StickSkills: NCAA Football 11 Preview writes, "The NCAA Football series has made massive strides in terms of features over the last two years with the introduction of Online Dynasty Mode and a deep Teambuilder feature allowing a vast array of options when creating a school. This year, rather than adding a new game mode or feature, the team at EA Tiburon focused more on refining the gameplay and improving current game modes.

One of the main gameplay improvements will be familiar to those who played Madden NFL 10, as the Pro-Tak tackling system has been added to NCAA Football for the first time. The Pro-Tak system is meant to eliminate canned animations, allowing for animation branches. In Madden, this meant that gang tackles were introduced for the first time, although the feature did have some issues."

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ForROME3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

Someone clarify for me, do the players now have towels on the players?

PS the PS3 version cover looks the best!

jmallymav3119d ago

yes players have towels now..i suggest to download the demo, esp if ur buying playing the demo, u can unlock the new nike air combat jerseys

ForROME3119d ago

Which system are you buying it for? and thanks for the info I have been waiting for towels FOREVER

3119d ago
jmallymav3119d ago

cant wait or ncaa to come out..always been a fan..since bill walsh 95, online dynasty mode is sick this year..cant wait

3119d ago