APB Dev Shouldn't Blame Low Scores on High Expectations

All Points Bulletin (a.k.a. APB) set fairly high expectations when it was shown last year, as it promised a "a persistent, open-world, online multiplayer setting in the modern, crime-ridden fictional city." The lofty promise of an online, open world game where players could choose to either be criminals or enforcers of the law sounded promising, especially since the man in charge of the development team created the first Grand Theft Auto. But in light if his latest title's criticial failure, David Jones has been quick to lash out at the negative reviews.

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MajestieBeast3025d ago

Well i had that feeling after the beta.

Polluted3025d ago

I think in some extreme cases. overhyping can have a negative effect on review scores. Sadly, I don't think APB was hyped up quite enough to mess with the reviews. Sure, lots of people were excited, but your average Joe on the streets doesn't know about this game yet. It's not the new Halo or GTA.

Neko_Mega3025d ago

This game looks nice, but I'm guessing by what people are saying it isn't to great. Should have got on the 360 and PS3.

I like PC games but I get sicks of almost everything not working with Windows 7 or it needs a video card that has to be the one it says it needs.

Had Mass Effect to and had all the specs to run it, but because my Video card wasn't the one listed on the box, it didn't run well. So my friend took it and made it into a cup holder.

Charmers3025d ago

The problems with APB have nothing to do with the PC, if this game had been on the 360 and PS3 you would still be getting people saying it is crap. The problems with APB are actually down to bad game design.

I am not sure what your problem is with windows 7 I haven't come across a single game or piece of software that does not work with windows 7 and as for your Video card problem it must be pretty naff for it not to run Mass Effect a 2 year old game.

Neko_Mega3024d ago

Not true, gta4 for had problems, like I said my computer met all the specs to run me2.

Neko_Mega3025d ago

I miss the 2 on that, Mass Effect 2, I don't have problems with 7. Heck Vista ran great for me, but my only problem is that 7 doesn't seem to be supported by much.

Most online PC games I played run only on XP or Vista, as for 7 being able to run XP games -_- it can't on my and I think I'm running Windows 7 Ult.

TheGameFoxJTV3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

The only way video card will give you any problems in a modern day game is if it is ancient. If it's too weak then no shit you can't play anything. lol

Also, if it was supported in Vista; It's supported in 7.

Charmers3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Hm I didn't realise "making the cars half decent to actually drive" was a "high expectation" ? Nor did I realise that "shooting mechanics are important to a game with so much shooting in it" are unreasonable expectations.

From all the reviews I have seen so far they have pretty much nailed everything that is wrong with this game. The laughable thing is the developers were told about all these problems right at the start of the beta nearly a year ago and they just ignored the users.

blackpanther253025d ago

and the had the same problems and they decided to quit.....i went to the forum to see if people were complaining about the unbalance of the weapons and there was nothing

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The story is too old to be commented.