Bitmob Interview: Cipher Prime's Will Stallwood on Fractal, Indie Development, Inspiration, and More

Indie developer Cipher Prime burst onto the scene in 2008 with their web-based music puzzler Auditorium, which won several awards and garnered viral success. Their integration of ambient music with beautiful graphics and animation won many fans. Auditorium has since been ported to the iPhone, and has a console version in the works. They released a follow-up, called Fractal, earlier this year, which keeps the same laid-back tone and immersive sound design but adds a more traditional puzzle game -- in the vein of Lumines and Bejeweled -- on top.

Bitmob caught up with co-founder Will Stallwood on the ideas and development behind Fractal, dealing with success, finding inspiration, and the nature of small-team game development.

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Tolkoto3956d ago

I haven't played Auditorium. I need to check that out.

Sadie21003956d ago

Wow...that looks...high concept.

Gungnir3956d ago

Might have to check that out.