Exclusive: First 30 Minutes of Hydrophobia Captured at E3 2010

Though I filmed a LOT videos during my time at E3 no game that I got to see captured more of my attention than Hydrophobia. Peter Jones, the Joint Managing Director at Dark Energy Digital, was kind enough to allow me to capture some footage of the game. And by some I mean half an hour's worth.

The video below is part one of four videos. Check out the post at Hooked Gamers to see the rest!

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ElitaStorm3771d ago

are you kidding me, i will finish the game in 30 minutes O.o

jay23771d ago

I'm waiting for this to hit PS3 (or disc). I'm not paying TWICE (Live GOLD, this) to get this ep, then the other 3.

studonaplug3769d ago

I've only managed to find a couple of snippets and a few trailers of this in action!. This 30 min preview has really wetted my appetite!. I'm getting more a feel for the adventure, storyline and combat system!....To say the least...I'm impressed. I was hoping this would live up to the previews and awards its been getting!. Definite purchase for my MS points!

Brummieman3767d ago

Sweet!....this game looks freaking ace!. Kicks ass over anything on XBLA now or coming up in the next few months by far!!!.

@elitastorm!....bite me dude!. 30 mins and i bet you couldnt find your socks. Unless you have something decent to say...clam up!