Shadowrun: From birth to death and back again

Shadowrun holds a huge part in my heart. I remember sitting in my room watching this one “betatage” of Shadowrun and thinking “One day I’m going to be great at this game”. I didn’t care about MLG or any other league I just loved Shadowrun. Majin (one of the best SR players) does too. He details the history of Shadowrun to educate gamers born and bred on the Modern Warfare’s and sequels of past FPS games.

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Elven63969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Shadowrun still has a good online community even though people try to claim otherwise although I doubt they've even played the game in recent years. I still play it from time to time, the competitive and tactical nature of the game provides for a good break from other shooters.

Sucks no DLC was released for it though and that the map editor was canned, even worse was the closure of FASA. :(

A few users were trying to set up dedicated server "farms" for the game, wonder how that went.

Edit: How can the writer forget about FASA Univeristy?!? The turn around the team was able to accomplish as a result in less than two weeks, they definitely deserve props.

Redgehammer3969d ago

"Shadowrun still has a good online community even though people try to claim otherwise although I doubt they've even played the game in recent years" I have read the same sentiment about TF2 on the 360, which is far from the truth. I played, and enjoyed, Shadowrun until TF2 became my favorite FPS pasttime. Glad to see its still kicking

XactGamer3969d ago

I still play Shadowrun 2 or 3 times a week and there are always about 45-80 full 16 player servers going. Those are just the local matchmaking servers that from Windows Live and Xbox Live. If you start counting the servers in regions that don't show do to connection and lag that number could go up to 200-400 worldwide. Shadowrun is a cult hit with great balanced MP. It was the $60 price tag for 3 game modes and 9 maps 3 of which were just smaller versions of the same map that ruined the reviews. Read the reviews and everything else gets high praise. Not bad for a game that came out in 2007 and got bad press for lack of content.

Kingdom Come3969d ago

Shadowrun is stil home to a strong community following, there is little effort involved in finding a game, and little wait. The game is easily in the catagory of the most Underrated Title's this gen, offering a highly addictive yet limited package. The games lack of Single Player Campaign was ok, however, if a title is to be Online-Exclusive, it should be shipped with a diverse number of online options for it players and Three very similar online modes wasn't a great decision. It was a HUGE shame that FASA Studies disbanded and a bigger shame that with it the hopes of a sequel where forever shrunk, I still hold hope, the opportunities for future installments are limitless and it would be a great reward for the communities strong dedication to the game and its online...

lucifon3969d ago

Absolutely love Shadowrun, honestly one of my favorite titles this generation. Completely underrated.

olon123969d ago

i remember playing the demo like 3 years ago or 2? i wish i could go back in time and enjoy the child memories

Goldenboy873969d ago

The game sells for $5 bucks at Gamestop. So take the horrible copy of (name game here) and trade it in for one of the best FPS' of all time.

Thanks for the approvals guys!

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The story is too old to be commented.