MotoGP '07 Hands-On Preview

Climax wanted to create MotoGP '07 without redoing all of their hard work from '06 (which probably means something big is coming in '08), but there was an obvious need to jazz things up a bit. Climax started the jazzing process by working on characters that don't get strapped to bikes; pit crew and girls, track workers, fans and so forth. There's a real sense of excitement at each major event in MotoGP '07, simply because each frame is visually denser from the activity. This is less of a deal when flying around the track at triple digit speeds, but for those that want to relive the 2007 MotoGP season, the added level hustle and bustle will surely be a welcomed sight. It works in the PGR series, and we expect Climax's NPC system will be just as entertaining when the final product ships later on this year.

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cdzie14193d ago

If you have a 360, download this demo. This looks way better than last year's game. The graphics are better, the flicker is gone and it runs super smooth.