Gaming Union: Okamiden Hands-On Preview

Gaming Union writes, "Sequels to large console games popping up on portable systems is a surprising development in recent years, such as Dragon Quest IX on the DS, and the next Valkyria Chronicles on the PSP. Capcom is no straggler to trends, and in this case the publisher has its own well-loved series coming to the DS, Okami. Tooted as a direct sequel to the original Okami on PS2 and Wii, Okamiden for the DS showed well at this past E3, and of course Gaming Union got some much wanted hands-on time with the game."

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Hardedge3963d ago

Okami was a great game, I'm looking forward to this one, it looks really cute.

JDouglasGU3963d ago

i've heard great things about Okami, so i may have to look into this game.

Coramoor_3963d ago

Have to agree with Hardedge on this one, okami was great and I can't wait for more

mephman3963d ago

I actually never tried out Okami, but I'm curious about this one.