Democrats push for new Internet sales taxes

Delahunt, a Massachusetts Democrat, introduced a bill on Thursday that would rewrite the ground rules for Internet and mail order sales by eliminating the option for many Americans to shop over the Internet without paying state sales taxes.

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Darkstorn3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

This article's title is a bit misleading. The 'Democrats' are not pushing for an internet sales tax, it is a lone 'Democrat.'

Most intelligent Democrats know that their constituencies would react negatively to an internet sales tax.

In addition, Democrats should realize that their voting base is made up of many who are working class or on welfare. Sales tax is not only a so-called 'regressive tax' (meaning that it hurts the poor just as much as the wealthy, if not more), but any Democrat who votes for this bill would be voted out of office come next election cycle.

This proposed legislation isn't going anywhere. That being said, we need to do SOMETHING about state deficits. But that's not a discussion for a comments page on a gaming website...

P.S. - this article should not be approved, as the image chosen for this story is an obvious stab at Obama, which I might add is completely unrelated to the article in question.

dizzleK3962d ago

theres already a download tax in nj and ny....instituted by democrat governors fyi. the democrats never met a tax they didn't love. wake up.

people on welfare don't pay tax except for sales tax. if they're using the money for what it's intended for they're not even paying much sales tax (food & clothing). did you know that 50% of americans didn't pay income tax this year? the pool of workers available to pay for all these liberal social programs is getting smaller and smaller, friend. yet the liberals keep spending.

and who cares if the pic is a stab at obama? that lame duck nightmare is GONE in 2 years.

scriptkiddie3961d ago

You need to wake up and stop drinking the kool aid. When Democrat Lawton Chils was governor of florida years ago he tried very hard to get a Internet sales tax, but other states at the time wouldn't play. With Democrats controlling congress and the senate this could possibly pass. Democrats have never seen a tax they do not like, look at all the new taxes starting in 2001 (Child deduction cut in half, no more education deductions, etc.)

This will pass one time or another, with a democrat controlled congress and senate, and their supporters not paying attention.

how is that hope and change working for you

jazzking20013962d ago

DL tax?
how is that possble
maybe if you buy a game off steam, you pay a tax?