Rumor: Silicon Knights working on Too Human 2

From NeoGAF: Listening to the CAG Podcast,the guys where in a Limo during E3 and Dyack was in it and he said they are working on the sequel...I listened to the whole podcast,to make sure they didn`t mention this was a joke or something and usually these guys wouldn`t say something like this if it wasn`t true.

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Cyb3r4052d ago

I think it would be a waste the first one was so bad

chidori6664052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

This is one of the most expensive budgets in the history of videogames and it was a BIG let down, really not a good game.

SteelyPhil4052d ago

I don't care what anyone says, I really enjoyed this game despite its flaws and hope they're making a second. And the whole thing about being in development for 10 years is blown way out of proportion. The game had a normal development cycle its just the Too Human name was being used by SK for potential games across 3 counsel generations.

beans4052d ago

This game was good and deserves a part2 built on a new own engine. With much better visuals and animations I could see this being there chance to erase all bad memories.

HammockGames4052d ago

Just too many flaws for most gamers to put up with.

The silver lining: SK should have a good idea what to fix first.

My request: fix the death animation/reload sequence (seriously, didn't that annoy them when they were making it?!)

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SeanRL4052d ago

Even if they are making it, it probably wouldn't release until 2020.(haha, get it?)

XactGamer4052d ago

It only took year and a half to make Too Human, get your facts right.

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absolutecarnage4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

the first one was bad doesn't mean that they can't realize where their mistakes were and fix them, I guess time will tell, hopefully not as long as their last game lol

sofocado4052d ago

I think it is good idea. I did not buy the first one but they can probably fix the rest of the trilogy. I do not see why is a bad move.

basicsameh5144052d ago

ya!! we are getting two bad sequels in 2011 wkc2 and too human 2!!

Tomdc4052d ago

exactly.. they wouldn't dare.. would they?

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mushroomwig4052d ago

Considering how the first game has ended up in a few 'worst games of this generation' lists I very much doubt they will.

xino4052d ago

a game that was in development for a long time, constant delays and over hypes. In the end it was a failure!

Gene4052d ago

Sounds like Alan wake lmao I kid I kid.

jay24052d ago

Well, it's ment to be a triligy, but I'll feel sorry for anyone who buys TH2 (if it comes out, that is.)

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