Upgrade Your Video Game Collection – Visit A Rental Store Going Out Of Business

Ripten Writes: There have been a lot of Video Game Rental stores that have packed up and closed up shop for good due to Netflix and Gamefly taking over the rental market. However don’t let this turn of events get you down; because the stores are going out of business there are quite a few deals you can snag on not only older video games but newer ones as well.

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greeneggsnsam3026d ago

Poor Blockbuster. It's still going strong in the UK, though!

Sandwich Bender3026d ago

Fingers crossed that it will close soon and you can snatch up the inventory! :D

greeneggsnsam3026d ago

I don't think I've been in a Blockbuster for about ten years now. I just never rent stuff. Dunno why really.

NecrumSlavery3026d ago

We had Game Crazy's here. They started going out of business a month ago. Once the signs went up, people flocked there. Bought everything. It took almost 2 weeks before they even started 5%-10% off sales. I waited until the last days and they had nothing left worth buying and the biggest discount was 30%.

It's sad that people don't know how to shop. No one saved anything. So it was a bust.

I remember when Circuit City went under. Fallout 3 Collectors Edition was only $6.

The Great Melon3026d ago

RIP Circuit City. I shopped there more than most retail chains. I got a great deal for the Xbox 360 Elite when they were going out of business. It was 30 percent off!!

newhumanbreed3026d ago

You know Circuit City is still in business as an online retail store. Just pointing that out.

nickjkl3026d ago

circuit city had the largest restructuring and then failure i ever saw

skip2mylou3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

i got rock band 2 and guitar hero wt and stalker shodows of Chernobyl for 75% off when CC went under

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Sandwich Bender3026d ago

I just use Gamefly. Blockbuster and other rental places are just way too expensive to be worth it.

Scottyabanks3026d ago

I use Gamefly as well, if Blockbuster could match their price and offer a similar service that included games that work when you bring them home, then I'd gladly hop on board. Cause that would mean I wouldn't have to wait for shipping. But 10 dollars for a 5 day rental of MW2 is not worth it. Especially when you have to go back 3 times in one night because the disc you got didn't work. True story by the way.

CrzyFooL3026d ago

really? I didnt even know they had BB in the UK. But I'm a dumb american what do I know!!

ian723026d ago

Yeah, we have BB here in UK. The only place round here where I live that rents games and movies.

KingNintendoFanboy3026d ago

I've gotten many good games at low prices from stores going out of business.

greeneggsnsam3026d ago

It is a shame they close but it's a bit inevitable when they are so expensive.

mrv3213026d ago

The video store next to my local quick stop is by far the best, friendly staff and open all the time.

I wonder how many people got that... quite a few I'd imagine.

Siesser3026d ago

Won't stay open for long if they keep renting porn to minors

mrv3213026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

37 in a row?

Bubbles for the clerks reference? And yes I am a whore for bubbles, I just want 3.

CrzyFooL3026d ago

I bought so many games I never wanted due to my local Blockbuster and Hollywood Video going out of business. I was going to write this article, but I was too busy buying crap!! :-p

TheBuIIetSponge3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Gamefly is shit, nothing new is ever available. Blockbuster has Gamepass, which allows you to go pick up games from the store and they always have the new games in stock.

Netflix is good though, especially with streaming online.

CrzyFooL3026d ago

I only play old games via anyway lul.

Who wants to play Journeyman Project 2!!! woot woot

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