Remembering Singularity, Raven Software's forgotten shooter

You may remember Singularity as the game Activision wanted to forget. Developed by Raven Software - formerly the creators of Heretic and Soldier of Fortune.
It was a truly bizarre sequences of events, almost as if Activision wanted the game to do badly. The tragic irony is that Singularity is a more interesting singleplayer FPS than every Call of Duty Activision has released since Modern Warfare, combining a high-concept, time-hopping story with oodles of clever mechanics, and a weapon-roster to rival Bulletstorm and Titanfall 2. | Rick Lane

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-Foxtrot1064d ago

This game was fantastic and it was the only Activision published game last gen I really enjoyed.

I loved the TMD gameplay as it reminded me of the Gravity Gun in Half Life, if they did a sequel they could have really added onto the game. I loved how despite being scripted the time era would change and you'd suddenly be in the past, if they did a sequel they could have tried to do these non scripted so they could happen at any time while you were walking around.

Fist4achin1063d ago

This game received little to no love. I enjoyed it and recommend if tour looking for a solid fps for probably dirt cheap that dared to be different by tying together a lot of ideas.

Yui_Suzumiya1063d ago

One of my favorite first person shooters. I wish Activision would finally allow them to make the sequel we've all been waiting for!

Venox20081063d ago

great game..they should do at least a remaster

OhMyGandhi1062d ago

loved this game. rented it on a whim at blockbuster, and had way too much with it. A pleasant, self-contained title, no massive franchise, just a nice little story and interesting gameplay. Definitely a hidden gem from lest gen.