The cost of Blur’s poor sales

MVCUK: "Though Blur may well have gone on to sell plenty more in June, it’s highly unlikely that 31k unit sales will bring it anywhere near the levels Activision would have expected."

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vhero3029d ago

Bad games = poor sales... To be fair racing genre is dying. Very few racing games hit the 1 million mark these days people are looking for something better than arcade style racing.

thereapersson3028d ago

GT: 5 is going to fly off the shelves!

krisq3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I somehow agree with you, I have a feeling that such long development time killed the momentum a little.

zootang3028d ago

Maybe us in the UK thought it was a game about the music group blur after all they nicked the logo

Jamaicangmr3028d ago

I don't agree that GT5 has lost any momentum honestly. Many expressed their frustration by threatening to move on. However they never did because lets be honest, move on to what? What's out there that could really be considered a replacement for the GT5 jones?.... Exactly.

Many of us where just upset at the lack of release date but now that we got one. All is right with the world again.

sikbeta3028d ago


lol What?

You're underestimating the GT Franchise dude, this is not just a racing game, this is one is The Real Driving Simulator...

krisq3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I have no doubt it will sell very well. I'm just talking about the momentum, it's seems to be slowing down. I'm not so pumped anymore. Are you?
Another thing that also worries me, is the amount of hype GT5 will have to face. It may tear it apart. Alan Wake is a great example.

Rainstorm813028d ago

Im sorry, but GT as a franchise has such a deep history, thats what adds to the hype and expectation. To be fair Alan Wake isnt in the same situattion as GT is.

In this case i think GT will surpass expectations of racing fans, and go beyond the hype.

krisq3028d ago

but this is exactly why I'm afraid it won't deliver on all fronts. People are simply expecting too much.
And Alan Wake was one of the few examples. I think the latest is Crackdown 2.

Rainstorm813028d ago

But you should also look at the games you are comparing Crackdown 2 and Alan Wake.

If polyphony digital makes good on everything that was said to be in the game i think it will be fine, people are going to nitpick because thats what people do, also Remedy & Ruffian arent the perfectionists that the guys over at PD are.

I honestly believe that they couldve released GT5 already but it seems like they are trying to craft the racing game of a generation not a flash in the pan game like BLUR.

1000+ cars, a viable online and realistic racing wouldve had me by itself. Let alone the laundry list of improvements over any of the previous versions. If they accomplish everything that they set out to do, what other racing game will be able to compete?

Forza is a good game, but its a David and Goliath battle and more times than not Goliath wins......but only time will tell.

free2game3028d ago

Gran Turismo's sales have always been inflated. GT3 only "sold" as many copies as it did because for a long time it was bundled with the PS2.

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emil13029d ago

even modnation sold better

LoVeRSaMa3028d ago

Thats because Modnation raver was innovate and reminds people of the old style racing games like Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart + Customization.

kevnb3028d ago

nothing to do with sony pushing mod nation hard for months and months.

Keyop3029d ago

The only reason this sold badly was because it was a week behind Split Second and up against Red Dead and Mod Nation Racers on its release day. Had they waited another month for some clear air it would have faired much better. Timing is key and they loused it up badly with their scheduling.

Red-Dead-Roar3028d ago

or because a racing game should be about racing. not shooting.

kancerkid3028d ago

The cost of the poor sales is that developers will be less inclined to delve into new IPs and we will start floundering in the bullshit Sequel4, Sequel 5 games that are the same ol, same ol.

I can't wait to buy this game which is a masterpiece both gameplay wise and technically.

How many people do you know CANNOT wait to buy the next COD game even though there is practically nothing known about it yet? Exactly.

RedPawn3028d ago

Can't race like a big boy, when you don't have the gas money.

Quagmire3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Split/Second was way better anyways

RedPawn3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I'm bored Quamire, please excuse my poor humor right now.

kevin360uk3028d ago

Bizarre Creations had the chance to showcase something quite special under Activision, but they produce a basic power-up/weapon based racing game which lacks any originality. Split Second showed what could be achieved with a bit of creative thinking.
I love Bizarre, but they can do a lot better than Blur.

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