(Playstation Plus Problems) Ironstar Podcast No. 20

In this Episode Wip3ou7, Kontraband , Drewsdays, and Marissa talk Playstation Plus problems that have made many users very unhappy. Gran Turismo 5 Collector Edition , Brad McQuaid is going back to developing games, and comparison of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo's motion control.

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jneul3960d ago

lol about the girls problems, i feel sorry for her, i hope it turns out to be something silly like she gforgot to update her billing info, also girl if it's that bad, go out there and buy a psn card!
as for only getting small content for your money's worth for one year, you do realise that it get's updated every now and again, i know we got more free stuff coming later, you don't expect them to roll out beta's in just a few days do you, well do you??

GodsHand3960d ago

I think they think when you subscribe to something you get it all that same month. You know like when you subscribe to a magizine, you don't have to wait every month to get a new magazine you get them all at the same time, wait a minute you do have to wait, because they span out your subscrition for the duration of what you paid.

I know that every game they give out won't intrest me, because either I own it already, or it's not my type of game. I subscribe mainly for the hope that plus members will get some new features like the automatic downloads of updates/patches. I like the incentive of getting some stuff for free/rent, and the discount on select games. As for the girl having problems, if she uses a router, she might try resetting it, could be clog with who knows what, from time to time, I have to do the same to mine.

MGRogue20173960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

That's just one of the many reasons for why I haven't bought it. I'm so glad that I decided to wait for the service to develop alot more.

Unlike alot of dumb rich people who saw it, chucked their money at it & got ripped off. lol

Also, The people that disagree with me are obviously just people trying to defend their purchases xD

CrAnKiTuP_013960d ago

and I bought it. (And NO SHIT that's why they disagree with you.)

lex-10203960d ago

At least you understand that it won't be perfect right off the bat.

GodsHand3960d ago

Not rich, but I do have a job, and paying $50.00 a year might seem like a lot, but it's not unless you live pay check to pay check, and can not have a little extra cash left over from month to month.

PSN+ is not having problems, she is.

MmaFanQc3960d ago

could you explain please?

i had discouts on psn games like hamsterball(wich i would have purchashed anyway with or without the psn+) i also got free dlc for magic ball/orbz(got the game before psn+) i also a a free small psp game, i had qore for two years and enjoyed it, i was about to take it again before knowing about psn+ and isnt quore supposed to be inclued in psn+?

sooo....thats only the first week,..... where is the rippng off part?

i also had xblive gold for 3 years and afterr seeing what psn+ will offer, i can obviously say that its way better than xblive gold(wich simply allow online gameplay....)

soo tell me, why would i be angry and trying to defend my purchases?

PLEASE tell us what the ultimate virtue sound like.

KwietStorm_BLM3960d ago

So you think that this one person's experience equates to the whole service having problems and those of us who subscribed are rich and dumb? I dont even know where to begin..

hatchimatchi3959d ago

"Unlike alot of dumb rich people who saw it, chucked their money at it & got ripped off. lol"


I guess I'm LOADED since I can afford go without $3.03 for the next 15 months.

You Sir, are an idiot.

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lex-10203960d ago

I don't understand why so many people are complaining about Playstation Plus. Seriously people it has been out for 6 days. Not even a full month. Not even a full week. Seriously people give PSN+ some time to develop. Nothing is going to be perfect first day. I mean look at the Iphone its in its fourth year and they are just now starting to get it right. Or the Xbox360 its been out since 2005 and it still has the red ring problem. Playstation plus hasn't been out for a full week yet. Come on people, show some intelligence.

GodsHand3960d ago

Intelligence is a dying attribute in today's society.

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