Leaked Evolutions of Starter Pokémon from Black and White?

The characters of the upcoming Anime of Pokémon Black and White will be unveiled soon. But now some first concept art has been leaked which shows the 2nd evolution form of the starter Pokémon from Black and White as well as new Pokémon.

Is this the real deal, or did do we have a very good fake at works? Check out the images yourself.

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Timberland2K93958d ago

It drives me freaking insane that I can't resist looking at the new Pokemon prior to their US release but hell I can't help it.

portablegaming3958d ago

The flying one looks like a combination of Koffing and Crobat.

And the girls main Pokémon is very interesting.

kingdavid3958d ago

Article needed on every single new pokemon?

I'm looking forward to pokemon black as much as the next guy but this is overkill.

al-burrito3958d ago

hm... can't say if fake or not. but it seems real to me.

Nitrowolf23958d ago

jesse and james
i hope that its just team rocket, tired of team galatic and what ever.

Miroque3958d ago

Team Rocket are the only true pokemon villians! ^^ Yeah, the developed forms of the pokemon could be also true.

silkrevolver3958d ago

Finally, some potentially interesting new pokemon! The one next to the girl looks cool and so does the bat-ish one.

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The story is too old to be commented.