Man vs. Machine: Strasburg’s June 18th Start

"Strasburg continued an impressive run last week, setting the record for most strike outs in a first two outings by a pitcher. Using MLB 2k10’s daily match ups, WiredFans have continued to simulate the young phenom’s performance, placing him against his only true form of competition: himself. WiredFans intend to follow this young phenom throughout the year, check back each start for a new edition of Man vs. Machine. He’s facing another of the weakest offensive lineups in the MLB, so WiredFans expect another dominant performance; however, WiredFans think MLB 2k10 will be way off this week, as Strasburg is on a very limited pitch count and unlikely to pitch a complete game."

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cain1414556d ago

Strasburg is proving he isn't a fluke. Hopefully he can avoid injuries...

johnbknight4556d ago

He still has yet to face a real lineup, but he is very very good. His stuff is electric.

uscore4556d ago

Kid has no business being this good. Amazed by him.