E3, As We Know It, Is Gone

For twelve years now, gaming professionals and geeks alike have gathered for a week of electronic entertainment frenzy. The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo has hosted giants and small players alike as companies present their latest game titles and hardware to media, retailers, and colleagues. The event crammed the Los Angeles Convention Center with blazing lights, blaring speakers, bustling crowds, and endless activity -- before spilling into flash press conferences and notoriously decadent after-hours parties.

Now, E3 as we've known it is a thing of the past.

The Entertainment Software Assocation, which hosts E3 each year, announced today that going forward the Expo will be an "intimate event" rather than a massive trade show, hosting press events and small meetings with media, retailers, and developers. According to Electronic Arts, the redesigned E3 will now take place in July.

The new E3 will still be hosted in Los Angeles, and will still offer game demonstrations. However, the significantly smaller format acknowledges that many companies -- especially larger outfits such as Sony, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft -- already host their own showcase events. Additionally, regional events such as the Tokyo Game Show and the Games Convention in Leipzig have lessened the need for what the ESA describes as a single "mega-show."

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XENOCIDE5401d ago

July?? It's bad enough that the expo will be even more tight about who gets in but they make us wait an extra 2 months? One thing at a time, damn.

silent ninja5401d ago

preparing for E3 is time consuming and expensive for both devs and console makers ,half the money they spend (on e3) can be spent on finishing or funding games in time

besides they's the internet we can get whatever we want from it and thanks to xbox live MS can put demos or live covarage of their respective conferences
and there're other shows like tgs, ox6. thats enuf to keep us informed

Marriot VP5401d ago (Edited 5401d ago )

that's a shame, I liked the drama and scandals. However I do think they'll still have some sort of annual "shindig" like a mini E3.

The 360's Marketplace coverage on E3 was incredible by the way. Definately worthwhile.

Guess this will be the last time we hear Big Wigs make a fool out of themselves at a scheduled event.


Capt CHAOS5401d ago

and I thought the death of this event was the fact that scantily clad babes were going to be banned.

Personaly NO E3 = More money for port or even better.. Good games..

Capt CHAOS5401d ago

I say, save the dosh and give us a free joint instead.. <grin>

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The story is too old to be commented.