Halo: Reach Will Let You Pick Your Visor Color

Ripten writes: "Are you worried your helmet will clash with your visor? I know when I was playing the Halo: Reach beta I was constantly worried about this. After all, who would take a pink Spartan seriously when their visor was an orange-ish color?

Thankfully the great folks at Bungie were on the same wave length as me and when Halo: Reach ships in September we will all be able to pick out our visor color, and my dream of being a pink Spartan that can having a matching visor will be complete.

The screenshot (pictured above) that was released over on Bungie’s website only revealed a couple colors; Default, Silver and Blue, however I am hoping that they add a few more colors as it would be silly if they only gave us 3 to pick from. What color will you pick?".

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dgroundwater3967d ago

A nice cold colour like silver or a cool blue would be nice.

I liked this comment from the site: "Can’t wait to see all the people who have black and red mixes. Like emos, they can all be individual together XD"