Step Your Game Up with PSP and PSPgo

The “Step Your Game Up” campaign is all about providing a deeper look into what makes a PlayStation Portable gaming experience more complete and enjoyable than anything else you’ll find on the market. This campaign introduces a new, younger voice to the PlayStation Nation, the fast-talking, quick-thinking, quasi self-appointed Marcus Rivers.

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EvilBlackCat3966d ago

Hip Hip Hop Gamer!!!!

dO.Ob ooh my bad i tough that was him...

mmm a mini me of Hip Hop Gamer

more like "Mini Hip"

Graey3966d ago

lol so fcked up but funny. But not Marcus actually talks properly he just has a little swag to him is all. I like the little kid, he has a bit of spunk.

Faztkiller3966d ago

I don't get the hate for Marcus I think he's funny and perfect for the part.