BC2 Onslaught Preview: Deja Vu at $10?

Dennis Scimeca of Game Kudos writes his first impressions on the latest DLC expansion for Bad Company 2, Onslaught:

"Onslaught could be a lot of fun, but I question whether it's $10 worth of fun. It really feels like a game mode we should have had from the very beginning, or been offered for free much earlier in the game's life cycle. I have several friends who are holding off on making the purchase because it's three months since release and they're either moving on to new titles or back to old titles with longer legs than first person shooters tend to have. Whenever I'm asked if Onslaught is worth it, the best answer I can give is "It might be fun," not the resounding excitement I feel a purchase really deserves to justify it."

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Wh15ky4006d ago

I love playing BFBC2 online but there is a lack of online modes, I was always under the impression that future additional modes would be available as free DLC.
Onslaught mode costs something like £7.71 on the UK store, that's almost 20% of the price for the whole game for just one additional online mode, it's taking the piss.

OooSheeet4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Small badly designed Maps killed this game. I pre-ordered it based on BFBC1 (& the other 4 battlefield games I own) but I really regret it, I won't be bying any more. Small Maps = repetitive gameplay = game traded in! DICE used to be a good company but they became greedy & lazy!

4006d ago