pirate is totally right.First it was SE that decided no to release the xbox version in Japan, and second even if it was released considering the xbox userbase it wouldnt change the fact there is a huge gap between both figures.
NatureOfLogic  +   2060d ago
360 fanboys using Japan as an excuse to why FF13(360) didn't sale as much as the PS3 version. *scratches head*
AAACE5  +   2060d ago
Some might hate me for this... but I hope that compilation disc has FFX on it somewhere!
fox02  +   2060d ago
PS3fanboyz using "diversity", "installbase", "US not teh world", "Yourope's" imaginary numbers, "new IPz" as an excuse to why PS3 games don't sell. *head spins*
sikbeta  +   2060d ago
Ah...Wada, when you're going to Learn the Lesson...
fox02  +   2060d ago
Name one JRPG (exclusive to the PS3) that has sold better than Lost Odyssey.
Noctis Aftermath  +   2060d ago
I seriously doubt square would make this exclusive, chances are microsoft will make it look like it's exclusive but it turns out to be multiplat(example:Metal gear rising).

Although i don't doubt their stupidity, it could very well be exclusive because as one famous person said "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits." and the way square have been since the merge with Enix indicates to me that they are by no means geniuses.
Stealth20k  +   2060d ago
I agree its another metal gear solid rising. Its not going to be exclusive if square wants to make any money on the game.

The next day its going to be revealed as multiplatorm
Gue1  +   2060d ago
Valkyrie Profile sequel and Breath of Fire compilation with slightly upgraded graphics all exclusively for the X360? Are you fukin kidding me!? No fukin way! Fuk! This seriously piss me off...

I still remember when Square said: "our only focus are the Wii and PS3" but beside FFXIII all their games have been either timed exclusives like Star Ocean IV or exclusives like Infinite Undiscovery for the X360. I mean, what's worse, SquareEnix selling out or M$ throwing money at dev and ruining gaming for everybody else? And apparently their strategy is working because they are still in second place.

Seriously, I would liked M$ if the company weren't like this but they been always like this. Just look at the monopoly they have on the PC market... Offering sub-par OS like Vista but stil number 1? Everybody's in M$ pocket it seems...

Anyway back to FFVII because after FFXIII I didn't have anything else to play beside sh1tty Jrpgs's like Star Ocean IV and Ressonace of Fate which is pretty crappy and dull too. I don't play Jrpgs's just because they have a good battle system, they need to be more than that.
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JoelR  +   2060d ago

lost odyssey ~.9 million sold x360
demon souls ~1.3 million sold ps3
yakuza 3 will probably beat it (currently around .7 million) ps3
rockleex  +   2059d ago
Wada: "Hmm, the data tells us that...
FFXIII sold 3 times more on the PS3 than 360.

This can only lead me to believe that its best to release Valkyrie Profile EXCLUSIVELY on the 360!"

Wada's Assistant: "But sir, that doesn't even make sense!"

Wada: "It may not make any cents, but it will make us MILLIONS! MUUUHAHAHAHAHA >:D"

*signs contract with MS*
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Guitardr85  +   2059d ago
The point piratetom is trying to make is that while it wasn't released in Japan, FF13 sales are still close to where they would be if it had as the proportion of the incredibly small 360 user base in japan that would have bought this would be almost negligible!!!

So the point is that if it released on the 360 in japan or not it would NOT have made a difference thus sales numbers currently are still a close representation of a true worldwide preference!
gaffyh  +   2059d ago
@fox02 - Valkyria Chronicles has actually sold more than Lost Odyssey too, and FF13 PS3 exclusive in Japan has sold more than LO worldwide, which is sad really because LO is a better game (imo).
Saigon  +   2059d ago
1 think that everyone seem to forget in their arguments
is that SE made this decision with FF13 because they expected the NA market to make up the difference in sales...they were entirely wrong...this was the reason for the for them to make this new announcements doesn't make cents but I do hear a couple of dollars ruffling...
bakasora  +   2059d ago
I was a loyal fan of Squaresoft and then Square Enix, now im slowing not.
MajestieBeast  +   2060d ago
If its true epic fail i mean how many copies do they wanna sell 2?
jphelps80  +   2060d ago
Bitter much? There is no way VP fails. Square could release a Valkyrie Profile on the Dreamcast and suddenly the sucker would become relevant again. You underestimate Valkyrie Profile.
Lucreto  +   2060d ago
Valkyrie Profile is as popular in Japan at Star Ocean and look how that did.

It could be an MS conference but still be multiplatform look at MGS rising and MW2.

@Cold 2000- That is Final Fantasy though, it is the only JRPG to get huge sales no matter what bad press is thrown at it.
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Cold 2000  +   2060d ago
I think FF13 is already pass a million on the 360 since it sold around 500 000 in its first week worldwide on 360.

Dont think SE are worried about sales.

@lucreto: True true. But just shows there is a growing market out there on the 360 for jrpg's.
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vgn24  +   2060d ago
It'll be multi-plat. They even say "the word exclusive" wasn't used. But it will sell on every platform it hits.
Redempteur  +   2060d ago
if this true i'm disapointed ...not at another VP .. but the fact that it's on 360 ...this better be on ps3 too or i'll wait for the ps3 release ( it will come ..just look at the so4 international edition sales ).
jonlynch  +   2060d ago
day one!!!
I don't care which system. I'll buy it. See me in line.
-MD-  +   2060d ago
Never played the first one but I'm very interested in another Tri-Ace game.
Homicide  +   2060d ago
The first two were very good, imo. So glad I own an Xbox 360. This will be a first day buy if true.
The Rock Bottom  +   2059d ago
@ Murdersdolls
"Never played the first one but I'm very interested in another Tri-Ace game. "

Judging by your post history,we know.../s
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Meryl  +   2060d ago
way to go SE, and I thought you had learned JRPG's do not sell well on x360, just look at the sales for FF XIII, this had better come to PS3, or SE is digging it's own grave
vgn24  +   2060d ago
Think positively. They said the word exclusive was never mentioned.
Hyrius  +   2060d ago
This website needs to be banned.
vgn24  +   2060d ago
Considering they're the ones that said Take Two was going to do a fire sale to raise money (back in Jan) and then Take Two did exactly that by selling off huge assets last month.

I always wait for confirmation to get too excited, but I got some trust in this.
Devil MAY KILL  +   2060d ago
Square Enix Bringing Valkyrie Profile Sequel to Xbox 360 and More

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-MD-  +   2060d ago

Try that again for me?

@Def Warrant - Real mature.
#7.1 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
Def Warrant  +   2060d ago
@ murderdolls



Does that compute?
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labwarrior  +   2060d ago
Who cares if it is exclusive, as long as 360 gets it, what would normally have been a PS exclusive last generation
MS has really destroyed every single reason to get a PS3, only FF13vs remains, but that is 100% coming to 360, all Square games are on 360 now

Demon's Souls - Good RPG indeed, only real game on PS3, but not anything special really, just for PS3 people that have zero other RPGs to play

Valkyria Chronicles - not an RPG, just missions

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice - kidding, right ?

Folklore - nice action title, not RPG

So, zero reasons to buy a PS3 for me, of course i liked Demon Soul, but i would never buy a system for it
#8 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
-MD-  +   2060d ago
Yeah I really don't see Final Fantasy VS staying exclusive after how well FFXIII did on the 360.

@ Cloud1983 - Are you serious?...
#8.1 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(22) | Report | Reply
van-essa  +   2060d ago
Sony paid for VsXIII's exclusivity, so don't expect that one on the X360.

It could be timed exclusive though, but I doubt it.
#8.2 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
_vx  +   2060d ago
MS has really destroyed every single JRPGs
fixed will never play these on ur 360
MGS4, FFv13, Agent, Yakuza3/4, FF14 + (all the exclusives from 1st/2nd developers) :D :D :D
#8.3 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
CLOUD1983  +   2060d ago
no reason to buy PS3.. o.O eh?
What about:


& if you want RPG then what about:

Demon's Souls
Valkyria Chronicles
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

& btw most RPG that first appear on xbox moved to PS3 as well & much-much better with improved visuals & extra content some nice examples is:

Eternal Sonata
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International

and ofc no need to say about the superiority of almost any multiplatform title on PS3... FFXIII any1?

About FFvsXIII coming to xbox keep dreaming.. first of all there is no way for crapbox to withstand this game with the world map and crazy visuals.. it's a PS3 only title get used to it you will never play it unless ofc you buy a PS3..
#8.4 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
van-essa  +   2060d ago
"and ofc no need to say about the superiority of almost any multiplatform title on PS3... FFXIII any1?"
Haha you're a Wii/X360 fanboy is disguise and you're trying to make the PS3 fanboys look stupid right?

You edited your post and made even worse:

"About FFvsXIII coming to xbox keep dreaming.. first of all there is no way for crapbox to withstand this game with the world map and crazy visuals.. it's a PS3 only title get used to it you will never play it unless ofc you buy a PS3"

Now I'm certain, you're trying to make the PS3 fanboys look stupid.
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Ether  +   2060d ago
Please don't feed the troll, people.
tda-danny  +   2060d ago
Quote: "Demon's Souls - Good RPG indeed, only real game on PS3, but not anything special really, just for PS3 people that have zero other RPGs to play"

With retarded comments like this, I cannot wait until all of your bubbles are gone.

Demon's Souls is, without question, the best game I've played this gen! I personally know 2 people who bought a PS3 specifically after seeing the Asian imported version at my house.
SuperStrokey1123  +   2060d ago
Oh dear god... its the infamous labwarrior from gametrailers... his epic trollyness is unmatched!
happy_gilmore  +   2060d ago
M$ has really destroyed every single reason to get a 360
by not releasing a good game since 2007.

and yeah, RRoD FTW!
radphil  +   2060d ago
@6 I know for sure you're trying to instigate a fight... -_-
stonecold1  +   2060d ago
vs is not coming to the 360 its a ps3 exclusive nomura wouldnt want his games to be multi its a ps3 only game if you want vs go and grab a ps3 it will never be on xbox and im pretty sure they will need to answer sony plus squaresofr has that game locked down a ps3 exclusive
Def Warrant  +   2060d ago
Not that i care about sales but didn't they learn from the total onslaught of sales the ps3 version of FF13 garnered? I swear, either a monkey runs their business or there are corporate room hand shakes.
#10 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
labwarrior  +   2060d ago
Sony did not pay for FF13vs, and ALL Square games are on 360 these days
So, those that still hope for exclusivity, well ........ don't hold your breath

It has a 100% chance to come to 360 and a 99% to come same day as on PS3

1.6 million FF13 sold on PS3 in Europe+US
1.0 million FF13 sold on 360 in Europe+US

So, why would they ever loose 1 million more sales ???

Well, the game will keep selling too, so it is actually more
#11 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
Lucreto  +   2060d ago
Doesn't mean it won't be PS3 exclusive. The 360 got The Last Remnant as on exclusive so the PS3 deserves one as well.

SE wanted to expand the user base for FF XIII to get more people to play the game but looking at previous games and all it did was divide the user base and not get many new people. There bread and butter is still Japan where most of their money comes from and people will still jump to the PS3 to play FF V XII.
XeNoStRatoS  +   2059d ago
@labwarrior: As simple as the news states that VP will be released on 360 - and there is no talk about the PS3 - FFvXIII will be released just for PS3. If it works in one direction why shouldnt it vice versa? I dont get your level of beeing biased... Open your eyes man!
SCEE  +   2060d ago
Another disproportionate and questionable move by Microsoft & Square-Enix.

SCEE seriously questions their allocation of funds, instead of taking the correct route and securing their own first party studios to enhance the gaming experience on their console, they waste funds on securing franchises that have jumped the shark.

Valkyrie Profile will be far superior on PlayStation®3 due to it's structure to produce grand scale games, with the Cell Processor and the RSX chips coexisting together to function some of the best titles the world has ever seen, PlayStation®3 gives the gamer the ultimate entertainment value that at one point was only a dream.

Xbox 360 on the other hand is a clunky and trashy device which fails to perform even the most simplest functions, as expected as it is, it's still humiliating for Micro$oft Slaves to know that even if you squint your eyes, Valkyrie Profile will look nowhere close to the quality it's PS3 counterpart provides on the television screen.

This is what you wanted Micro$oft Slaves, now drown in your own humility and misery, enjoy your inferior copy of Valkyrie Profile and appreciate your luck, if this game was on the PS2, it would probably produce superior cutscenes, gameplay & graphics & sell more copies than your piss-poor version ever will.

Happy Beta Testing.

stonecold1  +   2060d ago
murder doll
with 2 accounts must be bored since the bot havent had any real exclusives for the past 8mnths desprate desprate measures
-MD-  +   2060d ago
What the hell are you talking about?
MUDERD0LLS   2060d ago | Spam
keysy420  +   2060d ago
with so many games
timed exclusivity is becoming irrelevant. like i didn tplay mass effect 2 oh well if it come to the ps3 some tim ei might get it. but i dont see why i should have went out and got that game if it may come to the ps3 if i didnt have a 360. like the metal gear rising. ok its not part of the main story and hideo isnt doing it. so if its time exclusive so what.most of the people who grew up playing metal gear shouldn't care. you should just get peace walker and be happy that is what im doing . beisides look at the list of games this year. devs are going to start taking a hit with so many games out the hardcore cant afford them all.
Baka-akaB  +   2060d ago
Day one purchase . Still i doubt it would be exclusive , sounds more like yesterday's Fear 3 being announced first in a ps3 mag .

And if is exclu , all bets points to an international version on ps3 someday .

Oh well , if done right , this is a franchise i dont mind buying twice , unlike a star ocean .
midgard227  +   2060d ago
yo if this is timed xclusive im upset, cuz then i gotta buy it day one on xbox.....then the superior version comes on on ps3 a year later....happened with star ocean lol, i cudnt wait a year for it so bought it day one.

eitherway im so glad a sequel is coming out! a high def one at that, i dnt care what system it omes for i just want it ;p.

i one of the biggest VP fanboys, even loved the ds one.

and yeah if the ps3 version has enough new content i will buy that too!
koehler83  +   2060d ago
Tri-Ace can suck it. Well.. they do actually.
midgard227  +   2060d ago
u've obviously never played VP1. prbly just stuck playin COD.

honestly tri-ace is awesome, with their only 2 bad games being infinite undiscovery and radiata which they were both OK.

i luved SO1,2,3,4, resonance of fate, especially VP1 and 2 and the ds version.

they make fun and different games.

and for some reason the VP stories are always amazing
#16.1 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   2060d ago
radiata wasnt at all one of their bad games .

It was actually one of the few , with Vp trying to feature a storyline (with the usual real time based system) and succeeded .
koehler83  +   2060d ago
I have Valkyria Profile. Love it. I used to love Tri-Ace too. I also used to think RARE was great.

Then they sucked. They still do. Live in the now. Accept the reality of it. Tri-Ace sucks.
Redempteur  +   2060d ago
if by sucking you mean : doing the most innovative battle system in action rpgs on the market ..
midgard227  +   2060d ago
High def lenneth *drools*

all i imagine is something like this or better :p

*why the disagree? u like no HD lenneth? then go play ur new and old COD maps. enjoy while we play new games :)
#17 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
CLOUD1983  +   2060d ago
hard to see a HD lenneth in a 576p console though :/
midgard227  +   2060d ago
yeah i know :/ sorta annoying that the xbox gets used as a beta version.

but IF they r so stupid as to release it timed again when it hasnt help the series before then i will have to buy it on the sub-hd xbox anyway sadly. im just more concerned about the game :)

i honestly hope they pull a resonance of fate and stop with the xbox timed crap.

no one plays these games on xbox. if im correct there is not one platinum hit jrpg on 360. not one has sold over a mill.

so wtf
#17.2 (Edited 2060d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
wazzim  +   2060d ago
FFXIII sold 1 million,
and it's the same for the PS3, only FFXIII past the million mark (JRPG)

Saying Xbox doesn't have a JRPG audience is so 2003, come on, it has sales comparable (Atleast) to the PS3, just accept it.
SuperStrokey1123  +   2060d ago
wazzim im sorry but you are just wrong. Its not a huge deal as not all consoles have to be everything to every gamer but xboxer's simply dont want RPGs as much and thats ok. Different strokes for different folks, doesnt hurt anyone.
Brklynty1  +   2060d ago
Sony does not pay for any exclusive SE game...
You guys do remember that its Nomura who's behind Versus right? This guy wants to marry the PS3.(Not really) That's how much he loves the PS3. Any game Nomura is in charge of, you can basically guarentee it will be PS3 exclusive. So anyhopes of getting a main KH game on 360/Wii.....nah. But spin offs a definate for sure. Also Sony does not care if 360 gets a SE game you know why? Because they own some of SE. So think about 1million 360 FFXIII = money in SE/Sonys bank. Its a win/win situation for them really. You really though Sony would let XIII slip that easy?
Paracelsus  +   2060d ago
Yeah, gotta love when everybody jumps the gun and nobody actually reads the news
Think about it, people:

- Valkyrie Profile, a Japanese Role Playing Game from triAce, announced at the E3, an American Event, when every other triAce game over the last ten years has always been unveiled either during TGS or very close to TGS in magazines.

- A Breath of Fire remake/porting like the FFI-II one on PSP, but ON DISC, and for X360? BoFII is already on Virtual Console, people. It wouldn't make sense as a XBLA title, go figure. ._.

This site is just trying to net some hits thanks to that ASKA news of last week (triAce said they're working on a game since 2009, using the updated version of the original engine they used for IU, SO4 and RoF).

Move along, folks.
jackdoe  +   2060d ago
Yeah, the second people see S-E and 360, it automatically equates to either "Fvck you Square" or "We get another exclusive, suck it". No one stops to think for a second that this news makes no sense at all, whatsoever. Breath of Fire compilation? Ha.
labwarrior  +   2060d ago
If Sony or Nomura or whoever had any say in FF not going to 360
FF13 would have NEVER EVER been on 360 in the first place

Meaning that neither Sony nor Nomura have any say in these matters, the majority of shareholders do and obviosuly they want ALL games on 360 too

So, FF13vs, like FF13, will 100% be on 360, there is not a single thread of doubt about that


Sorry, you can't be serious that xbox could not do towns, it did do FF13, even at the lower resolution, making towns is as simple as replacing those monsters in the ruined city with NPC's

Sorry but what you write makes zero sense really, FF13 has proven 360 can run the engine with minimal optimization too, when FF13vs arrives 360 will do it with 720p

BTW how am i a fanboy ? I bought FF13 for PS3 and will buy FF13vs for PS3 as well, to have all the games on one systen, i will buy the 360 version later though, when price is down or DLC arrives, mainly for the achievements
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midgard227  +   2060d ago
riiiiiight. just like MGS4 right?
um, wtf r u smoking? if it was like that ff14 wudnt be ps3 and pc only, if it were like that there would be any exclusives at all.

nomura loves ps3, hes been working on this game forever and is said he will only do it if he can make it exclusive, not for fanboy rights but so he can use the ps3's full capabilties or atleast not be hindered by the 360.

think bout it, no towns, no world maps and a sub-hd and compressed version of ff13 was 3 disc.

why wud nomura bother? he wud have to downgrade everything so drasically and remove the towns and world map for xbox's sake.

stop being a desperate fanboy, stop wishing and dreaming because thats the only way u will see versus on 360.

nomura has never gone back on his word. besides this is VP3 we r talkin bout so y did u bring up versus?

ur a moron
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Lionhead  +   2060d ago
labwarrior is insecure

3 posts about offtopic nonsense
Omega6  +   2060d ago
lmao labwarrior was riding fable 2's hard shlong for a while and now that the game was extremely underwhelming he went into full defensive mode. Im pretty sure if he didnt feel as threatened by the ps3, he wouldnt be posting crap like this. HOW DOES THAT BBC TASTE LAB?!
_vx  +   2060d ago
"making towns is as simple as replacing those monsters in the ruined city with NPC's"
joemayo76  +   2060d ago
but if i remember correctly wasn't the VP series (i was lucky to get VP PS1 thats still mint b4 the insane price rise and VP2 on ps2) more of a niche RPG, i don't remember reading anything amazing about sales for either,like wasn't the first one limited to 50 000 copies?

w/e i can't wait for this to be released

Nibelung Valesti!!!!
Paracelsus  +   2060d ago
The VP games sell poorly in the West and fine but definetely less than Star Ocean ones in Japan. Which makes even less sense for it to be announced at E3.
Stealth20k  +   2060d ago
If the Profile announcement is tru, its not exclusive.
Square knows that if its on the 360 exclusively it wont sell, so they wont.

Its possible its a timed exclusive, but more than likely they will release on the same day (remember the mgs 5 announcement?, because it was announced at the ms press conference first everyone thought it was exclusive but it turned out to be multiplat)

Same deal here, its either a times exclusive or its multiplat. Either way its coming out for the 360 and ps3.
-Gespenst-  +   2060d ago
I will hate squareenix forever if they make this an x360 exclusive. The previous two main games have been on the playstation, it's absolutely ignorant to release it on the x360 alone.

I've played the psx game and silmeria (the sequel) I'm not splashing out on an xbox to play the third game, so if they make this an exclusive, they can consider me lost as a buyer and a fan.
Stealth20k  +   2060d ago
Its not going to be exlusive.. it wont sel.

Remember the metal gear solid announcement? They announced it firts on the 360 so everyone thought it was exclusive but it really isnt.

This is the same deal. Its definitly multiplatform.
Stealth20k  +   2060d ago
Its not going to be exclusive,..... its just being anounced like metal gear rising (360 announcement first at there press event, then a ps3 at theres).

If square wants to make any money on the game, its going to be multiplatform.
Kos-Mos  +   2060d ago
Another attempt from ms to stall Sony`s gaming division. As long as ms pay se for the games that they don`t earn a penny on and stall some copies sold for Sony mission complete.
Qui-Gon Jim  +   2060d ago
This quote from the article::
"Showing at one companie's [sic] press conference likely means a timed-exclusive at best in this day and age."

"AT BEST"? Do we really have a hobby where it's seen as good to limit the number of people who can play a good game? Do golfers say "I'm so happy that only certain people can play on this course."? Do football fans say "It's too bad the other team's fans get to watch the Superbowl too."? I'm sure that's not the point the writer of this article was trying to make, but it certainly does seem to be the attitude that some people have.

*sigh* I'm just sick of stupid "fanboys".

/end rant
mt  +   2060d ago
square-enix are a$$holes
they didn't learn yet !!
jackdoe  +   2060d ago
Yeah, I honestly doubt the credibility of the site. Valkyrie Profile is essentially a niche title in the West and only met with true success in Japan. That is why announcing such a title at a Western event is extremely unlikely.
sashimi  +   2060d ago
As a JRPG fan...M$ has single handedly pissed off all the JRPG Ps3 owners with all the timed/exclusive 3rd party exclusive that has been going on this generation~_~ SE didn't help either...them useless @ss.
People always say the genre is dying blah blah blah...well its being released exclusively on xbox...or waiting for a year later to released it on the system where JRPG is actually popular! so it's expected.
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Darkfiber  +   2060d ago
Odd that it's not on PS3. I hope it's high def hand drawn sprites instead of some crappy 3D anime characters.
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