Has Rockstar been Neutered?

So after jumping on the proverbial band wagon late, I picked up and finished Red Dead Redemption. My lasting impression was: Has Rockstar lost their mojo?

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Galaxia4009d ago

Rockstar North = GTA

Rockstar San Diego = RDR.

They are two different developers. Article fail.

InstantKarma4009d ago

Its the same company as a whole.
Comment fail

T9X694009d ago

Oh I feel sorry for you and your stupidity lol

hay4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

@InstantKarma: Are you a kiddie who never worked in a company? Different dev teams have usually different writers, directors and workers in overall, which means will produce different products. (see Sony. One company but Naughty Dog, San Diego or Incognito made different games)

On topic: R* San Diego probably wanted to do something on their own not copying other games. Understandable.

Dee_914009d ago

This the only rockstar game that actually showed people having sex lol
you sir failed
and your article did too

Solidus187-SCMilk4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Hes upset because you can sleep with hookers???

Give ne a break. All of the gta games seem much more childish to me. It has nothing to do with the hookers, but the characters and the story/theme are much more mature in RDR. Having a guy that goes around sleeping with hookers and stuff just isnt not realistic nor does it make the game more "adult"

Most people who can get pussy dont go around sleeping with hookers. Sounds like an upset nerd who thinks sleeping with hookers in videogames makes it more adult.

IMO RDR is the best game R* has made. Not because of what you can do, but because it is the first realistic character/story Ive ever seen in their games. There is no over the top ridiculous things to do, and there is a reason why he is fighting. It makes him a much more believable character.

I see the previous GTA games immature as parodies of movies which tackled adult stories. Gta vice city = Scarface for kids. GTA san andreas = Dont be a Menace for kids.

RDR = Its own story with the first believable character R* has ever come up with.

Theonetheonly4009d ago

but the police here in America do that all the time now. so i guess thats not over the top enough for the article guy either.

rdr rocks and so does rockstar.
now if i could just get a port to my sytem id be in heaven.

ThanatosDMC4009d ago

No, you hogtie the hooker and park your horse by some rock in the middle of nowhere... then the horse will start rocking and your controller vibrating. Try it. It has to be a place without people nearby.

fuzion17c4008d ago

Menace II Society & Boyz n the Hood.

Don't Be a Menace was a comedy starring the Wayans Bros lol

Darkstorn4009d ago

Red Dead Redemption still delivered an incredibly mature experience. I don't know what the author is talking about.

RumbleFish4008d ago

I personally prefer RDR a lot over GTA IV, but thats just my opinion. The article fails in any aspect.

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Lou-Cipher4009d ago

Rockstar lost their mojo after GTA 4, then got it back after Red Dead Redemtion. (At least in my eyes)

ElementX4009d ago

Lame article! R* lost their coolness because John is faithful? You can't sleep around in RDR so the game isn't as good as GTA? What's wrong with a man trying to change his life around and do the right thing? Does that make John lame?

CrAppleton4009d ago

"If any adult plays this game and then goes out and ties a woman to a rail road, I’ll kiss Jack Thompson’s shoe." -article

You better go kiss some shoe then, cause I'm pretty sure a shit ton of people have that achievement/trophy for doing so. Article=FAIL

Also, RDR kicked ass. This sounds like the opinion of someone who hasn't played the game in its entirety.

SOAD4009d ago

No, the writer probably means if anyone does it in real life after playing the game, then he'll kiss Thompson's shoe.

Nike4009d ago

If he's dumb enough to believe any sane adult would do that in real life, he may as well go ahead and take Thompson out for the weekend.

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