SKATE 3: Danny Way’s Hawaiian Dream DLC Announced

Electronic Arts has announced today that SKATE 3 is packing its bag and heading to Hawaii! Gamers can now shred Danny Way’s Hawaiian Dream, an enormous skater’s paradise designed by the skating legend himself. Inspired by the tropical paradise of Hawaii, this all new SKATE 3 downloadable content (DLC) comes loaded with everything from original street terrain to flowing skate parks and of course Danny’s signature Mega-madness.

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gcolley3960d ago

i smell a rat! too much DLC too soon. EA are getting greedy and will screw this whole idea up if they are going to be this obvious. the gameworld, without all the dlc, is very small.

kevco333960d ago

It's like I was saying back in 2005 - eventually, DLC will mean buying half the game on the disc, and then having to buy the rest online.

gcolley3960d ago

yet if they were smart about this, they would have a very lucrative business model. they are already abusing it... when they release a sequel it must have at least the same content amount as it's predecessor.