Ninety Nine Nights sequel in the works?

Within their release section, Famitsu suggests a November release date of Ninety Nine Nights: Rondo. Whatever this upcoming N3 game is, we sure hope to see the continuation of the series, but of course with more time put into development.

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SuperSaiyan44125d ago

Well I know the game wasnt the greatest as it should have been however imo character animation and moves were superb.

The major let down was the lacking environments, story was a bit bland and the worst one was the terrible frame rate which really slowed down when too many enemies were on screen.

However the battles were pretty good and really let you get your teeth into the fight whilst picking up loads of cool weapons and upgrades and getting amazing combos.

I hope if the sequel is in the works that it gets many of the problems resolved as they have potential to make a great game out of this I hope!

Oh and lastly...Was I the only one with the crush on Inphyy? Hehehehehe

jlemdon4125d ago

that there wasn't no patches for collision detection or a.i. helpers in the game.

hopefully this sequel will use this.

SuperSaiyan44125d ago

There were a number of faults, the most annoying one for me was you had to pick up the bonus items left after beating a main boss/character as it would quickly fade into the next screen not letting you get all the loot/goodies as you had to be really quick!

gnothe14125d ago

my only problem with that game was how far until the next save point. the save scheme killed N3 an dead rising for me!!

no_more_heroes4125d ago

the controls felt a little awkward but i liked the action. I heard that its only action though. No puzzle solving or anything. Looked pretty though.