Man vs. Machine: Strasburg’s June 23rd Start

"Using MLB 2k10’s daily match ups, we have continued to simulate the young phenom’s performance, placing him against his only true form of competition: himself. We intend to follow this young phenom throughout the year, check back each start for a new edition of Man vs. Machine. This week he continues with another fortunate matchup against the oft forgotten and ironic American League hit leader, the Kansas City Royals"

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cain1414551d ago

Now he knows how Zach Grienke feels. Getting no run support must suck....

johnbknight4551d ago

Go figure the team that had the first overall pick has trouble scoring...

cain1414551d ago

Two years in a row lol...

cain1414551d ago

Funny that the royals actually lead the league in hits for how unpotent their offence is...

chisox1004551d ago

So far the White Sox are the only team to actually make Strasburg work.