PS2 re-releases? I’d rather have backwards compatibility on the PS3

Let’s all get excited about these PS2 re-releases! No, let’s not, because I’d personally rather have PS2 backwards compatibility.

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Donny4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

we need shadowman, warcraft ps1(rare) soul reaver 1, 2. legacy of kain blood omen.

Army_of_Darkness4900d ago

I laugh at people who want backwards campatibility in order to play PS2 games in standard/
If you asked me, I'd rather have an HD remake at 60FPS, so there's your question answered.

Boom-chicka-bow-wow!! ;)

FlipMode4900d ago

Since i still have my ps2, and haven't played the games they have remakes now before on my ps2, I'm cool.

piroh4900d ago

backwards compatibility is nice and useful
remakes give you:
60 fps
trophy support (GOW collection have 2 platinum trophies)
3D (Sly)
maybe some bonus...

sikbeta4900d ago

I rather Have Both, BC for some Games + HD Remakes for Masterpieces Like ICO + SoTC and other Awesome Games like MGS2+3 RE4 and so on...

But Sony Gave BC in the First models, you could have 10 Years of Gaming since day one If you bought a PS3 Fat, the problem was the Price, now the Price is correct so I give a Damn about BC knowing How Strong is The PS3 Library and I just want the HD Remastered Collections for The Games I want...

animelover104874900d ago

I wish people would stop bitching about ps2 compatibility if you want to play ps2 games the ps2 is still out in the market GO BUY ONE >:(

Conloles4900d ago

Consoles ripping us off again - go figure!

Dragun6194900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

It seems like no one understands the major differences of having
PS2 games being Upscaled by PS2 Emulation on PS3 compared
to having PS2 games tailored properly to be 720p and remastered to fit PS3.

I mean come on, the author thinks with PS2 bc it will be in HD. Wrong
It won't, it will just be a 480p or lower PS2 game on a high definition tv, worst if you output it to a 720p or higher cause you'll see all these pixels.

Look, here's a shot of God of war running on PS3's PS2 emulation.

Now here's a shot of it after being properly remastered and upscaled on PS3

Which do you prefer?

For those still not convinced by Sony decision to remaster PS2 titles.
Here's God of war 2 running on PS3's PS2 Emulation

Now here's a shot of God of War 2 after being properly remastered and upscaled on PS3

Here's a shot of Sly Cooper 1 running on PS3's PS2 Emulation.

Now here's a shot Sly Cooper 1 after being properly remastered and upscaled on PS3

InactiveUser4900d ago

= morons.

Yea, I'd rather have 480i 30fps than 720p 60fps, and none of the extras like trophies. That makes a ton of sense.

maddhatter1234900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

i would like both bc and hd remakes but if i had to choose i would take the hd version because it has trophy support and get multiple games all for less then the price of one game.

at least we don't spend hundreds of dollars every other month on upgrading or console just to be able to play games.

BWS19824900d ago

Conloles trolling again - go figure!

I have a software BC PS3, so I'm fine, but a selling point was the BC for me, since I never had a PS2. I'm all for the remakes, I love that idea.

Godmars2904900d ago

Not when the actual argument is playing PS2 titles on one platform that offers them upgraded and with trophy support, or not at all. Nevermind that we're talking about a very large game library that Sony doesn't wholly own.

squallheart4900d ago

very well said dragun, couldnt have said it better my self bubble for u

Dee_914900d ago

its not like they $60
only ps2 games i still play is like gta san andreas and vice city ..

Christopher4900d ago

If you wanted it, you should have paid for it.

Stop bitching because Sony couldn't make it so you could eat your cake and have it as well.

TotalPS3Fanboy4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

You just go out and buy a 60 GB PS3. How hard is that?

Whiner: "Wah wah wah. I want backward compatibility."

Sony: "You can have backward compatibility with a 60 GB PS3."

Whiner: "Wah wah wah. I want backward compatibility. Why won't Sony give me backward compatibility."

Sony: "We did give you backward compatibility. Get a 60 GB PS3 and you get backward compatibility."

Whiner: "Wah wah wah. I want backward compatibility, even though Sony already gave me backward compatibility, I will continue to whine like a little bitch."

Why would whiners choose 1 old $49 PS2 game with bad graphics over 2 PS3 enhanced PS2 games with enhanced graphics and trophies for only $39? That's just a very stupid thing for whiners to do.

PLAYstar4900d ago


You should post an article with that! Teach these pathetic wannabes journalist, as they only seek attention by giving false info. Either they are stupid, or they just don't give a sh!t doing some research before writing craps.

GOW HD look even better than some of this generation games.

Redempteur4900d ago

sorry guys but i have both ...
ii have a PS2 but i also have a first gen PS3 ..it's not that hard all you had to do was to buy the console first model

Zydake4900d ago

Still I love the GoW collection and the upcoming sly Cooper but I believe we should have both backwards compatibility and HD remakes. Sure I love the old games getting remade into HD quality but what about the games that arent getting HD remakes. When growing up I was a huge dragonball z fan I'm positive Sony won't make a remake for those games due to not owning the IPs sucks cause my 60 gig died wish my slim can play PS2

WildArmed4899d ago

HD > SD..
trophy enabled is just another bonus!
and having more than 2 games on one disc is AWESOME!

So yeah.. even though I have a 60gb, I rather playing HD re-makes than stick in my old ps2 games.

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FlipMode4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )


Parapraxis4900d ago

If you wanted BC you should have bought one of the PS3's available in the first few YEARS of its release.
That being said, these HD remakes are superior.

xX TriiCKy Xx4900d ago

Thats' a shitload of money to be spent though? And back then, the games on PS3 or 360 didn't interest me. I only just got a PS3 2 months ago, coming from 360. My PS2 broke a while ago and I'm not paying for another if Sony could just give me BC.

wicko4900d ago

It kills me that people bitch about the price of the PS3, so they remove some stuff to cut costs and make it cheaper, and now they're bitching about that too. It isn't like anyone forced these people to ditch their PS2 or make them buy HD remakes.

sikbeta4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

How people don't see the problem, even IF they bring it to the table by themselves:

"That was a Load of Money for the Console" -> you're complaining about the HIGH PRICE of The Console

"Now it doesn't have BC, I want a Backward Compatible PS3" -> you're asking for a Console that would be more Expensive cos BC needs more Electronic Components like the Graphics Synthesizer GPU adding more to the manufacturing costs which ends up with a Higher Price...

nikoado4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

Yeah the 60 giggers were brilliant but European early adopters kinda got shafted :(

They removed some of the ps2 hardware to cut costs but that impacted the quality of the bc. Some titles had weird glitches, some didn't work at all and most of them had extremely choppy cutscenes. They said they would "improve compatibility with ps2 software via updates" but that didn't happen.

I would have played quite a few upscaled ps2 games in the early months when all I really had was RFOM.

Still the 60gb was a very good purchase for me but I'm just a bit pissed that the bc is not as good as the other skus released in NA and Japan.

MSpence5164900d ago

I still have my launch PS3 with full BC.....YEAAAA

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Darkstorn4900d ago

I actually like the HD re-releases. Then again, both PS2 re-releases AND backwards compatibility would be ideal.

rumplstilts4900d ago

Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver is so fricken awesome. I still own it to this day :)

A template for modern action adventure games to this day.

DrDreadlox4900d ago

Still waiting for that to be put on the European store.

mastiffchild4900d ago

I've got a BC capable 60gig and never use the option these days beyond the occasional SotC session(which, for once, as I rarely like the idea of encouraging devs to stop making anything new, makes me crave an HD version!)and doubt many people would use it much more as the point of buying a PS3 is to play HD PS3 games first and foremost and there;s already too many of them to keep pace without having a massive backlog as it is.

A sew games make sense to HD-up and that's fair enough as long as it doesn't become the norm. I reckon, though, that the inevitable arrival of Sony's next handheld(PSP2 or whatever) will be what heralds the launch of PSP/PS3 playable PSN library of PS2 titles in their original SD form. As a selling point for a new PSP PS2 games make LOADS of sense(imagine the whole PS2 catalogue available and playable portably FFS, it would be amazing and a cetain draw for any new portable from Sony-it's their ace card, imho, that they will play when that second analog arrives.

So, I see loads of reasons(as many as there are amazing games for PS2) for them not to bother remaking BC PS3s and little reason to bring it back just for PS3 owners who wouldn't use it nearly as much as some internet moaners would like to have us believe. If there were enough analogs and shoulder buttons on the PSP it would alreeady mean an available amount of PS2 classics on the PSN and I truly think Sony will have them for the next one and, like PS1 games on PSN, when they come you will be able to play them on your PS3 anyway.

This argument makes as little sense to me as the constant demand and debating over XGC missing on PSN(i.e it's just one feature that people generally don't use as much as made out on forums AND it ruins proper team based mp games as well-killed TF2 for me on Live as it happens)as people just won't use it like they make out and if they were that bothered is it so dear to have a PS2 these days?