StarCraft II Getting 3D Support in Patch Post-Release

StarCraft II, Blizzard's long-awaited RTS sequel, releases on July 27th. And while it won't support 3D right out the door, that won't always be the case.

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greeneggsnsam3030d ago

You can actually force 3D with software programs for PC games. If I recall I heard someone talking about playing Portal in 3D with a software hack.

mrv3213030d ago

Well with a powerful enough rig I suppose all you have to do is run two copies of the game, it's far harder on console because they lack the power... even most PC lack the power to run two games at the same time, so there's ways around it.

greeneggsnsam3030d ago

Actually I think it was just the shitty red/blue 3D thing with the old-style glasses.

Sandwich Bender3030d ago

By "shitty" do you mean totally awesome?

evrfighter3030d ago

I could see a good <5% of starcraft fans actually caring about 3d...I'm probably being generous there.

IaMs123030d ago

Hey a neat little update is nice for those who are interested or may like to give it a shot. Better then them building around the 3D

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Pandamobile3030d ago

If you've got an Nvidia GPU, you can just go into your driver settings and enable stereoscopic 3D if you've got the glasses and a 120 hz monitor, or you can use the old school anaglyph 3D.

El_Colombiano3030d ago

In any game? Man I wonder how much a good 120hz monitor and those glasses go for.

TheIneffableBob3030d ago

These are the supported games.

If you just have red-and-blue glasses, you can use those too instead of the NVIDIA 3D Vision hardware, but the quality is not nearly as good.

Pandamobile3030d ago

A 24" 120 Hz monitor and Nvidia shutter glasses usually come in a combo for about $600.

saint_john_paul_ii3030d ago

sadly there isnt many 3Dtv monitors out there right now.

waiting to see the price and the release date of LG's 3D computer monitor.

just got my parts to build my PC today with a ASUS GTX 470.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

But is better if is developed as a Native 3D Game.

CrzyFooL3030d ago


El_Colombiano3030d ago

This is Starcraft 2. A Blizzard game. I think you're in the wrong thread complaining about quality friend.

CrzyFooL3030d ago

Diablo 3 is basically Diablo 2 with sweet new graphics and it's still taken them over a decade to get it out. HURRY TEH HELL UP BLIZZ!!!

Cheeseknight283030d ago

The irony here is that you're using an avatar from Fallout...

gynecologistcobra3030d ago


jdktech20103030d ago

Meh, I've got an ATI card anyway...not interested especially with 3D in an RTS

El_Colombiano3030d ago

I'm wondering what is taking ATI to jump onto the bandwagon.

evrfighter3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

they're busy focusing on newer tech like eyefinity and dx11 then pushing physx and 3d (which has been around forever on the pc)

For instance.

even while 3d has been around forever on the pc. Nvidia all of a sudden starts licensing a "Nvidia 3d Vision Ready" sticker on the top left side of my monitor -_-

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