Top 5 Can't-Miss PSN Titles


We've seen plenty of gems on the PlayStation Network but with so many available these days, what should top your list if you're a new PSN subscriber? Or maybe you just need to catch up...either way, there are five fantastic downloadable titles that everyone absolutely must try.

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dangert125136d ago

can't wait for psn+ whipeout hd
i want joe danger but will wait and see if it goes on offer on psn+
and flower i don't get it or understand whats going on but people say its a good game when i watched the preview on the store it looked like a screen saver :S

playstation_clan5136d ago

so worth the money. I was like, it was either give activision 15 for a bunch of maps or for a new type of game that isn't so much over-rated and wasn't made by a greedy corporation

despair5136d ago

Joe Danger is almost a steal at $15 it has enough content almost for retail release..and its very addictive.

foss35136d ago

Joe Danger is a lot of fun. A mix between racing and platforming. It's fun and certainly worth the price especially when comparing it to other titles which cost the same.

T9X695136d ago

What about Pain? Am I the only one who likes that game? lol

Ahmay5136d ago

seems so difficult though to get trophies on that game.....

Elimin85136d ago

But I H8 it!!!!!

My 2cents

foss35136d ago

It's OK. It would be a lot better if you didn't have to pay for every little add-on.

The base game doesn't offer much in my opinion as the core gameplay is pretty thin and if my memory serves me it only comes with one or two levels. (You have to pay for more).

To me it's a $4.99 game.

Quagmire5136d ago

Man, cant wait for Journey.

Elimin85136d ago (Edited 5136d ago )

Gigity Geeegity...


callahan095136d ago

Definitely withdraw echochrome and add PixelJunk Shooter (or Monsters, or Eden, but my favorite is Shooter).

Ahmay5136d ago

in Echochrome is brilliant. i'm glad part 2 will have some color... its hard to play it more than 15 mins. staring at nothing but black and white really hurts my eyes...

callahan095136d ago

I agree that the concept is brilliant, but I was severely let down by the actual finished product. Sometimes the perspectives aren't intuitive at all, where I feel like I've got myself lined up properly but the game thinks differently, this is most often the case with jumps & falls, where it's difficult to really get used to anticipating what kind of angle is correct to land in the place you want.

Also, the limitations on where you can move the camera could be frustrating. A game where the entire basis for the gameplay is in manipulating your camera angle shouldn't have limitations on where I can move the camera. Sometimes I just couldn't put the camera where it would have been effective, so instead I had to do a lot of round-about traveling through the level to get where it wouldn't let me go before because of camera movement limitations.

My final complaint with the game was in time limits. There's really no legitimate reason to have time limits in the game. All of my other complaints about it would be completely moot if it weren't for the fact that if you don't solve the level in a constrained amount of time you have to completely start over. Just give me as much time as I want to solve it, I honestly can't think of a single reason to design this type of game to have time limits.

branchedout5136d ago

I was about to have a hissyfit. If Ecchochrome wasn't on that list, I'd whine and throw a tantrum.

Crisis averted.