Top Ten Wants For The Nintendo 3DS (Part 1 of 2)

Ripten writes: As soon as I saw the Nintendo 3DS I noticed that magical ‘home’ button that us Nintendo Wii fans are so familiar with. That got me thinking about the possibilities within the 3DS’s firmware and what I’d like to see the system do. So here are the first five of my top ten wants for the Nintendo 3DS.

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greeneggsnsam3966d ago

I'd really like to see an app store akin to Apple's, so we get loads of great indie games come out.

codyodiodi3966d ago

I agree something like the app store would be awesome on this.

JusDBerube3966d ago

Yeah it could be awesome. I'll go a bit more into that with my next article.

fatstarr3965d ago

I just want 3g Network capability.
And nintendo to open up a chanel to homebrew apps then ppl wont get by with the excuse that they wanted to run a different os on their 3Ds with the 3DR4
or R43Ds.

Rucury3965d ago

I believe adding 3G Network Capabilities would mean you would have to subscribe to a data plan from a wireless provider like AT&T or Verizon... It makes more sense to ask for cell-phone integration. Also, the problem with homebrew apps is that sometimes they require a little extra...oomph. As in, more access to certain parts of the system. Nintendo might limit said access, meaning some poorly done games. And besides, I think people buy R4s and Acekard 2i's because of pirating... Not homebrewing.

And R4 is not a different OS... It's a bootable flash cart. It's like... a game menu?

Hell, what do I know?

fatstarr3965d ago

I meant something like what the Kindle or the nook did with having courtesy free internet connection. If Nintendo wants an app market to fly they need the help of the home brew crowd and programmers.
if they have proper testing noting should go too wrong.
Dsorganize is one of my favorites.

And People use the excuse of running home brew to buy the cards even though they are going to pirate.

And R4 is like an OS because it can boot right from the go and override the Nintendo DS operating system. Its like you turn on the ds you hear the bing bing then the r4 loads.

I have a M3 which i run home brew on and fun things on my old ds. maybe be 4 or 6 "games" but meh they were bad to begin with. you can put linux and other things on your ds with an r4 card and do things that it wasn't meant to do which i am sure will be included with the 3DS.

AAACE53965d ago

The thing I hate is, I wrote a letter to Sony telling them to put a control stick on the PSP like the 3DS has a couple of years ago, and they never did!

I need to start taking my ideas seriously! I came up with the invisibility cloak concept as seen in Ghost Recon over 10 years ago. Exactly the way they designed it.

Learn from my mistakes... no matter how crazy an idea sounds, it might be worth something!

Rucury3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

It's nice to see good articles get some attention for a change...

Sign me up for your petition to Nintendo =D

KingNintendoFanboy3966d ago

I agree with everything he said.

greeneggsnsam3966d ago

Yeah, they are good ideas. I think the 3DS will be great no matter what they include though.

JusDBerube3966d ago

I also feel it's going to be great no matter what, but I'd love it if they added these things.

CrzyFooL3965d ago

All stuff needs more stuff to make it better stuff!!

KingNintendoFanboy3966d ago

Me too. It looks sooooo good.

SmokingMonkey3966d ago

if the psp2 doesn't have two analog sticks all hell will break loose

CrzyFooL3965d ago

would be pretty cool imo

ChickeyCantor3965d ago

PLayed metroid prime on the DS?
Your touchscreen is the second analog.

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