Spark Doing Star Wars Light Sabre Title?

NowGamer: A job posting for California-based studio Spark is looking for someone to work on a third-person action game based on a "high-profile science fiction franchise" while a linked-in profile mentions an unannounced third person sword fighting game...

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jimmins3966d ago

...I would buy it day one. As long as I didn't have to prance around like that guy at E3.

NecrumSlavery3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

If it was a MOVE game, it wouldn't be a rail-game.

Edit: I am just trying to emphasize as a Kinect game it can only be a rail based game. With move it can be a full free roaming game with 1:1 lightsaber scrumptiousness

ChronoJoe3966d ago

What? why? the move has an analogue stick, Natal doesn't. All of Natals games are rail games... Moves are not.


Panthers3966d ago

It would make more sense as a move title, especially since the thing almost looks like a lightsaber... you know.. if the saber part was a ball instead.

Still I dont like the idea of not holding something in my hand.

HolyOrangeCows3966d ago

Bring on a Move Star Wars game. Then it doesn't have to be on-rails and the response time can be 5x better.

IdleLeeSiuLung3966d ago

But you don't have full body tracking with PS Move, so no using your legs or both arms!

My point being, there are weaknesses in both systems, the developer will have to deal with those and make a fun game!

asyouburn3966d ago

butg it can track the controllers, which you hold in your hands, so in a roundabout way, it does track your arms.

NecrumSlavery3966d ago

What good is legs when you can't walk? Force Kick!

IdleLeeSiuLung3966d ago

There is no point in pointing out weakness when all systems have it, but to answer your questions.

*** asyouburn says:
"butg it can track the controllers, which you hold in your hands, so in a roundabout way, it does track your arms. "

Well, it can't track the position of your arm or how it is positioned. PS Move essentially tracks your fist at all times only. That is why in some fitness games you can cheat, but mimicking the movement without actually doing the movement.

*** necrum says:
"What good is legs when you can't walk? Force Kick! "

I'm sure game developers can come up with ideas, but wouldn't it be cool to kick your foes (or objects such as doors or face stomp Darth Vader) as well? Also be cool if you your stance was mimicked on screen.

There are endless opportunities, why so negative. It's as if people aren't gamers, but pessimists. When nothing new was coming along, everybody said the tired old stuff is getting boring. Then new stuff comes along and everybody complains it changes your current games or it doesn't work when you don't even give it a chance.

Your traditional controllers have plenty of limitations, it's just game developers have worked a way around it and gamers have adapted to it over time. I just imagine a non-gamer touching a 2-analog stick, 1-dpad, 4 face button, 2 triggers and 2 bumper input system? In 20 maybe 40 for some, this system will no longer work for you!

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panasonic233966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

for god sake you can use the fvcking 360 controler and kinect at the same time .

E3 last year

facelike3966d ago

Yeah......but doesn't that negate the reason for having Kinect in the first place.

The tag line is "You are the controller."

R2D23966d ago

Was going to explain something but I just rememberd that this is N4G and its mostly a PS3 site

absolutecarnage3966d ago

The playstation tag line is "IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING"

IT DOESN'T MAKE ME BREAKFEST just for starters

3966d ago
DelbertGrady3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

Doesn't Wii negate the reason for having Move in the first place?

TheObserver3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )


Doesn't Eyetoy negate a reason to have Kinect in the first place?

We can keep this on forever with this kind of logical fallacy.

Now, on the other hand. Not having buttons presents a logical and real challenge for Kinect. You can hold a controller sure, but you are now limited to one arm and your feet. Chicken wing it when you have both hands on the controller. So far, it is rumored that you can't sit down either. But, it is not confirmed yet. Even if you sit down... your range of movement is still pretty limited.

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iamnsuperman3966d ago

also how you going swing you arm around while holding a will be hard, especially playing a star wars kind of game

gypsygib3966d ago

I'd love a star wars game on move, the wand is perfect for it. While I hope his game is good, I have difficulty getting excited for a game on rails - that's the definition of a linearity.

Random4043966d ago

Doesn't have to be totally on rails
Jumping gives you a force flip stepping forward allows you to lunge with your lightsaber with force speed. Stepping or leaning left or right allows you to dodge blaster fire with force speed. Holding your arms up slows down blaster bolts so you can easily block them ala the shadows of the empire book making blocking a minigame by itself. The movement can be controlled by you it doesn't have to be on rails, but it can be assisted movement kinda like fps have a degree of autoaiming. Engaging a sith or jedi where you can choose to dodge saber thrusts or block them would also be possible. Possibly the perspective would change to a more DOA style of game then. Kicks could also be used to break lightsaber locks or to kick luke down the carbon freezing chamber. Probably can do this with move as well, but to me it seems more limited. Possibly during jedi fights light saber swings are slowed down or user adjustable so you can block easier. Then you have video playback at full speed so it looks like a movie style lightsaber fight. The potential is there and it could be awesome just need lucasarts to unlock it.

Even throwing the lightsaber and retrieving it could be made into a fun game play element. The lightsaber could be knocked out of your hand and you would have to force jump out of the way and hold out your hand to retrieve it.

gypsygib3966d ago

While there're some good ideas in your post, we'd never be able to dodge given the lag.

Random4043966d ago

I think as long as they slowed down the speed of the laser bolts you could dodge or block. Similar to lego star wars.

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TEFL0N_D0N_813966d ago

Rails isn't always a bad thing. I had a blast with House of the Dead series on Dreamcast. Also, some jRPGs could work with it. Hell Final Fantasy XIII was very linear too. If the experience is engaging enough, then rail games still have a place in gaming overall. Even the Wii doesn't use the Wii mote's motion sensing for all games (Smash Brothers, Mario games, etc).

In the end, we'll always go back to the regular controllers.

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