Kevin Butler in 1997

Haipa from writes, "In 1997 another marketing character far preceded Kevin Butler. In that year, Sega was in need of a character to help market the Sega Saturn. So what could help Japan take notice of Sega’ s 5th generation platform? The answer was not what, but who."

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BigPenguin4606d ago

If anyone is interested in just seeing the best, I would say its commercial 8 and commercial 19.

AuToFiRE4607d ago

Kevin Butler is awesome

KevinButlerVP4607d ago

I'm glad we're in agreement, now I can sleep easy!

Conloles4607d ago

Yeah you can sleep easy in being a jerk!

RegalPrince4606d ago

I see why you only have one bubble, douche.

Solid_Snake4607d ago

I like Kevin Butler.. like PirateThom said, he is a parody of gamers and what gamers think. It was a great idea of making a character who resembles a funny take of gamers a VP of everything. Cause in the end, we all think we could do the console maker's jobs .. but he's just funnier at it :-D

SilverSlug4607d ago

Does Kevin Butler body slam kids to the floor for not playing Sonic R?


ShadowJetX4607d ago

Does The KB strap bombs on to people and throw them 100Ft away on DEMAND!? Didn't think so.

Kevin Butler is cool and all, and he has all the moves to impress the ladies, but Segata is the original, in fact, some say Segata taught KB the ropes back in 1920's prohibition era, and kept him from living on the streets on the Bronx.

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The story is too old to be commented.