How Alan Wake Failed Commercially

We take a look at the numerous reasons for Alan Wake's less than impressive sales at retail. The game's sales are comparable to those of hardcore games on the Wii, apparently.

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NYC_Gamer3027d ago

it was just another victim of hype

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JsonHenry3026d ago

It failed cause it went head to head with RDR.

badz1493026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

but can't honestly say that it was not hyped because they did show it at E3 09 - the biggest gaming event on the planet and 360 fans went crazy for it! hyped about almost everything from graphic to the smallest details! so, yeah, with THAT kind of hype, it's expected to sell more but it didn't! no wonder M$ is still unsure to fund for the sequel.

MEsoJD3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I would of gotten it on the PC.

Sucks for them : /

SOAD3026d ago

I dislike how the first 4 or 5 commenters have absolutely nothing of value to add to the discussion, yet for whatever reason they have received multiple agrees.

On-topic, it is a shame that Alan Wake did not perform well commercially, but as a gamer I am more disappointed in the game itself.

The sales don't mean shit to me. What does bother me is certain aspects of the game were annoying and repetitive. I thought the combat mechanics could be fleshed out more. For example, I would prefer that Alan had more weapons at his disposal than just a pistol and light sources. I also didn't find the game to be very scary or even disturbing or unsettling. The environments were well designed but Remedy under-utilized them.

Maybe the problem is that the game's genre doesn't match my tastes, but in truth I am a fan of Stephen King. I like a lot of his works, even lesser known novels like "Desperation."

I think Remedy made a few missteps. They need to regard the combat mechanics as being important. I can't spend the entire game fighting the same dark, faceless enemies while I scour the areas for pages from a manuscript. There needs to be more suspense and enemy variety. I would really love to see some more WTF moments" in the game.

Overall, Alan Wake is a good game but it's one of those games where you need to disregard all the flaws or moments where the game could be scarier but just isn't, or where something really spectacular can happen, but doesn't.

Boody-Bandit3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

The game was not only not scary but it was freaking boring.
The end of Episode 6? Are you freaking kidding me!? I don't want to say too much because I know people will read my comment even though I warned them not too if they haven't played the game yet, but I was like WTF, this is it?

I was very disappointed.
Unlimited ammo for the stupid takenado which only took a couple shots to defeat anyway? SIGH

After all the hype I thought the story was going to blow me away and instead I was so disinterested. When you play a game like this on a big screen display, surround cranked, basement gameroom with no windows and lights off? You should be on the edge of your seat ready to hit the switch to turn the lights on! Never happened.

The only episode I enjoyed was when you partnered up with the sheriff and your manager. <- I cant even remember their names the game was that forgettable and I just completed it a couple days ago.

tinybigman3026d ago

AW is my favorite 360 goty so far and I'm not really a fan of survival horror. That's how great I thought I was.

Imperator3026d ago

The game should have gone to the PC, or PS3. The 360 crowd is just not meant for these types of games. Maybe they could have put Halo somewhere on the box. That would have sold more units.

specialguest3026d ago

In the past, there were many Sony exclusives that failed commercially as well, and a lot of you Sony fanboys used to justify it by making the statement about how big sales doesn't equal quality titles.

Well well, it's only fair to use the same statement again for this title I suppose.

inception1233026d ago

well this game failed both with sales and reviews so i think it is safe to say it flopped no matter how you look at it.

BkaY3026d ago

i have it ... i like it ... thts all matter to me..


PooEgg3026d ago

Thank you, glad I am not the only one who enjoyed this game. I'm surprised that others didn't like it, but I like single player games (so sick of the whole must make it multi-player mind frame) and I love survival horror so Alan Wake really worked for me.

outrageous3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

The game has been out 6 weeks and has sold 520,000 copies. Not great, but far from a flop. Sales could potentially pick up with the DLC. The lack of multi-player was the problem. If the game launched with co-op it would of sold more, faster. Still very

The game looks amazing and plays incredibly well. I bought the CE edition with 3 discs and the hardcover book. I still own my original copy of res 4 too. Games like this don't come around all the time. Free DLC on July 27...can't wait.

Here's the game of the best this gen.

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fishd3027d ago

According to wiki :

Video games developed by Remedy Entertainment :

Death Rally – MS-DOS (1996), Windows (2009)
Max Payne – Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Mac OS, Game Boy Advance (2001)
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne – Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox (2003)
Alan Wake – Xbox 360 (2010)

Correct me if I am wrong but it seems they worked 7 years on AWO.O

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bjornbear3026d ago

exclusivity + remedy = problem.

SOAD3026d ago

I disagree. Had the game been exclusive to PC I think Remedy could have done much more with it.

I don't like how consoles force their limitations upon games. Neither the 360 nor the PS3 are as powerful as many developers would like. 512 megs of RAM is hurting games.

I can name many examples of even the most graphically appealing games that are hampered down by RAM limitations.

Dude4203026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

This is such a fanboy site now. I hate when fanboys use "dev time" to judge how the quality of a game should be. Yes, the amount of time worked on it is definitely important, but you guys always fail to consider the other important things as well.

To be exact, AW took 6 and a half years, they had some setbacks due to their decision making (such as no PC version).

Let's take a look at Killzone 2, why did it look amazing? Is it because it took 5 years? Well that's part of the reason, but they also had over 150 people working on the game.

Remedy however, only has a team of 40 - 50 people.

Big difference my friends, thankfully it still turned out to be a decent game, too bad about the sales though.

beardpapa3026d ago

this has always been a 'fanboy' site. And you shouldn't point out that so-and-so has only a team of 40-50 people. It can go both ways. Just because they only had that many people shouldn't make them the only exception.

DigitalRaptor3026d ago

The sad thing is, that if that is true, they spent too long making the wrong decisions.

Looking at it's current sales, they might as well have released it exclusively on the PC, and it would have faired as well as if not better on that platform too. Not to mention what they could have achieved on the PC.

Poor Remedy, they should be kicking themselves. Their game is considered a flop, and the (PC) audience that made them who they are today are resenting them for being neglected. Shame.

Elven63026d ago

Just because they didn't release anything since 2003 doesn't mean they've been developing the game for the entire time. Studios have gone years without releasing products, anything could happen during that time, prototypes we never see, engine creation, outsourced work for universities, businesses, etc.

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dizzleK3026d ago

and like those hardcore titles on wii, it received zero marketing. is a game known only to message board lurkers really a victim of hype?

ms dropped the ball by not advertising this. period. and they're letting the same thing happen to crackdown. all they're good at advertising is guaranteed hits like halo and "middle finger to sony" games like ff13. they couldn't care less if the rest of their games sit and rot.

The Iron Sheik3026d ago

I saw Alan Wake ads on Youtube and other gaming sites so don't pretend it had zero marketing because it is not true.

IMO it failed because it is not a shooter and there is no multiplayer.

Funky Town_TX3026d ago

I did not buy it because of lack of replay value. My money is tight. I can't spend $60 on something that I will only have a week. I go for shooters and sports. I have tried other games but they don't do it for me. Call me whatever you like but I only buy what I want. I have about 5 close friends that have 360's and they buy everything that comes out on the system.

cmacdonald3026d ago

I thought it was a shooter

bioshock12213026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

That is exactly the point it only had marketing on gaming websites which is pointless since most people who visit gaming website are most likely already aware of Alan Wake's existence so what is the point in that.

The point of advertising is to make people aware of a certain product who aren't aware it exists. It had not advertising as far as TV commercials no one can deny that. Which is why it failed and don't give me that it was a single player game only as the reason it failed because plenty of single player games have sold well.

If I didn't visit websites like N4G I would not know this game existed.

badz1493026d ago

"and like those hardcore titles on wii, it received zero marketing" - no it's not! although maybe not properly advertised on TV, they did show it at E3 09! that's one hell of an event to show your game!

and crackdown2, from reviews so far (official and users), is kinda let down! kinda like the 1st with new coatings. so, I think I can understand M$'s stance with it. spending money over it might have been a waste. they still have to market Reach to infinity this year. it's safe to think that majority of their marketing budget this year is for Reach!

Hellsvacancy3026d ago

It should of been a multiplat title no way about it, it looks like a multiplat game, that DOESNT in anyway mean id buy it (its rental title imo) but id imagine Alan Wake would of sold near if not more than it did on the 360

Its a shame 2 spend all that amount of time on a game for it not to sell bucket loads coz Alan Wake DOES look a little appealin (meanin its not a FPS) i still wouldnt buy it but i know alot of other PS3 owners would (PS3 owners tend to hav more of an imagination when it comes to gamin)

Paradicia3026d ago

"It should of been a multiplat title no way about it, it looks like a multiplat game"

How does it look like a multi-plat game? It was developed on Remedies own propitiatory engine.

D4RkNIKON3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Yeah I would have bought it if it was on PS3. Looked interesting to me. The hype was massive tho. I remember some fanboy touting that it had the best graphics to date. But you can't take GreenRingofLife says seriously.

Tony-A3026d ago

Isn't there a movie with the exact same plot as Alan Wake? I know it's kinda off topic, but it's been bugging me.

It had Johnny Depp in it and he was a writer who had writers block, but the things he wrote came to life or something.... a dog died. I kinda forgot the movie, but it was kinda like that.

TenSteps3026d ago

The similarity with Alan Wake and the Secret Window are pretty much obvious.

Yes they both were authors who had writers block but in Alan Wake, Alan loses his wife to a dark force and wakes up further in time than when he was last conscious realizing that something was wrong. He then recieves pages from a manuscript detailing events that would actually happen.

Secret Window sees Depp's character harassed by a man who claims that Depp stole his book and claimed it as his own. The book was almost exactly alike with certain differences.

The Enemy in Alan Wake is the darkness whereas the enemy in Secret Window is...

Depp's characters own mentality seeing as the man who claims that Depp stole his book is just in his head, the man that would do things he could not do.

HolyOrangeCows3026d ago

Sounds like that would have been the better plot for Alan Wake, just replace that man with Steven King, heh heh.

Tony-A3026d ago

Thank you all! Now I remember!