Why All the Hate for Playstation Plus?

[email protected] Writes: "Alright so I’ve seen a lot of articles about Playstation plus saying it’s a horrible service. I would like to try and counter all these articles. Playstation Plus in my opinion is a deal. Technically it’s a great deal. You get lots of discounts and deals on content at the Playstation store as well as betas and full game trails. Of course none of this is supposedly stellar content in terms of what a lot of people have been saying. Now what I am about to tell you is NOT a catch. If you end your subscription you lose your FREE games you got."

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alphakennybody3082d ago

The hate goes beyond ps+ only. I can see the value for ps+, I don't have any money right now but soon I'm subscribing.

Donny3082d ago

Its Not Hate, Its Jealousy.

T9X693082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Jealous of what? I have almost 100 friends on my PSN friends list and only 2 of them bought PS+.

EDIT: @thong_pounder - Stating facts is not trolling little boy, don't be mad because you don't have friends. I have real friends on my PSN, all you have is N4G fanboys as your "friends".

Oh I'm sorry 92 friends and only 3 bought PS+ not 2. 3 Whole people WOW

Boody-Bandit3082d ago

I have 52 people on my friends list and 27 of them have plus.
Possibly 28 after tonight because I am thinking of adding myself to that list.

Big Frank3082d ago

PSN+ is a joke. You pay a subscription just to get some free and reduced price games!! WTF!!! If you pay $50 for an online service you would expect to get modern day communications with it.

-Alpha3082d ago

This is a mis-characterization.

There isn't "all" this hate. Anything and everything usually has its critics, doesn't mean PS+ has a lot of hate. A lot of people also have praised +, so I find that articles like this always follow in typical fashion that try to make it look like the product at hand is suffering from triviality.

Just because it gets some criticisms doesn't mean it should be treated as a victim of something, I have seen much a lot more praise for + than hate.

Montrealien3082d ago

PSN + is a great concept. I am glad Sony found a way to make money of of their great service. Still needs some work, but now with this added revenue, we should be getting alot more out of PSN, and PSN+.

nothing is free, except maybe basic online play, hopefully MS will learn from this.

deafwing3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

but it would be nice if they added more unique features to it (of course xmb chat, gameplay record, etc) to make it stand out more from the standard free service (even though that to is solid in its own right).

sikbeta3082d ago

"you pay $50 for an online service you would expect to get modern day communications with it."

Here Comes the Cry-loud for Cross Game Chat, I totally hope Sony charge for that Feature, all of the kids whining right now would be so glad to Pay $50 just for that...

PS+ is an Option, so why don't people that don't like to get more stuff for their Bucks forget about this Service and let the People that Want it alone...

Army_of_Darkness3082d ago

damn Bro! you one popular super cool cat to have "100" real friends on PSN!!

I only have about 25 REAL friends! so it makes me wonder as to how you even have time to play games?!?! cause I barely have time now.

Sarcasm3082d ago

It's somewhat true.

The other service you pay to play online.

This one, you pay for discounts, games, free games, and some features.

But either way, even if you don't get PS+ you still get PSN which is still 100% free.

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happyface3082d ago

ps3 owners dont like paying money for online features, not sure why sony did this because their fan base wont support it

3082d ago
Boody-Bandit3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

at least not yet. Rumor has it Sony will offer advanced communication to PSN+ members and that will definitely benefit online gaming if true and would be considered an online feature.

For now you are strictly paying for free and reduced price content plus Qore for free. It's a great deal for people that are into content, content, content.

No, PS3 consumers don't want to pay to play online. HUGE difference between content and gaming online but then again we all know that you know the differences between the two. You are just doing your usual routine and as usual failing miserably at it.

Montrealien3082d ago

I have a feeling the services will be coming soon. And its great, this added revenue stream will help make PSN better.

Daishi3082d ago

"For now you are strictly paying for free and reduced price content"
Im sorry but that made me laugh so hard i had to bring it up because i love paying for free stuff!? Joking aside i get what you mean though, the price of admission definately warrants what you walk away with.

sikbeta3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

lol says the guy who Pays $50 per year for Playing On-line, Something everyone else can get it for free, How I can take these guys serious...

ThanatosDMC3082d ago

Online features are all ready there for free. PS+ is for games.

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RatFuker3082d ago

ps+gamers+wipeout+discounts+be tas+trials=orgasm.

thong_pounder3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

T9X69 i would like to see at least one friend on ur list lol "100" friends

"A person trolling at n4g has no life so how is he/she going to have a friend"

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I'm subscribing, is a better deal than other ''services''.

ico923082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

it makes no sense playstation + is optional, unlike XBL its not mandatory for online play, and from what i've seen your getting much more than your moneys worth, there are 2 reasons why i havn't got a subscription yet kinda broke at the momment

2. i wanna wait till its matured and expanded alot more, dont get me wrong at the momment its a good deal but i know its gonna get better , which leads me to my next point...

...its been out for like 3 DAYS, this reminds me of the ps3 slim like 2 hours after it was announced

ForeAllEternity3082d ago

Your reason #2 is also the reason why I'm on the fence of getting PS+ right now. Even though that 3 extra months is really appealing.

halojunkie3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

every fanboy comment i see against the ps+, im buying my friends a subscription to ps+

edit: ill add you on demons souls. ;)

Crusade3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

My psn is Traveling_Circus, pal.

Oh and I play demon's souls as well.

LordMarius3082d ago

Holy crap. add me dude, lol

blazBlue3082d ago

I'm maxed out on friends. Beat that. Also, a majority of my friends have PSN+. Just because you hate it, doesn't mean others have to.

RememberThe3573082d ago

Well said. And with no personal attacks. See T9whatever, you don't have to be such a downer in every article. Show your bright side every once in a while.

None of my friends played Alan Wake, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to play it.

ThanatosDMC3082d ago

Probably because it's a good $50 subscription purchase instead of a ripoff subscription.

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NYC_Gamer3082d ago

well because its from sony the company people love to hate on

deadreckoning6663082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I think people are hating because PS Plus only offers value to people who buy many things from the Playstation Store(PSN games, PS One Classics, Themes, Minis)

Me and MOST of the PS3 community don't give a crap about these things and just wanna play disc-based games. I don't understand why Sony isn't giving us things the MAJORITY of us are asking for. I mean, just look at the last firmware. The biggest feature was a video editor, yes a VIDEO EDITOR. This proves that Sony is NOT listening to the community....or they are listening, but aren't doing anything about it.

Personally, I don't "hate" the service. I just think it's stupid considering that PS Plus only caters to the minority of the PS3 community that ACTUALLY gives a crap about PSN games.

@Disagrees- Watever. We'll see how successful PSN Plus will be once we know how many PS3 owners actually subscribed by the end of the year. I have 38 friends on my main PSN account and only ONE has signed up for Playstation Plus so far.

PSN Games- I'd rather spend my cash on full games

PSOne Classics- I bought my PS3 to play PS3 games..not PSOne games

Themes- I can get free themes on I don't care if their animated or not, there free. I have Vida Guerra's sweet ass as my theme as we speak :)

Minis- LOL, ur kidding right

Free Qore- Qore should be free because it promotes Sony's OWN products lol. Besides, I can watch every episode of Qore on youtube and N4G gets more inside info than Qore anyways.

yewles13082d ago

Holy crap... that whole post was nothing but whining over ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! XD

knight6263082d ago

do use a favor next time there is an update dont update

Cerberus21253082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I'll like to know how you became VP of speaking on behalf of MOST of the PS3 Community?,you're looking more like the VP of talking [email protected]#$.

People have to realize that PS+ is Sony way of saying thanks to those who buy stuff from PSN,a reward to their valuable Costumers.

ico923082d ago

" think people are hating because PS Plus only offers value to people who buy many things from the Playstation Store(PSN games, PS One Classics, Themes, Minis) "

but thats the thing, if you use PSN to its full extent PS+ is there to expand your online experience, you dont HAVE to subscribe its NOT mandatory , if you enjoy PSN as it is when its free, thats fine dont subscribe to PS+, if you want to expand your PSN experience you have an OPTION, theres no reason to hate on an option, and its not as if its a bad deal you've even stated before that its great deal for its target demographic, so whats with all the hate ?

Silly gameAr3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

"Minis- LOL, ur kidding right"

Haven't tried Age of Zombies huh?

edit: You're still a tool. A bi-polar one at that.

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josh143993082d ago

i dont hate the service im just not buying at the moment because i already own most the games that are on the service at the moment.

foss33082d ago

PSN: $0/yr
PSN+: gives you discounts and free games $49/yr
PSN total: $0 (or $49 with discounts and free games)

XBOX Live: $49/yr
XBOX total: $49/yr with no discounts or free games

Let's say you could have either pricing scheme or either console, which do you think would hailed and which would be hated on?

jaysquared3082d ago

You forgot to add this on your list for Xbox live

-X game chat/Party chat
-More stable online service
-Better netflix support
-Faster download
-Better support in general..

BigPenguin3081d ago

I am so tired of the crap that you guys spread.

You said xbox is more stable then PSN, and that is bullshit. PSN has dedicated servers, its why you can have 256 people in a map, while 360 caps out at 16 P2P. Live has also been down, as in service unavailable, far more then PSN has been, you remember Christmas 2 years ago? Shit like that has not happened on PlayStation.

You say faster download, I call bullshit, they are the same. You have no basis for saying that.

Better netflix support? Get over it, xbox has an app on the dashboard, PSN has a disk. Not a big deal.

I will give you x-game chat/party chat. You are right, PSN does not have it. Better support is also subjective, so I call a push.

I will not even list what PSN does better then live.

I will however say this. PSN: BigPenguin XBL: BigRoundPenguin
I have live gold, I dont have PSN+. Go ahead, call me a PSN fanboy. Just because you are an uneducated retard, does not mean you can just spout out bullshit nonsense. I am fucking sick of it on this site. That goes for everyone I didnt directly reply to as well.

Jack-Pyro3082d ago

I like em too.

I like em in my soup. =D

Duke Spookem3082d ago

You're not the only one...

Graey3082d ago

I like them on a half-shell...Turtle Power

newhumanbreed3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

A better question is - why all the Playstation Plus articles?