Work On The Grinder Wii Slowed; E3 Build Same As Last Year's

GameXplain Writes: "During E3 2010 last week, we snuck our way behind-the-scenes and jumped at the chance to play through a demo of High Voltage Software's latest B-movie horror-fest, The Grinder. After spending quite a long time slogging through the monster-laden mines of the game's demo with other esteemed members of the press, we walked away fairly impressed with the title, although there was one nagging issue that we couldn't shake."

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tunaks13135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

thats not good to hear.
But HVS is stretching themselves thin with TOL, Grinder PS360PC Grinder Wii and COnduit 2

kesvalk3135d ago

this is not good indeed

AEtherbane3135d ago

Theres still Conduit 2..... :\