Pro Evolution Soccer 2011:gameplay-video shows off new features

Jon Murphy talks about the new improvements on Pro Evolution Soccer 2011. The interview is about passing, dribbling and the new animation system. The ingame-scenes look incredible. PES could possibly outdo FIFA this year.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3959d ago

Player animations still look wrong and stuck

presto7173959d ago

The game runs like its in f*cking slow motion. I mean come on!! WTF. I love pro evo and 2010 is easily the worst one I have played in a long time. I wont get Fifa though... F*ck fifa..

TheBlackSmoke3959d ago

Its one of those situations where Fifa just doesn't feel quite right and pes needs to step their game up and bring a next gen version instead of crappy tweaks that make it worse each year.

thewrathman3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

this game hasnt evolved beyond 2005.its funny coz its called pro EVOLUTION soccer.but its done anything but evolve.i was such a big fan.

its a shame.

and judging by this video it still hasnt takin a step in the right direction.i mean seriously..the players can STILL only move in 8 directions.fifa 10 makes this look like a arcade machine game.and it looks like it struggles to make even 30 frames per just stutters and stutters..clunks and clunks.

i would hazard a guess to say that its easily 4 years behind fifa now.

i still have PES 3,4,5 on the ps2 with master league teams saved with them.and strategy guides.but 2006 was god damn shockingly bad.then last year i had a go at fifa 10.the first since 96's half way line goal fiasco.but i was blown away.i was coverted.

dont get me wrong.ill pick the demo up.but i would bet my house on it being just as bad as last years.

seabass was a god.

nix3959d ago

i agree dude. whats with 8 direction shit? so freaking last gen. n i just hate the gameplay of PES10. clunky as hell. i played the demo of FIFA10.. n it ran smooth as butter. konami are just lucky that i cant stand FIFA. but PES has so disappointed me, it's not even funny.

now i really dont care for franchise that just doesn't bother to step up the game. just like i didnt care about the loss of argentina, england, brazil, france, italy. no show. no sympathy.

n stop separating zones when playing online. i keep getting connected to japanese players only because my version was asian. it sucks when there are not many players online. come out with two versions. US n europe!

Shmai_the_Cat3959d ago

The ball physics looks great. But where are the viewers in the stadium? Seems like they just wanted to show off animation and gameplay.
Well, FIFA 11 will be better.

arakouftaian3959d ago

Pes11 will be the best Futbol game untill Pes12
FIFA can't do nothing once Pes get it right
FIFA was good because Pes was bad but Pes is back
and I will enjoy the best soccer sim ever made and I'm glad
because this few years the soccer games have sux

unicronic3959d ago

PES has fallen from grace. Too many faults such as unacceptable online play and shortage of features have seen it slip down the pecking order.

FIFA now rules the roost with 10v10 online, virtual pro and detailed manager modes to name a few.

That being said, if PES2011 could get things right again, I'd be very interested.

ElDorado3959d ago

is straight garbage you can just easily go through defenders like they're nothing left right left right it goes so fast how unrealistic. i don't think pes 2010 is bad, but 2009 was better.

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The story is too old to be commented.