Sometimes, I Don't Want Big Blockbusters

PushSquare: "I'm playing two games at the moment that very few people care about. They're not the type of games that are gracing magazine covers and website home-pages. They probably have mild targets and low budgets. They're hardly blockbusters. But they've got me completely excited. It's made me realise that, sometimes, you don't always need a blockbuster. After all, video games are supposed to be fun, and their profiles are not necessarily connected to that."

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Why o why3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

very true. I related more to what the author was saying in the ps2 era. Blockbusters was more of a reason for me NOT to be excited. It was the okami's, ico's, exterminations and the likes that gave me a lot of unexpected fun. Finding hidden gems was fun. Nowadays we're told blockbusters (AAA) means fun and thats BS

pippoppow3965d ago

Exactly how I feel. Blockbuster game means little to me. Sure I've bought some but I'm more interested in those hidden gems. Just picked up Neir in hopes it's a gem. Gameplay looks nice. I'm also hoping Majin and the Forsaken turns out to be a gem as well. Seems like most of those "gems" do tend to come out of Japan.

Cajun Chicken3966d ago

Singularity is an amazing game. It's a blockbuster to me, anyhow. Far better than any of the FPS games in about the last 3 years.

OGharryjoysticks3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

because I've played all the other games too and now I'm left with this. But I'm really excited with these new games because I "need" to play new games or else I get on here and post comments =)

DarkSpawnClone3965d ago

yeah no one liked the force unleashed i love the story to that game i play it once a month maybe lol sure its not the best game around but i find it fun.then there the big Blockbuster uncharted I LOVE IT to BITS!!! soo i would have to say I'm not really a picky gamer i just want a good story and some fun!

3965d ago
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