Japan: Xbox sales jump 800%

With the launch still two weeks away in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world awash in fresh new Xbox 360 smell, Japan is feeling the positive side effects in regards to the console being introduced to their market.

TheTeam064904d ago


If that's hotcakes, I wonder what the others are selling like. Because it still sold less than everything else (except the PS2).

But nonetheless, it's a good boost! It was a good combination of that and Monster Hunter that had them making the charts. Let's see how long they can keep this up.

dangert124904d ago

lol well done microsoft all the japanese wanted was somthing that looked like its not 2000000 years behind there tech now it looks more now-ish there getting on it lol but hey they still get better deals then us this is not fair dont buy it japan don't buy it :)

sikbeta4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

Bwahahahahahaa..... I KNEW IT, it was just a Matter of Time, Unbelievable lol

-> [ http://www.nintendoeverythi... ]

PS3 – 19,578
Wii – 19,115
Xbox 360 – 17,370

So it's more than clear, while x360 "sells like hotcakes", PS3 and wii Sell more than Hotcakes...

I bet this 1-Week sales spike got more to do with MH:FO than the new x360 Slim...


And by the next week or so, when sales go back to normal = 2k/3k per week, You'll Not See a single Article about that....

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Nitrowolf24904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

i think you guys are taking this Hotcakes things a bit to much
Yes the 360 did get outsold by the other 2 console but take a look at this
Xbox 360 – 2,060 from previous week and now its 17,370

i don't usually defend 360 (cause i love my PS3 so much)
but the term "Selling like Hotcakes" means they are flying off he shelves, selling very fast.

So yeah it isn't wrong to say that if previous week were so very very very low.

MHO is out this week for 360 soon so i am guessing that is reason for japan spike

Triella4904d ago

Remind me how many US servicemen and their families are based in Japan ?

evrfighter4904d ago

All this really does is shut down the argument that ps3 sales in Japan offset the loss for NPD.

chrisnick4904d ago

2000 less than a slow week for ps3 and wii= hotcakes? that's just sad man.

Anon19744904d ago

Do we really need to be subjected to an article every single time the 360 has a temporary spike in sales in Japan. It seems like every single time we get a weekly spike from the 360 for some reason or another we get an article about "Oh! 360's sales turning around in Japan?"

It's not turning around in Japan. It never will turn around in Japan. It's been out 5 years and the Japanese haven't touched it. A slim version for the same price isn't going to turn their fortunes around now.

Ever heard of a "dead cat bounce"? Look it up.

NecrumSlavery4903d ago

17K is good. The 360 usually sells 1-3k a month. This is a major improvement. Wonder what games sold big on 360? What games 17,000+ were bought as well

Hideo_Kojima4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

Guys do you realize we are talking about JAPAN!

The home ground of Nintendo and Sony.

Microsoft will never be able to catch up with them in Japan but it is a major achievement to sell that much there anyway...


Sony should release another final slimmer version with the touch buttons and the shininess (by sacrificing a huge price drop for a smaller one) and brand it PS 3D.

That would give them another peak.

PCnPS3Gamer4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

as a gamer this means nothing to me. xbox 360 whether its shiny now still has lame dvd and can't produce games that look and play as good as uncharted 2, gow 3, gt5, infamous 2(man that game video was insane goty confirmed)or gt5 goty anyhow its going to be a ps3 game....dont worry xbox fans the 360 will get best shooter prob with halo reach lol

i dont care about sales i care about content, games, AAA exclusives, best motion controls, free online though i have playstation plus (wipeout hd is sweet), blu ray, reliable console. and no matter what these sales articles say for me the ps3 has all of the above and more and its only getting better whereas the 360 is only losing exclusives. and dvd tech is hurting the quality of games they produce.

games games games games > sales sales sales sales guys

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HolyOrangeCows4904d ago

"Microsoft still couldn’t get a leg up on any of the other console developers, with Sony managing to sell 19,578 Playstation 3′s, 23,257 PSP’s and even Nintendo got in on the action with 19,115 Wii’s exchanging hands. On top of the retail sales rankings? The Nintendo DSi reigned supreme selling 41,676 units"

If that's selling like Hot cakes in Japan, I guess the rest is selling like sushi in Japan.

xxLuckyStrike4904d ago

LMAO....he said Sushi...give yourself a round of applause...

kissmeimgreek4904d ago

I consider an 800% increase in sales selling like hot cakes

diatom4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

So if one kin phone is bought last week and 8 are bought this week, is it selling like hotcakes too?

Fireseed4903d ago

You lost me at "even Nintendo got in on the action"

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Shadow Flare4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

you know, i can't prove this at all, but i suspect a large portion of those sales are from people who already own a 360 and want to upgrade. I'm just saying that because since launch, 360 has sold like 2000 a month in japan. And suddenly the 360S has sold 17000. I dont think 17000 people in japan were waiting for built in wifi. I think a large portion of those sales are from people upgrading. And i think its a similar story around the world. We'll see if the effect lasts or not. I very much doubt it will in japan

fr0sty4904d ago

actually it can be proven. people who buy new consoles buy games for those consoles, so if there is a boost in hardware sales, you can tell who bought a new one vs. a replacement by looking at the jump in software sales, which for xbox 360s is nowhere to be seen.

MicroSony4Life4904d ago

but thats a new low even for you. Instead of giving MS a little credit you find some way to spin this.

We all know Japan is Nintendo and Sony land so need to convince people that MS is not doing good in Japan.

Shadow Flare4904d ago

ok, sorry i'll give MS some credit.

Well done Microsoft. The 360 outsold the PS2 this week

Bigpappy4904d ago

"Monster Hunter 360" is the number 1 seller in Japan. Shocking huh?

Heisenberg4903d ago

lol! Since when is it low class to hypothesize why the 360 had a sales spike in Japan?

SaiyanFury4903d ago

It looks like a lot of Japanese were waiting for some of the features in the 360 Slim including built in Wi-Fi. On top of that, the (no pun intended) monstrously popular Monster Hunter series debuted on the system. With any luck MS can keep up the momentum, but I wouldn't count on it. One or two months of 10k+ sales can't keep up with a few years of increased PS3/Wii sales. I really don't like to argue with sales numbers, but basing the 360's single month success on a couple of details seems kind of limited. Good for MS, I hope they can continue to move in Japan, it'll serve to foster competition over there in this generation of consoles. In that, we all win when developers are forced to compete and innovate.

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evilmonkey5014903d ago

Okonomiyaki (pancake) is a Japanese food staple. They're not like American hotcakes. It's kinda like a tortilla...you just load crap onto it and wow..you got a taco..same diff.

EvilBlackCat4904d ago (Edited 4904d ago )

Its japan people...

so tell me people which western electronic product sell more than a japanese product in japan?

iPhone/iPod? NOT really

what else?


Do you wanna sell a game in japan

* Create an RPG
* Make the principal character a woman or a "man" that look metrosexual and shy
* Put Dragons on it or Giant Enemy Crabs
* Give them clubs and swords
* And of course make the gals in the game show boobs and panties

and thats it you have a 85% hit

baker_boi4904d ago

It's due to Monster Hunter dropping on the 360 in japan.

Monster Hunter moved those systems the same way the Wii got a boost off of Monster Hunter.

under taker 344904d ago

they're making an improvement, guys over here need to leave the nitpicking alone for once.