The Five Worst Things At E3 2010

Considering this is the gaming industry’s largest annual convention you’d think companies would make damn sure they don’t look like complete assholes. Not so for some. Here’s our “Worst Of E3″ list:

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8800gtx3035d ago

2 hours advertisements marketing hardware far inferior to myself as next gen.

/Ducks for cover


Donny3035d ago

does your insurance cover psychiatrists?

shazui1233035d ago

Your platform didn't get a look in so you're mad :P
Bet it was kinda depressing, watching some of the best games of this generation be shown (exclusives) that you'll never get to play because you've restricted yourself to a multiplatform machine. All the money you've spent on your machine.... and you're stuck playing inferior multiplat games. Feel pretty bad for you :(

Cheeseknight283035d ago

PC has got Starcraft II and Civilization V to look forward to, and those are coming out before anything shown at E3.

Honestly, PC gamers shouldn't be mad.

WildArmed3035d ago


But this site really had no content..
What a waste of time.. just like blogs~

ECM0NEY3035d ago

IF you are a PC gamer primarily and thats the card u have? thats sad. I only use PC for MMOs which im not currently playing and i have a better card then that.

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Skadoosh3035d ago

Possibly the worst E3 I seen in a long time. Gears 3, Fable 3, Halo Reach and Twisted Metal were sweet. To much useless ranting. The Kinect presentation was soooooo bad.

CountDracula3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

No Half Life episode 3.

Gabe Newell: "Our big surprise? Why, our new game, Portal 2 is going multi-platform!

Fook off Valve

djsean3035d ago

Very true. We don't care about other platforms valve. Concentrate on the only thing your good at. PC Development!

3035d ago
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